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A Day in the Life of TweeKee

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A Double Wedding very soon!

October 9th 2009 9:17 am
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Hi all!

My darling boyfurriend has asked me to marry him and I have said yes!!! I am soooooo excited! Nothing better than two "olde furts" getting married and spending the rest of their days happy together. Isn't that pawsome news??? Jaffa's little brother Rusty has also asked my little sisfur Daisy Mae to marry him too, so we are going to make it a double wedding, which will be even more fun!

I think the date will be set for shortly after the first of the year when all the festivities from the holidays are over with. More than likely it will take place somewhere either in Greece or in Italy. We haven't gotten that far in the planning yet, but we will let effuryone know as soon as the decisions are made.

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! This olde furt gal is getting married! Woohoooooooooo!!!


Thank you effuryone!

October 16th 2009 6:36 am
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We missed getting on here yesterday cuz Meowma has literally been down sick with the flu and a really bad cold on top of the fact she has asthma too, so she has NOT been feeling well at all. She still isn't, but said I needed to get in and say thank you for all the rosies and concats sent to me for DDP yesterday. I do so appreciate all of you! Thanks to Catster Diary Lady too for making me a DDP! We love you all!

Purrs of Love,



My sick pawrents....

October 21st 2009 1:38 pm
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I know there probably aren't a whole lot of people that read my diary, but word of mouth travels quickly. My pawrents can really use some serious purrs and prayers. Meowma has been sick with H1N1 for 10 days now and is on Tamiflu the anti viral and prednisone for the nasty cough she got along with it. She's a bit better but very short winded and just not quite with it. Daddy just got out of the hospital yesterday from a bout of pneumonia that stemmed from the H1N1. You see, it attacks the lungs and makes it hard to breathe and it attacked his lungs so bad he got pneumonia. He's still not very strong and neither is Meowma. Please forgive us effuryone if we owe letters or comments as Meowma just hasn't felt up to being on here to type for me.


TweeKee...and Meowma Cheri


Update on the pawrents

October 24th 2009 6:38 am
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Hello effuryone! First off, I just want to say thank you to all our furriends and furmilies out there that have purred and purrayed for my dear pawrents. It meant a great deal to them and me too.

Daddy is doing sooooo much better! He's hardly coughing at all now and is not rattling and wheezing anymore either. He's fully planning to return to work on Monday and says he feels great!

Meowma is about 3/4 herself MOL! She feels much better and is less short winded than she was but still has the nagging cough that goes with the sickness. She's pacing herself to get things done in the house so she doesn't overdo and relapse. She's actually starting to smile again MOL!

So!!! Your purrs and purrayers have worked and we sooooooo appreciate them. We love you all and will try to respond to all the pmails and rosies ASAP! Thank you, thank you, thank you for being who you are and caring for others! It's so important in this world, but just doesn't seem to happen often enough!

Purrs of Love,

TweeKee and typist Meowma Cheri


Just a little update and rumination...

October 27th 2009 6:18 am
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Hi all! It's chilly and dreary here today, but saw Jazzi in the one lone ray of sunshine we've had and our thoughts and prayers are with her pawrents today as I'm sure this will be a day of thought for them. Another dear fur was met at the bridge by my angel brofur Starr and he said he had never seen anything like the turnout of angels that he saw when Calvin arrived. Calvin is thoroughly enjoying himself now and his heart basket is overflowing.

The pawrents are much, much better and I chose to say thank you to effuryone this way until I can get time enough with Meowma to type to say thank you for all the rosies that were sent for them. They so appreciated all the purrs and purrayers and we all thoroughly believe they helped them through that last week of the sickness. Thank God us kitties can't get it!

In any case, we are all just happy to be alive and be here if anyfur needs us. We love you all!

Purrs of Love,

TweeKee and furamily and Meowma Cheri too!


Our Wedding Date is Set!!!

November 1st 2009 10:38 am
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We have discussed our wedding date and have decided to have it on January 30 at 11 AM Catster time so the furs (my fiance included) overseas can be on at an early evening time for them. More details to come, but I CAN tell you our honeymoon will be spent touring the Greek islands. Ohhhhh, I'm soooooooo excited!!! I will keep you updated as we decide and about a week before the wedding, will send invitations through our groups for everyone to be there and where it will be, etc.

Purrs, TweeKee

If anyone would like to see my engagement ring and necklace to go with it, feel free to visit my page. They're just under my profile photo.


OMC!!! What an honor!

November 2nd 2009 5:28 am
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Yayayayayayay!!! I was just made Tabby of the Month in one of my groups called Tabbies with Tude! Isn't that pawsome? AND right on the heels of my wedding date set. How cool is that?

Thank you so much Sugar Bear and Little Bit! You are all pawsome in that group and I love you all!

Purrs of Happiness,



Third time's the charm!

November 2nd 2009 4:31 pm
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MOL! It's coming in three's for me today and yesterday! First, my darlin' fiance and I finally decided on a date for our wedding. Second, this morning I get a forever crown rosie saying I had won Tabby of the Month in the Tabbies with Tudes group. Now not an hour or so ago, I got notification that I had won Top Chef of the Week in my Calling All Chefs group with a recipe for Stuffed Peppers! How pawsome is that??? I'm just not believing this! All I can say is thank you everyone for being here and being you. I love you all!

Jaffa, my love, you are truly a special fiance and I love you with all my heart and soul! I can't wait till January!!!

Purrs of Love and Happiness,



Christmas Tag!!!

December 4th 2009 6:03 am
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My wonderpurr fiance, Jaffa, has tagged me! Thank you, my one and only!

Here are the questions and my answers!

1. Do you believe in Santa Paws? Why? /Why not?!

But of course I believe in Santa Paws! Doesn't effuryone? MOL!

2. Have you been naughty or nice? Please explain yourself!

I've been very nice! Meowma tells me all the time how much she loves that I have mellowed in my "old age" and dearly love to be loved on and talked to, especially by Meowma. I can be a rascal when my little sisfur Windy picks on me, but I'm usually a very good girl.

3. What would you like Santa Paws to bring you? Why?

I already have the love of my pawrents and fiance plus I have a nice home and lots of warm spots to lay in for the winter. Other than that? Just a nice bunch of catnip and food for the hungry and a loving home for those furs that are less fortunate than me.

4. What is your favorite Christmas Carol? Why?

I would have to say that Silent Night is my favorite Christmas song. Because it's such a relaxing and heartfelt carol and tells about Jesus' birth.

5. What is your favorite Christmas movie? Why?

This one's a toss up between two very different kinds of movies, but each carry their own message. First is Miracle on 34th Street. It's so ... heartfelt and poignant. Second is The Santa Clause MOL! It's funny and neat at the same time. Great movies, both of them.

I'm tagging:

Daisy Mae ST
Jasmine Delilah
Chef Rooster

Have fun effuryone and have a Merry Little Christmas!!! Maiowwww!!!


We four have eloped!

January 27th 2010 9:17 am
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Late last night there came a-tapping at the door of our (Daisy Mae and mine) furmates, Jaffa and Rustle, wanting to surprise effuryone and get married early, so here we are in Italy, married and enjoying our honeymoon! We will update and have a party when we return!

Purrs of Love,


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