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October 4th 2008 12:45 am
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Spring has sprung here in Oz. What goes with a cat and Spring? Shedding.

Although I have short fur, it is quite thick. And white.

I have my favourite chair on the deck which I let daddy use from time to time. Mummy zoom groom's me when I'm sitting in it. She shows me what she is doing by showing the fur that she is removing. How can she brush that much fur out without my becoming bald? It truely is one of the great mysteries of the world.

Whilst I was rolling around in the dirt, daddy went to sit in the chair. Mummy suggested he zoom groom the chair first. Boy! Was there a lot of fur stuck to the chair! MOL! Of course when he moved off I was back up there. It was so nice without all that fur!

Another favourite pass time whilst shedding is rubbing up against the hoomans before they go to work. Dark trousers are my favourite! Yes, seeing them walk out the door with a white fluffy tide mark is so satisfying.

Of course, letting them pick me up for a cuddle works even better! Dark shirts with white furry bibs are so stylish!

Then we all must remember our feathered food, sorry friends. The floating fur I leave behind as I stroll around the yard is ideal for their nests. Is that nature's way of balancing out our occassional politically incorrect snack? MOL!

I think I'll curl up on my chair and snooze on that thought.



October 2nd 2008 3:01 am
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Today I was taken to the VET to face the scales. Daddy took the day off work so it as a big deal. He popped me in the cat carrier, not an easy task as I just squeeze in. It isn't as tight as it use to be, though.

At the vet the scales waited. Yippee! down to 9.83 kilos (21.6 pounds). A loss! I felt so proud of myself! Daddy sent mummy a text message at work! Fantastic, she sent back.

So slim! So svelt! I'm so proud! Mummy gave me a big hug and cuddle when she got home. Yes, I let her.

Next time I have to see the weight specialist incase my diet needs to be adjusted. Please, let me have something different! I like dry food but it is getting a bit dull. It has been worth it though!

Lucy Fat Caboosy will soon be no more!




September 26th 2008 4:46 pm
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It is getting close. The time that every girl dreads. Mummy and daddy tell me to be brave. But I can't help it. My heart races. What will happen? Yes, I'm talking about getting on the scales again.

Everyone says they are sure I have lost weight, but have I? Does perception match reality. Start of the month. The start of the month is on Wednesday. That is when I find out th awful truth. And you know what makes it even worse? Knowing mummy will type up my weight progress on Catster for all of you to read!

I'm coping. I'm rolling around having dirt baths. Relaxing. I'm catching my sun rays (mummy wants to put sun tan lotion on me so I don't get skin cancer - does she think I'm a whimp or something!!!). I'm lounging on my deck.

Mummy calls me Lucilla, Queen of the Deck. I love sitting on the deck with mum and dad. Daddy thinks Lucy von Flousy is more appropriate! Something to do with lying around on my back in the dirt and gutters I think....

Anyway. Must get back to sleeping. Can't waste the day on Catster.

Purrrrrs my feline friends.


Tagged again!

September 9th 2008 5:13 am
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Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Thanks Sydney...

This time it's five awesome things about me!

1. My weight! You must admit 22 pounds of gorgeous, cuddly, flirty kitty is awesome!
2. My belly button spot! That's awesome! My tummy is all white except one little spot!
3. My golden eyes! Very awesome says mummy!
4. My hunting skills! Ooops, maybe I shouldn't mention that (Rest in Peace Hamish bro'.....)
5. My size! I'm a big kitty, not just in weight. I can stretch from one side of the Queen size bed to the other without trying too hard.

Now, who do I tag? I know, other awesome kitties like me:

266472 - Kitty!
599794 - Cletus!
203000 - Bubbie!
448170 - Whiskers!
291704 - Spot!



September 4th 2008 6:08 pm
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This week has been absolutely fantasmagorical for me.
1) Mummy and daddy came home from a holiday! They love me, they came back! Having been at the RSPCA for a few months I get a little bit insecure when my hooman's disappear. They just left one day and I thought they were gone. Then a week later the front door opened and there they were! I leapt half way across the room of cousins bed I was so excited!

2) Brusselball arrived! The travelling Brusselball has made it to Australia! It is such fun. It arrived whilst mummy and daddy were away so cousin and cousin opened it for me. It was so exciting! The smells, the toys, the postcards! MOL!

