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Chronicles of Nala

I've Been Tagged By Meerie.

July 18th 2008 3:38 pm
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. I have been tagged by my purrty friend Meerie. Here's how the game goes. I have to list 6 interesting facts about me and then tag 6 of furriends so they can do the same. Well let the games begin.
6 Things about me....
1. I love chasing the laser light.
2. I love my alone time but also love to be cuddled up with Mommy.
3. My favorite treat is Tuna...I get some every once in awhile.
4. I like to watch tv and roll around on the bed.
5. I don't like outdoors at all. I got out once years ago and I was out over night and I was just as scared as Mommy was.
6. I really am quite bossy but I am also a huge love bug with Mommy

6 Friends I am tagging...
1. Vanessa - My pretty Canadian friend.
2. Hunter - The adorable kitten.
3. Ebony - A pretty black cat.
4. Boo - My handsome buddy with the raccoon tail.
5. Osiris - My distinguished and handsome turkish angora friend.
6. Angel - A pretty California girl.


I've Been Tagged By Sprite...:)

June 8th 2008 3:57 am
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A little late but I'm getting around to tagging back. Ok...I have to write 5 things about myself and then tag 5 other cats. goes.

1. I like my alone time .
2. I have my cuddly time with Mommy everday.
3. I love the laser pointer...I get very silly with it.
4. I love when Mommy gives me cat treats...I twirl around for them.
5. Finally...secretly I like Sasha...I've learned to love the little brat..MOL.

Last but certainly not least...Who I am going to tag.
1. Ruben - The handsome tuxedo kitty.
2. Oz - The gorgeous Maine Coon kitty.
3. Hickory - One of two Handsome Norwegian Forest cats.
4. Kay - The pretty Calico kitty.
5. Simba The Great - Handsome Tabby who share a name with my brother.


New House

May 5th 2008 6:41 pm
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Well I am officially moved in and settled. We have been here three weeks. I still wonder why I had to leave my special place behind but I am finding new places to hide. Mommy has forced me to become more social during the day.
I think that I like it here...shhh don't tell Mommy...MOL. She has been really good to us. We have gotten new beds and toys with this new place. She seems happier here which makes us happier. More room for us to play....:) Well I am going to find my spot to take a nap. Meows till later.

Meows and Purrs,


Something is going on....

March 23rd 2008 3:29 pm
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There is something very strange going on sanctuary in the basement is being invaded by mommy with boxes. Mommy knows that the basement is my special place where I like to be to enjoy my solitude that I crave from the other crazy felines that I live with. I can stand my brother and litter mate Simba but the other tolerance is dwindling...MOL. Mommy has been coming up and down the basement stairs taking things out that never return. My hiding spots are quickly fading. What's up with her? She knows that I like to hide. The house is starting to look very empty as well. Mommy is always throwing things in boxes or in plastic containers. Some things have even left the house. I am not quite sure what to make of this. I hear the word moving a lot. Mommy please don't take my sanctuary away...You know how antisocial I am.

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