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DDP again!

March 1st 2013 4:28 pm
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well I am DDp again. that is the one good thing that happened today. Thanks Catster for picking me. see Nikita My diaries are good too. Thanks again to 2 sweet and kind kitties Jameson and friday for making me very nice pictures- more for my scrap book!:)
Sammy is here again and being a PEST!!! as USUAL! he came at 8pm last night and being a monster. That dog needs some obedience I say and a class on how t treat cats with RESPECT. It is a beautiful day today- then Rain which we need. I hope my human sisters Luck turns out better in March and they get JOBS. I hope Irish Eyes are smiling down on them. I hope Congress gets off their tails and woks on the Sequestor-I am a Obama fan so I know it is Not his fault.( I like the man even though he is NOT a Cat person!- we need to work on that!!) well have a great day.


DDP Thanks to Friday and Jameson

February 28th 2013 8:45 am
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Hello Cats
well I woke to a nice surprise, I was choosen DDP. Thank you Catster for picking me. I appreciate it! A special Thank you to Friday and Jameson for making me such BEAUTIFUL GIFTS! I really like them. They are talented and kind kitties. My human sister printed them out and put them in a scap book she keeps for us and put one ina frame in our room. It is another warm day. My human sisters volunteer at a food closet today so Nikita and I will be left alone with the numscull- aka Abbey. Oh yes Sammy comes tonight and that is just plain terrible and scarry! Not looking forward to it. it will be 4 days of AWFULL!!! I will see ya later. Please wish me Luck having to deal with Sammy


OH No Sammy is coming HELP!!!! and Gremlins

February 27th 2013 8:41 am
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what is new with you all? I had a Very hard time signing on to catster today- I guess I have alot of Gremlins on the computer. Poor Nikta had to go to the Vet and got a good check up. Then she had to go into a human store- that would be a scarry Place. Myhuman sister took her in her carrier- there are alot of pet thefts in that parking lot and she did not want to leave Nikita in the car and said she would not take Abbey to that store area- I personally think it wuld be ok- who would want her they would return her real fast.
Terrible News Sammy the Pest is coming on Thursday 2-28-2013. I do notknow why he is coming or why any one would want him to visit. He is a real Handfull. He is just not fun. According to Nikita the veternaian said it is typical that cats "Put dogs in their place with their claws" and it is ok. The majority of cats contrary to the myth that cats rule the house over dogs. So Nikita and I figure that gives us permission to push Abbey around and not get in trouble for it. Now we will have Sammy to control and NO ONE can get mad at us for it- because Vets( who humans claim know everything about us- they don't really) say it is cats nature to make sure dogs behave.
see ya Later I just hope the Gremlins do not interfere and I can get on Catstser easier next time. Have a GREAT DAY!!!!


Nikita's vet day

February 26th 2013 7:07 am
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well Nikita has to go to the vet today. I am glad it is Not me! She says she is going to hide but I donot know where she will hide everything is blocked off= we have to stay in the livingroom so Nikita does not hide. I do not know why I have to be punished too. It is very nice today in the high 60's. Abbey is still being a pest. well I am going to check on the squirrels- there seems to be alot of them around!


a love bug

February 25th 2013 7:49 am
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Hello Cats
Congrats to Nikita for being DDP again! It is trying everytime I turn around she is DDP even when she does not write in her diary she gets to be ddp. I am not compalining or anything- but I do admit it is annoying and her attitude about it!!! I never acted liked that when I was her age i was NO diva! She expected to be treated like a QUEEN and My momma human did.
I am loveable too. Last night I meowed around for attention at 2 am and I got it cuddled down with my human sister and ran my paws in contemptment. She just comes and plops her cubby Cat body down( yes she is FAT!) on them like she ownes everything. I love to be cuddled like she does. Sure I was only close to my momma human, my momma human could do nothing wrong unlike these nunskulls that she left me with. well I am going to go and get me some snacks before Nikiat comes and steals them! she is a real BRAT!! she even beats up Abbey for no reason and hisses t her, I mean dogs do need to be putin their place once and while but by just giving them a look does it for me. She chases me around all the time too- soemtimes it is ok like at night but not during the daywhen it is my Nap time. well I am going to go. Oh yeah Got some bad News- It is rumored that Sammy is coming back for the weekend- all I need is a pesty dog to deal with. We have not seen him since OCt 2012 and he comes butting jhis nose into our lives again! UGH!!! well of for snacks and cat patrol.


day after treat day and this and that

February 24th 2013 7:59 am
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well I got sad news that Colorado died and went over the bridge. My heart goes out to his family. Congratualatins to Nikita fo Being DDP. She is one Very Lucky Kitty.Well today is national pet adoption day froma shelter day or weekend. Yesterday my human sister went and got Nikiat and I some treats and of course Abbey some treats at the store for treat day- we celebrated the day by eating them. It is another cold day or morning, Well I wish that today was National treat day- everyday should be that day. well I should go and check out the neighborhood.Have a good day- I hope alot of kitties get adopted at adopt a pet from a shelter day today.


NATIONAL PET TREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HURRAY!!! ;) :);)

February 23rd 2013 8:24 am
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Did youe hear today is National Pet treat day. Now our humans can not complain on how much treats we eat tody because we have to celebrate the national pet food day! Boy am I ever excited because I love my treats! This computer sure has Gremline in it today I was writting in my diary and the page just disappeared. It is a very cold day today windy. February came in like spring and going out like winnter so i guess march will come in like a lion and go outlike a lamb especailly since Easter is early this year and at the end of March. well my tummy is a rumblin so I will see ya later off to get treats and to celebrate!!!


playing with Nikita

February 22nd 2013 4:35 pm
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I have been busy playing with Nikita. Last night Nikita and played chase for awhile then early this morning we played again. We run around chasing each other. It has been fun. I think it is because Nikita feels better now that her teeth have been taken care of so she is in not in pain.
Well it is almost time for dinner so I am going to eat.


nothing going on- omc Abbey is ddp on dogster!!

February 21st 2013 5:48 pm
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well it is a cold and windy day! nothing really going on. Abbey is home all day bugging us cats! the humans went soemwhere and not work with out her and all she did was complain! and whine. I say get a life and get over. Cats like being alone, we can survie with out humans!! I can not believe she was chosen ddp. herdiaries are dull and boring if you ask this Cat!- Dogsd are funny. well ia m going to get treats, dinner then go on cats patrol Oh yes to be polite like all cats are! I should Congratulate Abbey dog for being DDP- so here it goes Congrats!
See ya



February 20th 2013 7:34 am
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WEll I am glad my human sister finally figured out we are Not an alarm clock. Yesterday they over slept until 7 am and were mad that we did not get them up. I am a Cat Not an alarm clock. hey I was a little upset too my breakfast was Very late and I was a starvin marvin and my tummy was really rumblin! Boy it really rained yesterday and it was below freezing this morning- isay boy Climate change is really in the works- in the 70;s one week and then freezing the next. well I got to go and get some snacks. I keep my paws crossed that theyget a job they went for interviews for. If the cat God in heaven he/ she will help my human sisters and me out and help them get a job!

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