3)Weight loss at last! 22 pounds (10.11kg!)! I know it sounds gianormous but it means I have lost a whole pound since the 16th! Everyone was so happy and excited for me! I got lots of pats and cuddles and everyone said what a good girl I was! I'm doing a happy dance!




August 26th 2008 3:07 am
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Mummy and Daddy are going away for a week :(

I'm staying at home with cousin and cousin looking after me. This will be the first time home without mummy and daddy. As long as I get my food I'll be happy.

It will also mean that I can't play on Catster for a week:(

For those wondering, Yes, I'm still sticking to my dieT. I've been very good.



August 22nd 2008 3:37 pm
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Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I had such a fun morning and it isn't even yet 9am! I did my normally waking mummy up a trillion times and then I thought I would let her have a little snooze. I went outside to have a good prowl around as dawn broke, my favourite time to do a scout of the territory.

And then I saw it! A gorgeous, juicy big grasshopper! It was such fun catching that big hopper. Of course I had to show of my prize catch so I took it in.

Mummy is so good. She could here me jumping around and knew immediately that I had once more proven my prowess as a member of the most efficient killers of the world. She climbed out of bed, again and saw me sitting in the hall with my catch.

"Good, Lucy!" she said and gave me a big pat.

"That's a wonderful grasshopper!" She knows I'm a fantastic hunter.

As my prey tried to escape mum and I followed. She picked it up (she doesn't get scared by bugs and things, cool!) and checked out my catch.

"You enjoy your grasshopper," she said! Oh goody! I was allowed to play with it and eat it. She showed me she still had it and took me outside onto the deck with my grasshopper. "Have a good play!"

And I did. I lept and jumped and chased that nasty 'hopper until it disappeared in my tummy. Then, satisfied with everything, I snuck back in and curled up on the bed with mummy and daddy and went to sleep.

A perfect morning.

Purrrrs everyone!


Day 4 of Torture

August 20th 2008 3:25 am
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Or that is what I tell mummy in the middle of the night! MOL!

The best bit about being on the diet is that I love food so much that I don't care what I eat as long as I am eating! So it's bland and repetitive but as long as my tummy is full I'm happy.

Everyone is most impressed with me as I'm not scoffing back my allowance, there is some even left each day! Mummy knows I like lots of little meals so she has divided up my allowance in up to 5 different serves during the day. I like them at 6pm, 9 pm, 12 midnight, 3 am and 6 am! Oh, in between I like mummy letting me out. It's even more fun because it's so COLD! MOL!

All is going better than expected, as long as I can tolerate the same food day in and day out!

Thank you for all the purrssss.....


Weight :(

August 16th 2008 6:15 pm
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I'm so depressed. My closest friends might notice I've updated my weight on my page. Not down as I was hoping, but UP! Can you believe it! Strict meal controls and my weight is way up!

Daddy took me to the VET yesterday. My bottom has been, well, frankly, very on the nose and appropriately discoloured. When mummy used the baby wipes I complained more than normal and she thought she saw a sore! Thank god there wasn't one but the VET wasn't happy with my weight.

I'm officially on a radical weight loss plan under vet supervision. Daddy said if I thought I was doing it tough before, just wait. I didn't get any of my favourite food last night, just the yicky stuff from the vet.

Daddy said I'm bound to lose weight as I'm not eating now.

Oh, someone help me. Give me a chicken breast or something!



August 10th 2008 1:20 am
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Today has been a lovely day. I woke mummy nice and early to go out. It was quite cold so she really appreciated letting me out. I then snuck back in decided to wake her again, a few times just as she dropped off again.

Then after breakfast, I went outside to enjoy the winter sun. That was nice, but mummy and daddy headed out so I headed back to bed. When they came home, back out in the sun. Soooo nice and warm!

Mummy and Daddy decided Diego couldn't live in the cat carrier so they had bought the stuff for to build him a hutch. MOL! A pity they aren't very handy. I had fun lying in the sun watching bruise fingers and the like! It took hours to stick a few pieces of timber together and add some chicken wire.

It so much fun when the human's are home to entertain me. And best of all - I now have 2 boxes to watch!


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