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Dodger's Adoption and Rescue Thoughts by Dervish

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Sadness fills the air

December 15th 2012 9:11 am
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This is a sad time for my family as I take over the diary duties from our dear Dodger, who crossed the rainbow bridge on the 13th. It is a sadder time for our nation as we all grieve with the community and families who lost children and friends. Please send positive thoughts and energy to those who are grieving or sad.
Please in this time of sadness remember those in our community who cannot help themselves. Support your local animal rescue groups and shelters. Help those of us who are helping others in your community.
If you are shopping online this holiday season, shop through AdoptAShelter or IGive to support your local shelters at no cost to you.
Purr for all who are sad to heal.


Last placement event of 2012

December 29th 2012 9:19 am
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Today will be the last placement event of 2012 for our rescue group. Kitten season has slowed down but we are still getting appeals to take kittens. One day someone thought that kitten season was over and posted on Facebook. We thought maybe that was tempting fate and it was. Very soon she got a post that there is a momcat delivering kittens at the shelter. So, if you are thinking of adding a new furry family member please check out your local shelters and rescue groups. If you are looking for a year end donation, you can be sure that your money is put to good use helping animals in your community. As our much loved, and much missed Dodger would say, RescueadoptspayneuterTNRfosterRescueadoptspayneuterTNRfoster RescueadoptspayneuterTNRfosterRescueadoptspayneuterTNRfoster RescueadoptspayneuterTNRfosterRescueadoptspayneuterTNRfoster RescueadoptspayneuterTNRfoster and Purr long and loud for rescues and forever homes!



January 5th 2013 9:06 am
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December was hard for my family because our Dodger crossed the rainbow bridge. We wanted so much to honor his crossing with many cat and kitten adoptions. We did continue to adopt but not as many as we had been, but we did have adoptions for our dogs increase so that was a good thing. We choose to think that it was also in honor of our Dodger who dreamed and hoped and purred for homes of their own for all. This is a new year and our first placement event of 2013 again we hope for many adoptions so that we can rescue more. Please purr with me and my family on the Power of purr in the rescue forum for homes for all.


AdoptRescueSpayNeuterAdoptRescueSpayNeuterAdoptRescueSpayNeu- terAdoptRescueSpayNeuter

January 12th 2013 9:01 am
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I know that Dodger before me and I often sing the same tune. . adopt and rescue and support your local rescue and shelters and spay and neuter, but we can't stop talking and posting about these until there is no need. I just get so cross with 'activists' who complain and demand but DON'T DO MUCH ELSE. Hey you activists out there are you unhappy with things as they are? Stop running your mouth and get out and do something. Raise money for your local shelter or rescue group. Do you want low cost or free spay neuter in your community? Then talk to local vets and see if they will volunteer at a clinic or offer low cost spay/neuter at their facility. My person gets so fed up with demands for action from people who don't do anything.

Sorry, had to get that off my chest. Please purr with me and my family in the spirit of Dodger for rescue and homes for all.


Diary pick

January 19th 2013 9:13 pm
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My diary was picked today. Thank you Catster for helping spread my words of adoption and rescue. My diary was started by my brother Dodger. When Dodger went to the Rainbow bridge one of his last wishes was that I would continue to spread the word of rescue. I promised him that I would. When my person is sad and wonders if there is anyone who is supporting us, we always hear from one of you and that makes things seem less overwhelming. Thank you for the diary pick and for the purrs and good thoughts for rescues and forever homes over the years. Until there are none adopt one Please!


AdoptRescueSpayNeuterAdoptRescueSpayNeuterAdoptRescueSpayNeu- terAdoptRescueSpayNeuter

January 26th 2013 9:36 am
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One of our dear friends worked last Sunday at a community cat clinic. Almost every female cat that came into the clinic was in heat and you know what that means. . .KITTEN season is on the horizon. This year it seemed that it never really ended with kittens needing help continuously. Please support spay and neuter efforts in your community. Please support community cat clinics to help these kitties in your area. Support your local shelters and rescue groups because they help animals in your area. Adopt don't shop--shelter and rescue animals are wonderful pets. I should know since I am a former rescue and foster. Please purr with my family on the Power of Purr in the rescue forum. You may think it silly but when we purr our rescue group has adoptions. And the more adoptions we have the more space we have and the more space we have the more animals we can rescue. Power to the PURRpeople!!


AdoptRescueSpayNeuterAdoptRescueSpayNeuterAdoptRescueSpayNeu- terAdoptRescueSpayNeuter

February 2nd 2013 9:06 am
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I have been busy this week taking care of my person. She has a bad cold and has been coming home and doing my favorite thing. . .nothing . . .and cuddling on the sofa with me, our cat family, and the foster kittens. But it is Saturday and we need to get our selves in gear for placement with our rescue group. It is Ground hog day and cloudy and cool so if the groundhogs are to be believed, we will have an early spring. And you know what that means. . .KITTEN SEASON IS COMING SOON!!! So, please support your local rescue groups and shelters. Help with community cat programs. Volunteer for Spay Day USA in your area. Make kitten season a happy time and not a stressful time of too many kittens and too few homes and rescue groups.


Diary pick

February 9th 2013 9:05 am
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Wow, I picked as Diary of the day. I was so happy that many catsters read my diary and commented. My most favorite thing was that some of you were inspired to search out a local rescue group or shelter to support. You make me proud when I hear that. Our precious Dodger started the diary because when he posted and asked for purrs for support our rescue group had adoptions. The support of our Catster friends with purrs helps us.

Dodger would be so happy that our diary encouraged others to adopt, rescue,spay/neuter, or support a local rescue group or shelter.

Thank you to Catster for allowing us this forum. Please now purr with me and my family for rescues and homes for all. Adopt don't shop. And if you want to shop check out the wonderful animals waiting on Petfinder for homes of their own. There is power in our purrs and we must use this power well.


AdoptRescueSpayNeuterAdoptRescueSpayNeuterAdoptRescueSpayNeu- terAdoptRescueSpayNeuter

February 23rd 2013 10:02 am
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Spay Day USA is an opportunity for income qualified people to have their pets altered for a really good price. In our area it will be on Sunday March 3rd. My person will be coordinating a clinic that has volunteered to alter 100 male cats. And you know the odd thing. . .people aren't contacting the organizing group to schedule appointments. Hopefully all the appointments will be filled soon so that we can make sure that those boys don't go out and make more kittens. Because kitten season is looming right around the corner.


Spay Day is tomorrow!!

March 2nd 2013 8:45 am
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In our area we have the largest one day spay and neuter event in the nation. That means that over 700 dogs and cats will be altered!! This event is to help income qualified people get their animals altered. What this means to the community is that over 700 cats and dogs will not be having kittens and puppies that will either be given away unaltered, let go to roam the streets and have more kittens and puppies, or taken to local shelters. My person will be working at 2 clinics. One tomorrow that will neuter 99 cats!! Please support spay/neuter efforts in your community. You may think that one person can't make a difference but you can.

Support your local shelters and rescue groups to help animals in your
community. Always always always adopt don't shop!! Purr for rescues and forever homes with my family in the Power of purr chain on the rescue forum.

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