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Lil' Whipper Snapper in da house!

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March 15th 2011 2:18 pm
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Has it really been almost a month since my last entry?!?!

I suppose my meowmy had her paws full as we all had runny Newmies. I think mine are gone although today I had 2 tiny hard newmies and then the rest was squishy newmies...

Not much to report other than that... Newmies has been the meow of our house. Even my buddy Scooter has the runny newmies! His mom told my mom about an over the counter good bacteria capsule that her vet suggested. We too are having those--tasteless.


Mom's Tisker ring will be done late this month, early next.

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm I'm cute

Yeah... Not much to report here...


Cardiologist appointment details

February 16th 2011 11:11 am
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Meow! Well, the appointment at Chesapeake Veterinary Cardiology Associates went well and to Dr. Tyrrell's surprise, things haven't changed! PHEW!

He said when he saw that he was going to see me today, he was curious if I was doing well or if I'm still stable since my last appointment. After my exam, he was quote, "Happy and pleasantly surprised and Tiskers is miraculously still stable with no changes". He said, normally with the severity of my condition, especially since it has more damage to young cats, by now, typically cats would have shown some sort of decline and would need a change or increase of meds.

Mom was very happy to hear that I'm proving to be an exception! The following is what my report says:

-Overall very stable borderline severe juvenile onset HCM
-Persistent severe posterior wall hypertrophy
-Unchanged high normal to mild increase in left atrial chamber dimensions

I'll need another blood chemistry in 6 months from my vet, and will see Dr. Tyrell in 9 months.

THANK YOU for the continued purrrrs, mom and I really appreciate it, and can't thank you enough. It means more than you'll ever know!!! *hugs*


PS!!! I donated some blood for testing as it'll help Cardiologists learn more about cats with HCM vs. those without. This will help future hormone testing levels as mine would be higher than those without heart disease!! I MADE A DIFFERENCE!!


Tiskers ring?

February 12th 2011 11:03 pm
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So about 3-4 years ago, mom bought this 2.10 carat brown cushion diamond. You're probably thinking, "BROWN?". YES BROWN! She's wanted one as they're quite pretty if you get a good one. The stone has orange, yellow, brown of course and some pink hues in it depending on how the light hits it. If you want to see the stone click *HERE*

A few days ago she finally picked a setting out. The brown is sorta like my color but more sparkly and a few more colors in it. Well, she decided on a pave' halo, and it's being made by the same guy who made her ER (and a few celebs rings!). It's her Annifurrsary/Vday/33rd bday (April) gift.

AND AND! She's having the guy engrave my name "TISKERS" in it :) I know you're like, "WHAT?! What about a BOOGERS ring?"

Mom said (and no offense to those who like black diamonds), "I love my Boogie, but a black diamond is not my taste". MWHAHAHAHAHA

I'll not post a picture of the custom setting till it's completed :)

Thanks Pansy for the purrs for my upcoming Cardiologist appointment the 16th of February. Ultrasound and Echo-cardiogram here I come!!!


LOOK!!! *points*

February 3rd 2011 5:43 pm
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I have a new lady in my life to add to my growing ladybuggie collection :)

So mom and dad drove to Maggiano's for their anniversary dinner. Their anniversary is Feb 6, but they went early as dad has to be in work early the 7th.

SO when the waitress heard that my pawrents are celebrating their 8th annifurrsary? They gave them complementary deserts! Mom got Tirramisu (spelling?) and dad got this big chocolate thing...

BUT the most IMPORTANT bit was I, TISKERS, got a new ladybuggie!! They also went to Build-A-Bear and brought me home a new ladybuggie they stuffed for me :) I'm so spoiled but I had to have her! HAD TO!!!!



February 2nd 2011 8:17 pm
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Did you see the page Pansy made me?!?! *SWOON* She's so talented!!

And wait!!! It gets better! So mom's 8th annifurrsary with daddy is Sunday. There are NO places to eat here... So they're driving to where we used to live (an hour from here) and will grab a bite then.

ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!! While there, they're getting ME the Build-A-Bear Laddybuggie on my background page! I wanted this and meowed about it a few days ago!!!

There's no Build-A-Bear where we currently live :(

Oh I'm spoiled!!! If for some reason they're outta stock, they'll try a few more stores or order online.

I LOVE LadyBuggies and I snuggle with my LadyPillowpet :)


Cardiologist appointment on hold...

January 31st 2011 2:49 am
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So February 1st at 10am is my Cardiologist appointment where I get my usual Echo-cardiogram and Ultrasound.

We may or may not get hit with the late Monday night into Tuesday 1-2 inch ice storm. So to be safe, when mom wakes up, she'll have to call and reschedule it for later this week or next. Naturally it's not worth a potential car accident for an appointment that can be done in the coming weeks.

I know mom's been dreading it but we're hoping for the best. Breathing looks the same but it's what the exam shows. I just hate when my fur gets all yucky gooey from the ultra sound gel. My Cardiologist and our friends' Cardiologist don't shave our bellies. Probably for the better too! I get a sponge bath on my belly afterward and a good brushing.

But do keep me in your purrrs if you could as it means a lot to me and my meowmy!!! I hate to see her eyes leak...


LOOKIE! LOOKIE!!!!!!!!!!!

January 29th 2011 2:02 pm
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Blood Chemistry

January 8th 2011 4:17 pm
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So I did NOT want to get blood taken today! The entire 5 minute car ride I was howling!

Once inside I calmed down but Porkers was driving me nuts! You see he had a vet appointment too. When the vet tech was giving Porkers love, I swatted at him and hissed! Everyone laughed.

I am normally a NICE NICE cat but I was in a bad mood today. Then they whisked me away to get a Blood Chemistry as I need to get one, and especially if I'm going to see my cardiologist February 1st. Mom and dad could hear me meowing (and me being cranky). Seriously folks! DO NOT take me from my mommy!!!

Once I was reunited with my pawrents, all was well :) Ugh, the nerve! They took my blood and couldn't get a your-in sample as my bladder was empty... MWHAHAHAHAHHAHA


Cardiologist appointment and Vet visit

January 4th 2011 6:31 pm
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Hisssssssss I have to get a blood panel at my vet this weekend on Jan 8. He made a joke that I will try and forget (mom and dad thought it was funny). Somehow I lost a front tooth and our vet said something about me and a joke about WEST VA! *gasp* MOL I did however let him know I'm boss and get-out-of-town cute no matter what!

Then February 1st I have my Cardiologist appointment. Mom is trying not to worry but it's a scary thing... I'm breathing well and maintaining my 15 pounds of LOVE :) I just hope things go well so please keep me in your purrrs! I just hate that it's a good 1.5 hr haul each way!! :(


No, I won't share with you guys!

December 16th 2010 2:38 pm
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While we got this pawsome goodie box for Catmas from my brothers Snowmitts, Biscotti and co, I don't wanna share! But mom is making me... *sigh* There's plenty to go around fur sure 'cause they sent a bunch of stuff!

We all for Catmas get to share the pretty stripe Polo shirt 24 months (we're big), a HUGEEEEEEEE blue bag of Party Mix, 2 green mousies, a red mousie, silver glitter mousie, blue glitter ball (Porkers' fav), a Santa man toy on a string, a potent catnip snowman, a red lil' grinch like bear, a tub of Appetizers from Fancy Feast and mom got 2 ornaments (lil' cute candy looking ornament and a pretty pink doggy poodle) a candy can for mom and a lil' K-cup thing for a gift mom bought Dad (can't say as he sometimes reads my diary).

Thanks a bunch guys! Like Hondo, I too had to have Dad help me get dressed as mom isn't too coordinated MOL

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