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Update on Milo

April 1st 2008 5:47 pm
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Okay, I admit it. Milo and I like each other now. We even sleep together!
Who would have guessed we'd end up friends!


New Cat in the House

January 19th 2008 6:39 pm
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Just when everything was going so well, my Mom had to go and bring another cat here! His name is Milo, and he's a big gray and white cat. He's been Mom's cat for a couple years and was living at her parents' house. But now he's living here. Mostly hiding under the bed or futon, MOL! We've exchanged hisses, but we'll get along eventually I'm sure.


Hello Everycat!

January 8th 2008 5:59 pm
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Hi! I'm Wes. Some of you probably know my Aunt Gizzie and my Uncle Ducky. I live in the same house as they do, but they live downstairs, and I live upstairs. My Dad is their human brother, and his girlfriend is my Mom. Anyway, if you read my bio you know I had a very rough beginning. My furmom was feral, then there was this raccoon who thought I was lunch. Don't even want to think about it! Thank Cat I was taken to the animal hospital were my forever Mom works. The nice doctors had to remove my left rear leg, but I'm absolutely fine now. I'm getting bigger and stronger and even more handsome. My humans can't get over how fast I run around the house and race up and down the stairs. It never occurred to me that I couldn't, so I just do! I have a nice (big) fur-brother named Ender, who's a Border Collie. He finishes my food and I finish his. Life is good at my forever home!

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