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Who Meeee????

TRIKKT!! POKED AND PRODDED! TRANKWILIZED!! (But heh heh, not- for long!!!)

August 8th 2013 10:23 am
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Big Bad Baby Twinke GLAAAREES at da puter skreen and sez : "Last nite, I got TRIKKT!!! Meowmie sweet talked me while she puttid drops on my ears (Trankwilizur!!) and then walked up to me and I COULD HEAR DAT KARRIER DOOR CLANKING!! And I tride to pittypat away but she piktt me up (IYAM still hevvy - hahahahahaha!!) and I wiggulld but she wun. Then we wentid into da KAR!! And then...

I Slept in da carrier and Meowmie sed 'OMC!! Either she's dedd or da trankwilizurz workt!' She had sprayed likwid holistic tranks into my carrier and puttid some holistic drops on my ear tips da past few days! They wirked. And then... We gottid to da vetties and they poured me outta da karrier and da vettie sed 'OH!! BBBT iz so TRANKWIL!!' and Meowmie sed 'Don;t let dat lull yoo into complaysnesseee'

.....and THEN abowt five minits into da eggzam, da vettie poaked me and I went.... "SNAAARL!! GROWL!! HISSS! and Meowmie and da Vettie clappt their paws and sed wif DELITE!! 'Oh! She's bakk to normal!!' (DA NURV!!!!) Then da vettie took summa my blud and SubQued me BIG time.... And THEN....I wentid bakk into my carrier and tried to HIT everywun and then we wentid hoam and Meowmie opined da carrier wunss we gottid inside becuz she KNEW ware I was gonna go!

And sure enuff... I pittypatted reeeal fast to da litterbokks. Then I yelled at Meowmie cuz I WUZ HUNGRY!! Then I pikkt at my foodies but they wer ALL EETIN wenn Meowmie woked up da next morning!!!I AM a gud Kat!!"

Pee Ess -- I gained half a pownd! Dat made EVERYWUN happy!!!"

****BBBT smiilez (oh dear, maybe 6 toofies are left???) and kirls up in her plushy beddie and Zzzzzzzzzzzz................... ***


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Purred by: Xena Princess Warrior DG#23 (Catster Member)

August 8th 2013 at 1:36 pm

Good to hear you were all calm and you are fine!
hugs from all of us

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