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Angel Tag

December 6th 2007 5:05 pm
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I have been tagged by Jessica (498910) in a wonderful game of Angel Tag. The game is called "All I Want For Christmas" and I am pleased to state my 7 Christmas wishes here:

1) I wish that all the feral kitties out there will find a caring human who will take care of them, love them, and help them stay safe.
2) I wish that more people were aware of the importance of spaying/neutering their animals.
3) I wish that people would stop fighting amongst themselves, and instead, start trying to work together to solve our problems.
4) I wish that no more animals would have to suffer cruelty or neglect at the hands of people. Animals love so completely and unconditionally-they deserve the same in return.
5) I wish that people would give more and take less. Giving feels so good-why doesn't everyone understand that?
6) I wish that every animal and person in the world gets to experience love before they have to depart from this life.
7) I wish everyone a peaceful, joyful holiday season full of warm hugs and lots of love.

The five fur-angels I am tagging are
Bobcat 563020
Sassy 65910
Ralphie 207233
Amelia 421905
Muffin 287936


I Was Caught Yesterday....Meowmy is Praying for my Full- Recovery

November 11th 2007 12:36 pm
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Yesterday was sooo overwhelming for me. On Friday, I was starting to feel really sick and my picture was taken up-close. Meowmy could hear that I was having a hard time breathing, and she knew I needed help. She tried to catch me by talking to me and coaxing me with treats while she slowly creeped closer. She got within a couple of feet, but I got scared and went away. I knew she was trying to do something, but I just couldn't be 100% sure what it was. She seemed like a good human, but could I trust her?
I didn't come back that night-even though I knew it would be a rough night for me alone.
Meowmy has been in contact with a feral cat organization just this last week, and had arranged to rent a trap so she could get us all into the vet to get us fixed/checked-up/etc. Daddy was going to pick up the trap the day after meowmy took the picture of me when I was sick. When meowmy woke up on Saturday morning, she was worried because she did not see me before she went to work like she usually did. She came home for lunch, and checked out the picture she took of me yesterday on the computer. She started crying because I looked so sick and skinnny, and it showed that I had really bad runny eyes and nose. Thick mucus was caked to my nose and around my eyes, and it was getting really hard for me to breathe. I was feeling terrible, and meowmy knew she had to help me fast because I am so skinny and sick, and the weather had been windy, rainy and cold overnight.
She went back to work so worried because she still hadn't seen me. She told everybody at work to keep an eye out for me because she didn't think I could survive another night outside. Meowmy lives across the street from where she works (at a garbage/recycling depot), so she thought there was a good chance I was around the area if I was still alive. A couple of hours after her lunch, someone saw me at the front entrance. Meowmy and her boss started to go after me because there is lots of traffic during business hours-8am-4:30pm-(there is next to no traffic after hours). They were scared someone would run me over. They tried to catch me, but I ran into someone's yard. That was still a good sign to meowmy because I had survived the night, so she would have a chance to catch me.
About half an hour later, meowmy was standing next to a van, helping the customer unload it when the customer said, "What a little scraggly looking cat that is!" Meowmy got very excited and asked where the cat went. The customer said it was under his van. Meowmy knelt down on the ground, and there I was-crouching under the van near her feet. She couldn't believe it! A stray/feral cat coming out in broad daylight to an environment where there are people and cars everywhere.
She laid down on the ground and tried a few times to grab me, but she had gloves on and they smelled funny-I got scared and ran again. I went running towards the exit, but I wasn't going too fast. Her boss was close by trying to catch me. I tried to run through a hole in the fence, but I fell over and her boss pinned me down. I bit him good through the thumb because I was soooo scared. Meowmy came running up and grabbed me with those thick gloves and I hissed a little, but was still for her. She went into the bathroom and placed me gently into the tub. I was very scared, so I was very still. She told me she was going to get a carrier to put me in and she would be right back.
Meowmy ran to her neighbours house to borrow her plastic carrier (meowmy only has a cardboard one for Luna) and then came back for me. I was still lying in the bathtub when she came back. She put the carrier beside me and to meowmy's surprise-I walked right in and she closed the door without a fuss from me.
Meowmy called the vet and told them what had happened. They told her to come down and they would have a look at me. At the vet, I was so scared, I just cooperated with the people there. meowmy kept telling me it would be okay now, no matter what.
I was so badly dehydrated, when you pulled my skin-it just stayed they way and wouldn't spring back. The vet said I had no bady fat. When I was flipped over onto my back, meowmy found out I was actually a girl, not a boy like she thought I was. (She had never seen me with my tail up before.)
Then, when they checked my paws, they found out that my claws had become ingrown. All of them had grown deep into the pads on my feet.
Because of this, they thought that might explain why I was so skinny. I could not hunt without my claws, and I couldn't run well because they caused me so much pain. That made the vet think I might be older, until he checked my teeth. My teeth told him I was still quite young.
The vet cut my claws for me and cleaned my paws. He gave me liquid antibiotics. He told meowmy I was in very rough shape and needed to be rehydrated and possibly force-fed. But he told her that there was still hope. Meowmy could not afford "gold star" treatment where I could stay with the vet and be put on IV and monitored all night, so she had to do the conservative treatment. He showed her how to give me my medicine and told her to get me to eat and drink, even if she had to force -feed me.
Meowmy paid the $105 and took me home, armed with medicine, kitty "rocket-fuel food"(high moisture and nutrient wet food), and a syringe in case she had to force-feed me. She put me in her bathroom and made a bed with towels and a hot water bottle. She put food and water out for me. When she got me out of the carrier, I went straight for the food and water and started eating and drinking on my own! Meowmy was so happy I did this, she cried. She called her friend and told her the news. Her friend said my name should be "Hope".
So, my name is now Hope, and I am a girl. I had a good night last night. It was warm and cozy. Meowmy came in every few hours to refresh my hot-water bottle and make me drink water. I got sick a bit at 4am, but meowmy cuddled me up and made me feel lbetter. She gave me a syringe of water to rehydrate me after, since I had been sick.
It is now noon, and I am curled up sleeping. It is sooo nice to feel warm and safe. I trust meowmy so much, after she gave me my medicine at 11am, I crawled up into her lap to let her know I love her.
Meowmy wants everyfurr to purr and pray that I can recover. I've been in so much pain from my claws and my respiratory infection for a long time. My breathing sounds better today, and I went pee. It was yellow and stinky, which the vet said would be a good sign.
Meowmy will keep everyfurr posted on how I am doing.

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