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July 18th 2009 7:16 pm
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I live in California, and from my cat point of view it is a pretty nice state until the last few years. The humans went and elected Arnold Schwarzenegger ( my family did NOT vote for him they were to smart to fall for his lines). He has done nothing but make this state a mess. Right now we do not have any money. One of the biggest reasons is we keep having special elections which cost a lot of money over millions of dollars. The humans usually do not vote the way Arnold want them to so he does not get what he wants. Turns out it was a pointless election. I can not think of anything he was really done. Oh he has done some small stuff on the enviornment, and filled in some pot holes during the election, but that is all he has done.

Not only is he a do nothing governor he always blames the legistature or others for nothing getting done. He shows no leadership ability at all. If he had leadship ability California would have a budget now. Right now we are stalled and he is not doing anything but punishing the state workers, and blaming the democrats. Why doesn't he take some responsiblity?

As you can tell I am not a cat who is a Arnold fan, and I never will be
Proud liberal cat


Where is momma

July 7th 2009 7:51 pm
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For the past 5 days I have not seen momma. I know she is still alive, but where did she go. I know she went on a short vacation, but why?
Is she not having any fun with me? Does she need a vacation from me? I do not need a vacation from her. In fact I enjoy being with my momma. I thought she enjoyed being with me. Today ended my momma's vacation, but have heard she is planning on another trip. I do not think that is fair. I think I am going to plan a trip without momma, and see how she like it. I am going to go watch some TV



June 29th 2009 7:59 pm
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Since the weather has been so hot, and there is not much for a cat to do I have been thinking. I enjoy that activity a lot. During my last couple of days of thinking I have decided I am a lucky cat for 10 reasons
1. My momma loves me
2. I get a lot of treats
3. Momma always cuddles me
4. I won the big chair in a competition with Nikita
5. I have my own room
6. Momma likes me to read paper with her even when I sit on her article
7. I live with a dog who is scared of me
8. I can boss the dog around easily
9. Momma does not get mad at me
10 I have human sister her are my servants
All in all I would say I am a very lucky cat


Hot weather

June 27th 2009 7:21 pm
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What is up with this weather. I was just thinking how nice and cool this June has been. It has been very nice for a cat with a lot of fur. I was very happy, then all of the sudden it is very hot. Why, I ask can it not stay cool. I have not been able to do my usual activities as I am just to hot. To make things worse my dog sister has been the house more often as it is to hot for her to go outside to play or help with yard work. So now I have to deal with her all day. Fortunately, I found that sitting under the bed is a nice place for some peace and quite. Thank goodness for airconditioners


I am getting worried about tomorrow

June 20th 2009 4:22 pm
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Oh boy, I am very worried. I am so worried I have had several treats just to calm myself down. I heard momma mention that I needed a real good brushing. I hate to be brushed, but a real good brusing means 2 brushes and a combing. I hate it so much. I often try to bite my human sister who is brushing me, but she does not take any guff, and continues to brush. I have a lot of fur, but I think I take pretty good care of it and I do not need any help from humans.

I also heard that I need my claws clipped (yikes). I do not like that either. Since when do people think they can come along a cut our toe nails (claws)? Do us cats do that to people, I do not think so. In my opinion they can keep their clippers to themselves. Leave claw care to us cats
My only hope for tomorrow is my momma changes her mind. I think if I am really loving and cute she will change her mind.
Go to go butter up momma


Lucy the greatest hunter in the world

June 16th 2009 8:19 pm
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The other day mom let Abbey out back to do what ever she does out there, and a moth flew in the house. I was sitting in the kitchen when this happened. I knew right away this moth did not belong in the house so I went right to work. I followed it with my great eyes then I started to track it. It eventually landed on the refrigerator, and I made my first move, as I jumped and tried to get it down, but I failed at the first attempt.

Not willing to admit defeat I continued to watch the moth fly around, and stalked in the living room and Kitchen. Of course it landed on the celing, and I could not reach it. Eventually, it came down from the ceiling, and flew into the laundr room, and was in hot persuit. It landed on the clothes basket attempt to hide I assume, but I had my eye on this nasty little moth. I jumped into the clothes basket, and dug around and I found it. I caught it and then killed it. Since I do not believe in eatting my kill I left it for Nikita who was watching the master at work.

I have to say it was pretty good hunting for a cat who is 10 years old. I still have skills I can teach the young


Counting my chicken before I should

May 30th 2009 4:17 pm
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Well, I thought I had my asthma under control, and I was even bragging and walking with a certain confidence that my asthma was under control. Boy was I wrong. All of the sudden my asthma came roaring back. I have been having asthma almost everyday. I now have to take my asthma medicine twice a day. I hate it and I fight it all the time. I even hid in the bath tub so I would not have to take the pills. They taste awful. Anyway I am hoping my asthma goes away again. I hate medicine and I hate asthma too
Today my family went to the SPCA Doggie Dash with Abbey and I spent the day resting. I am sure the time away from Abbey will certainly help the asthma to go away. Going to go back and rest


Finally I am the boss

May 19th 2009 7:33 pm
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I have been a very busy cat these week. I have been keeping and eye on Nikita, and making sure she behaves. She has started following me around so I think she knows I am the boss. She goes where ever she I go, and naps when I nap. It is nice to have this kind of power. She also stays away from my cat bowls, and does not sit often in the big chair which is fine

Of course I am the boss over Abbey as she is a dog. She pretty much does what I want her to do. Whenever, she gets out of line I just hit her face or tail. She is kind of afraid of me and back away whenever I come near her.

It is sure nice to be the boss. When Sophie was alive she was the boss and I never knew what it would like to be the boss. I would dream about being the boss, but I never challanged her for that job. She kept things moving so there was no need, but when she did there was a void, and I step into fill it, and I think I am doing a good job

Well got to go eat



May 16th 2009 8:45 pm
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I am doing well, in fact I am the healthest animal in the family. Both Nikita and Abbey have gone to vet this past month. In fact Abbey has gone twice. Poor Nikita has poor teeth. Abbey was a silly dog and got a foxtail in her toes. Now she has to wear boots to go for walks it is so silly. I often find myself laughing at her in those boots.

My diet is still goin well. I have not lost any more weight, but I have not gained any more so I guess I would say that is pretty good. For awhile mom had me on this terrible cat food, and did not eat much of it. Finally, mom came around to my way of thinking and got me my old cat food back. I still do not eat much of it, but more than the yike kind.

My asthma still comes and goes, but I have medicine to take. Here in my town Allergies are very bad so I guess I will have to live with allergies for awhile. I hope I continue to have good health



April 28th 2009 4:21 pm
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Well, it looks like I am finally losing some weight. I have cut back on eatting a lot of dinner and breakfast. I have also cut back on my snacks. I only get a few snacks a day, but I would like to eat more. I think I lost 100 pounds, but mom says it is more like 2 pounds. I must say I look very nice.
Despite losing some weight I still nagged about my eatting. My humans sister is now worried I lost this weight and thinks I have some terrible disease. She was the one who was always nagging me to lose the weight. You think she would be proud of me. There is nothing wrong with me. I feel great. I guess there is no pleasing humans

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