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Baby, Monsieur l' Chat, Mouseman

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sleepyvery active
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The outdoors

Petting him when he's trying to sleep or groom himself

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Beany stuffed cat toys

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Underneath the clothesrack in my room, under the cocktail table and on a windowsill

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He can jump very high, can open doors, can literally say my name (it's Laura but he says it like L...owwra)

indoors and outdoors

Arrival Story:
One of my family's tradition to do in the summertime is to go to Sweetbriar a nature place in Suffolk County, New York. On July 1st, 2007, while my mom and I were going back to the entrance of the place to meet the rest of my family, we had to walk across a big field. Then by some trees near a driveway, we saw a little gray kitten! I was saying "awww!" while my mom is like, "oh, no" in a funny way. You see, in my apartment building we're not alowwed to own a cat or a dog so it was very risky to bring him home. I played with him in the grass and I saw he was a very sweet little kitten. My mom however was freaking out about where the rest of my family was. I tried to pick him up but he gave me a nasty scratch on the arm! Finally when the rest of my family came to where my mom and I were, we talked to one of the workers there. She said a family had dropped off a mother and her kittens. Sweetbriar is kind of like a forest, so even though I felt very very very guilty about taking Eli away from his mother and siblings, I knew since he was an adventerous kitten, he could seriously hurt himself, as he was only a kitten then. While the worker who had scooped up Eli and brought him in the gardening house to cut his claws and put him in a box, my sister's fiance came up with a name that wouldn't sound aggresive to Eli's ears so my sister's fiance came up with the name Eli. And even though in the begining I called him Baby, he's really Eli to us. When he first came in our house, he was very scared to explore but in my hallway I toured him through my apartment and he's been a very loyal cat to me and my family ever since. I pray that he'll be with us for many many many years to come. :)

It just so happens that we found Eli the very same day, my boyfriend broke up with me and ever since I was very small I had wanted a cat. So I suppose it's the saying "When one door closes, another door opens." I had always dreamed of having a cat sleeping next to me or waking up to a cat in my living room- and now-it's real!

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Eli's Thoughts- What he tells me :)

First Entry and boy, do I have a lot to tell you!

April 1st 2008 1:56 pm
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Eh-reh! Mee! Hello everyone! I'll share with you my thoughts for my first entry! I have to say that I am happy here with Rowwra but I do have some kittymares of that day.

It all started when I was being moved with my brothers and sisters and my mommy to this big place. It smelled of grass, trees, rocks, water and prey. The large no-furs put us in this basket in this nest. One day, when I was still a wee kitten, the sun was shining and the air was warm. It was so boring just sitting in my basket with my sleeping brothers and sisters. I wanted to explore-I wanted to see where my new home would be. While my mommy was tending to one of my sisters, I snuck out of our basket and out of the nest! Look at this big big big world in front of me! I was greeted with the sight of trees and a stretch of grass under my paws and beyond. I wanted to explore farther but the grass was warmed from the sun and I did see some bugs I wanted to play with. No sooner had I begun my play, two large no-furs, one big and one small came out from around the bend.

The smallest of the two no-furs noticed me and started to make such happy sounds. Maybe she could play with me! She did play with me-she rolled onto her back and exposed her tummy-saying she felt safe around me and trusted me. I took that as a compliment *purrs*. Now let me tell you something about the no-furs that I find somewhat annoying. You can't understand them! Sure, Rowwra sometimes speaks my language, like if I want to play, Rowwra and her litermate Aorowwn speak say in my language the word to make happy, to play, which is Reh (when I was a kitten it was Reh-eh) but the no-furs talk to each other in this strange and annoying gabble that I can't translate.

Anyway, I thought the new no-furs were just going to play with me and then they would leave. But I found out I was wrong. The smallest no-fur puts her fur-less paws on me and picked me up and held me suspended in the air! I've never exactly been held by a no-fur before but needless to say, it felt good. I liked being held by this no-fur. I tried to look into her soul to see if she had a good one. But I couldn't concentrate! She was holding my chest so I couldn't breathe! I couldn't breathe and I didn't know how good a soul this no-fur had. And it was very uncomfortable. So I wriggled in her paws and it was very annoying when she didn't let go. So I unsheathed my claws, and scratched her skin. She let out a yowl and dropped me onto the grass.

She turned and looked like she was going. But then she turned back around and spoke my language. She said "Mee!" which in my language is a friendly way of speaking. She seemed...so nice to me. Like my mother. And she beckoned me to follow her, which I did. But I wanted to check out some bushes and shrubs. The ground beneath me got harder and the largest no-fur started to yowl. I dove into some bushes and wanted to explore more! These no-furs would have to wait! But...there was something about the smallest no-furs voice that I found...famaliar and comforting. Three more no-furs came and then another one who put me in the basket when I first arrived with my mother and siblings. The no-fur I knew, picked me up and was squeezing me also! I then let her know what I thought of that! She brought me to a room in the nest where my claws were made unsheathed and shortened. Then! I was put in a small small dark object! I cried for mother and brothers and sisters! But they didn't answer my cries! I recognized the voice of the smallest no-fur that had played with me. I asked in my language "Where am I? What's going on?! Help!" but all she could say and all she did say was that she was here. Again and again. I took that as a comfort. Then someone picked up the place where I was and put ito into the arms of the smallest no-fur.

Before I knew it, my object that I was in was being held by the smallest no-fur and I was being bounced around. Oh how scared I was! To make a long story short, I met a few no-furs who cleaned me, were nice to me but put something in my body. I didn't feel any different though. Soon, the object I was in was opened again. And I was in a new nest. I didn't know where I was or where my mother and siblings were. But I didn't call for them. This small no-fur was so kind to me. I wish I knew a way to ask her where I was and where my family was.

During the earliest part of my stay my friend, the smallest no-fur, who's name is Laura (I once was able so say to it) or Rowwra, yowled so terribly. She is so kind to me, she has a good soul so i wanted to comfort her. I don't know why she was yowling but whatever it was, it scared me but I felt pity for her all the same.

I've been taught to be a fighting cat, I like to wrestle with Rowwra but sometimes I get annoyed and claw her- one time I clawed Aaarowwn badly. I like my stay here with Rowwra at her nest, but I do think about my family as how I was taken away from them; what life was like before I met Rowwra and I wish with my dearest wish that I could feel grass under my paws again...and this time run freely. Whenever I look out of window of Rowwra's nest, she always puts her huge face in mine and says some gabble I can't understand. I just hope I get to feel grass under my paws again. I sleep a lot and at times I have to move out of the way of Rowwra's hind paws-she gets like that when this no-fur on the big object, who's mew is long and ryhthmic, mews.

Well that's my story! I'll update when I can! See ya! *rubs*


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