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I am starting a new diet

March 30th 2010 8:17 pm
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I have decided or should I say my mom has decided I need a diet. I know my fur sister Abbey is on a diet, so shouldn't mom wait until Abbey has lost all her wait until she starts me on a diet. I think that would be the best think, but mom thinks we should start April 1st . Hey, maybe this is some sort of April fools think. Well, I can hope. I do not want to give up my treats. I love them as they taste so good, and the bag says on 2 calories a piece. Hum, maybe I should give up my regular cat food and just eat treats. I do not really care for my dry food or wet food. Sometimes it is hard for mom to get me to eat my regular food as I just want treats. Mom says I need to eat real cat food so I stay healthy. However, now that I know the treats are only 2 calories a piece maybe I can convience her to go along with just eatting treats. I bet I would lose a lot of weight doing the diet my way.


Happy Spring Days are here

March 28th 2010 4:17 pm
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I am a very happy cat as Spring is here, and so is Daylight saving time. I love to get
up and enjoy it being not dark so long. It is also nice to have the daylight be around longer. I enjoy the evenings being light as it is good for bird watching and bug watching. I am also enjoying the warmer weather. In my neck of the woods the temps have been in the upper 60 which is very nice. I love it, and hope it does not get to warm. Although we are expecting cooler temps and rain this coming week.

Another thing I am happy about is Easter Bunny coming. He does not get the same respect as Santa Paws, but I find it enjoyable to get a nice Easter basket. The bunny always brings me a basket with treats and toys. It is very fun to get up and see what you got in you Easter basket.


Bratty little sisters

March 21st 2010 8:31 pm
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Nikita has been really bratty to me. First she sits in the big chair with me. She thinks I like just cause I am polite. It really bothers me as I like to stretch out, and being part main coon I need a lot of room.
Next she is alwas demanding all the attention. Whenever she is in the room she wants everyone to pet her. Just cause she can purr she thinks she is the cats pajamas.
She likes to hide, and when mom starts looking for her she does not come when she is called. She just continues to hide, then when mom finds her she gets a fuss made over her. She is really making me mad


long hair and being groomed

March 19th 2010 8:06 pm
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I am a long haired cat and I love my fur. I am actually glad I have long hair as it is very pretty. However, it does cause me some problems, For example it get me hot in the summer. I causes me to shed and then I get loose hair sticking out all over, and it does cause me to get tangles. All this has lead to the worse thing I must go through the dreaded brushing. I hate to be bushed, and if I know it is going to happen I will run and hide under the bed. I have several different combs and brushes and mom usually uses each one during a grooming session. I have been know to yell, bite and even claw mom as she is brushing me. I just have my fur being brushed especial with a comb. Mom says it is so thick she has to use a comb to get it all brushed. Tomorrow mom is going to groom me so I am going to have to be really aware of what she is doing so I can go and hide, Mom is pretty sneaky as she usually starts to brush me when I am sleeping so it is to late to hide. I do have to admit I look super pretty after being brushed.


Living with my fur sister Abbey

March 13th 2010 7:46 pm
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I was born feral, but was soon caught and put in foster care. At my foster home there was a dog. I was not real fond of the dog , but got a long well with the dog. My foster mom wanted me to become socialized to like dogs. When I got adopted to my forever home, there was a large pomeranian who lived there. He was old, and for the most part he ignored me. We kind did our own thing. Unfortunately he died about a year or so after I moved in. I thought finally a house with no dogs. However, my mom soon got a dog (Abbey). She bugged me, chased me, and followed me around. She would not take no for an answer. I hit her, hissed at her, hide from her, and still she did leave me alone. She always wanted to play with me.
I did not want to play with her. Now she is older, and one would think she would now leave me alone, but no. She on occassion wants to play with me, and she is always looking at me. She often wanders into my room just to stare at me while I am sitting in my chair. She has also been known to steal my cat food. You would think after living together for almost 9 years she would know I did not want to be friends. It is something about her that makes me not like her. Sometimes I do not think she is to bright as you would think she would get the hit. My mom says she just loves me so much and wants to be friends and will not give up. Mom says it is cause she is a terrier, and Irish which makes her stubborn. Mom says she will never leave me alone until I decide to be friends. That does not make sense cause once I become her friend then she will want to hang out with me. If you ask me it is a no win situation. My St Patricks Day wish is Abbey would finally realize I do not like her.


