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we are family-furever in a daze

we has been tagged...guess we didn't run fast enough

May 28th 2008 9:53 pm
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kaya: our friend sami chased us down...
shyloh: and tagged us!!
kaya: so now we do the 4x4...
shyloh: then we tag 4 more!!

4 jobs we have had:

1. change purse-i once ate a penny. i throwed it up, but while i had it it was completely and totally safe.
2. data entry-i IM my uncle tim alll the time!!
3. resident comedienne-i think they might be laughing at me and not with me, but they do laugh a lot when i'm around.
4. art critic-i kibitz while mommy draws...and i likes to gnaw on the charcoals and chalks. watercolor pencils and oil pastels aren't as yummy. see? i'm an art critic!
1. taste tester-i'm small, and i'm hungry. let me have first taste. if i don't die, you're safe. i love you. feed me.
2. data entry-i am especially fond of the number 4. no one knows why, and i'm not telling.
3. model-i pose sooo pretty!!
4. paper shredder-srsly. i shred paper. into tiny tiny pieces. they call me the gerbil.

4 places we have lived

1. home of the evil cat hoarder. he brought us here in a gym bag, left us here with a bag of cheap adult dry food, ear mites, and two zillion fleas. we weren't even weaned, so the food went in the dumpster and our humans stocked up on KMR until we could do more with the kitten food they bought than chew and spit.
2. here. just here, where home is.

4 places we've been

1. Pet Supplies Plus!! to pick out treats and toys!!
2. the fix-it van, so the Human Society could do our tummy tucks...(shudder)
3. the back yard, home of grass and snow and flowers and ice, never looks the same way twice...
4. taxi cab...not exactly a place, but it was new to us.

4 places we'd rather be

1. we'd like to meet kaya's uncle tim...he always says "hi, kitty" when kaya IMs him (how does he know it's her?) and he likes our pictures. but he lives up in yellowstone national park, and he can't have animals...though he did take a picture of 3 bears sleeping under a tree...we have no desire to meet the bears.
2. we'd like to go back to Pet Supplies Plus. we really really liked how it smelled.
3. the back yard without a harness and leash-but we don't think that's in the cards.
4. the vegetable garden in the back yard-and so far that hasn't happened, because of the harness and leash deal.

4 friends we tag:

um...give us a minute. (whispering behind paws)

1. mr. lollycat- small white fluffy brofur of fellow orangie, zippie!!
2. slash-worthy successor and sisfur of the sadly missed doom the destroyer
3. phoebe-our newest purrrty furrriend
4. francis & matthew-just to keep the sib madness going

have fun, kits!!


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