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Blaze's Tattles and Woes!

I'm in the competition!!!

October 28th 2009 8:42 am
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Meowma just entered me into the Coolest contest and my entry is under Funny Face. You can vote for me here! &d=s

Good luck effuryone!


Could effuryone please?

September 18th 2009 11:59 am
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Say a few purrs and purrayers for my brofur Buddee please? He would like you to read his latest diary entry for the reason. Here's his number:

Thanks effuryone!


OMC!!! I've found my twin on Catster!

June 3rd 2009 5:57 am
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True story! Both Meowma and I almost fell over when we saw the picture of Charlie sitting just like I do and looking just like me! He's just as adorable as I am, with an hourglass going up his nose and the two spots on under our noses. Amazing! It would be fun to exchange places and see if anyone noticed and see what kind of mischief we could make before anyone realized we weren't the same cat! MOL! I would love to do that too.

I just had to write an entry about this happening. I'm sure there are more lookalikes out there for all the cats here, but this one happened to draw our eyes because of the almost identical markings. Have a good day all, I know I will now!

Purrs and Love,



I'm 10 today!!!

May 18th 2009 5:37 am
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Woohoooooooo!!! Meowma says she's going to give us both a nice saucer of tuna with juice and lots of treats today!!! She's showering us with hugs and kisses and she also just joined us in the olde furts group!!! What a pawsome day this is!!! If only the other fursibs could be here too, but I know they are watching and smiling down on us from the Bridge.

Time to play and pawty!!!



For Pawrents All Over the World!

April 8th 2009 9:16 am
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After much deliberation and some input from some dear furriends, Meowma has decided to let me post a short story written in honor of my angel brofur and sibling Starr and all the beloved pets that are lost everywhere. She has been dealing with guilt issues surrounding my and my siblings losses and this is her therapy. Here it is:

Our Shining Star

A bright star shone in the night sky above, twinkling strongly. It seemed to get brighter as the night wore on. As the humans
struggled with a way to tell their children that their beloved animal was gone to the Bridge, the tears sparkled as they fell from their eyes. They looked to the heavens and saw the bright star glittering and watched as it got stronger.

They exchanged glances, wondering, then both smiled at each other. Walking hand in hand, they returned to the room where the children were. Slowly they all joined hands and bowed their heads, for the children already knew in their hearts what had happened and why their parents were so teary eyed.

They all lifted their heads and looked at each other, then one by one went out to see that bright shining star. One child said, "Look! There are many other bright stars too! Are those other animals that have passed over the Bridge?" The father said, in all honesty, that he didn't know, but he knew the one very bright one was their pet.

Mustering the strength to ask, the youngest of the children asked how his father knew that. The father replied, "All pets pass over the Bridge and become a star of love in our hearts and stay with us throughout our time here on earth. When it is our time to go, we will meet up again with our pets and be together for eternity. They watch over us from day to day in all that we do and in little ways, make sure that we know that they are there." The child sweetly looked at his mother and
father and sister and said, "That makes me feel better knowing Twofer is up there and watching me. I'll watch him too whenever I see that bright star or hear the wind blow a certain way or the sun shines brightly on his patch of carpet." The mother was amazed at the child's heartfelt words, but also knew in her heart that he was right.

The moral of this little story is this. Yes, we do feel pain when we lose that beloved pet and yes, it does so hurt us. But the pet, no matter what kind, is happy and feels no pain and runs free as it did as a young one. They are always with us, no matter what we do or say, watching over us from above over that beautiful Rainbow Bridge, waiting for us to join them so we can all be together with them again. The pain will lessen with time, as it should be, but the memories will stay forever in your heart and bring a smile to your face when you least expect it. Cherish those memories as long as you live! I do!

Written with love for her shining Starr by
Cheri Petitt
April 8, 2009


I have been tagged!!!

January 17th 2009 4:42 pm
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Hi all! This is the first time I have effur been tagged and I'm loving it! Thank you I.B.K.!!! Here goes!

The Rules: Write 7 facts about yourself in your diary. Then tag 7 friends by pmail or by giving them a rosette to let them know you tagged them.

Here are the 7 facts about me!

1. I am Meowma's tummy rub kid! I will maiow and maiow till Meowma finally gives in and gives me a tummy rub like I want!

2. I have a perfect hourglass shape on my nose, that's why I got the name of Blaze.

3. I was the firstborn of my siblings and demand more attention than the one remaining sisfur of my immediate furamily.

4. I absolutely LOVE laser lights!!!

5. I will sit and maiow at night for a half hour after the pawrents go to bed, hoping they will let me into their room, which they don't MOL!

6. When I jump up to sit on Meowma's lap first thing in the morning, I will "assume the position" sitting up so I can get my first tummy rub of the day.

7. If Meowma lays down on the couch, I am the first one there to demand ALL of her attention.

Those are just the tip of the iceberg for me MOL, so if you want to know more? Just drop me a pmail!

The seven furriends I will be tagging:



I've Been Blingeed!!!

March 26th 2008 6:33 pm
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Norman surprised me today with the most awesome Blingee! I just love it! He also did one for my angel brofur Starr and named it Angels on Vacation! Meowma laughed so hard when she saw it! MOL MOL! The look on her face when she saw them both was priceless! Of course, I wasn't surprised at all. NOT!!! Shocked and loving it! We love Blingee's and Imikimi's!


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