Happy Anniversery

March 5th 2010 7:59 pm
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Happy anniversery, Happy anniversery. I can not believe that this Sunday will be my very own anniversery. I have lived with momma for 12 years. It has been just wonderful. I love my momma so much and to think we have been 12 years.I met momma when I was just a young 6 month kitten being put up for adoption. I did not want to be adopted as I loved my foster momma a lot. However, mom saw me and fell madly in love with this beautiful cat. When I first moved in with mom it was not love at first sight to me. Momma had to work at becoming my friend. One thing that helped was mom gave me treats. She knew the best way to my heart of to the stomach. Pretty soon I started to have a friendship with momma, and then I soon found my self loving momma as much as I loved my foster momma. Then one day I loved momma even more which I did not think was possible. I hope momma is as excited about this anniversery as Iam. I hope she has something special planned. Maybe some nice treats, or special cat food. I will of course share my special treats and food with Nikita as that is the polite thing to do.


Getting ready

February 23rd 2010 7:50 pm
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I have been very busy cat. I have been getting ready for spring, and Nikita oral surgery. I have also been busy helping Abbey lose weight. It is a lot of work for one cat. I have been waiting for spring and can hardly wait for its arrival. I have spent a lot of time looking out the window just waiting. I have also been practicing not sitting in my green blanket at night. Instead I sit on the floor or in the chair without a blanket. For the past few days it has been easy as the temps have been warm, however the rain is coming down hard and wind is blowing it is a green blanket night. I also have busy looking for birds. I saw a few of the regular birds such as the black bird and wren. I am looking for robins and blue birds, but they have not arrived. I hope they come soon then I will know spring is here.

In preparing to take care of Nikita I have been resting. I need to get a lot of rest as I know I will be up taking care of her as she will be in pain for the first 24 hours then she should be go to go. I do not know what I will do if she is still not well after 24 hours as I have not banked enough extra sleep to take of her past 24 hours. I guess the mom will have to step in and take care of her while I rest.

I am helping Abbey with her diet by making sure I clean my plate. This way she can not sneak into my room and clean my bowls. I have also eatten some of her dry food so she will not have much to eat. I am also giving her a look so she runs when I look at her which helpsher lose weight. I think Abbey should be thankful I am helping her.


Nice weather, but where are the birds

February 15th 2010 4:51 pm
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We had 2 weeks of nothing but rain or drizzle. It got kind of depressing. Not much for a cat to do, plus it was always dark. I sat around most of the time. Then the last few days the weather has been nice. It feels like spring. Kind of interesting. I think this weather is all mixed up due to global warming. We are not suppose to be this warm, and the south is not suppose to be getting so much snow. Since the weather is so nice you would think I would see some birds, but no I do not see any birds at all. I have looked out the back window, front window, and every other window in the house and no birds. I must admit I have not looked out the bathroom window as it is to close to sink or bath tub. I know what is in bath tubs and sinks. I do not want my momma thinking I want a bath cause I am in the bathroom. After I saw mom giving Abbey a bath I stay pretty much away from bathroom. However, I do sneak sit. Anyway back to the birds. I wish I could see some birds soon. Again it goes back to global warming. The birds do not know it is spring here. Anyway Abbey claims she saw some black birds at the dog park, but I do not know if I trust her. She may just be pulling my tail. A


About last night

January 24th 2010 4:32 pm
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Last night was hard. All Nikita and I did was fight. I could not sleep. It all started after we went to bed, and the humans were sound asleep. I was sleeping peacefully dreaming of chasing birds, when all of the sudden something jumped on top of me.
My eyes opened quickly as I was very startled. I did not know what was jumping on me. After a few seconds I found out it was Nikita. She was on top of me, and now right next to me getting ready to go back to sleep. Of course I did not like her waking me out out of a beautiful dream, and I did not want to share the chair. Man I was mad. We soon started hissing and this lead to paws being thrown, and chasing each other around the bedroom. Finally, I had it and ran under the bed until I knew she was a sleep. I went back to my chair, and soon it all started again. These went on several times. Even mom told us to stop fighting, and we did until she was back a sleep. Then we fought some more, and she woke up again making Nikita sleep with her, but just as soon as she went to sleep Nikita came back to fight. She wants my chair. She claims she just wants to share, but she knows I am a big Mane Coon Cat, and need a lot of room. I know she wants to push me out so she can have the chair, and it will never happen. I got to go back and see what going on with the chair, and if she is in the chair and another fight will happen.



January 8th 2010 7:39 pm
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It officially winter here as the fog has moved in. Everyday for the past two weeks we have had fog. I like to get up early and look out the front window, and back window to see what is going on in the neighborhood. However, the fog has prevented me from enjoying this activity. When ever I look out the window all I see is fog. It is so foggy I can barley see accross the street. There are no birds bugs, or squirrels to watch. It is so boring.

The fog has also ruined my new years eve resolution to get more active and lose some of this winter weight. The fog never lifts. It just stays cloudy all day. As a result I just want to stay in my bed with and think. All the thinking I have been doing works up an appetite so of course I have to get up and go to my bowl to get a snack. Then back to bed for more thinking. I think I may have put on more weight as my cat suit is getting a little tight.

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