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Life of Ollie!

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July 11th 2016 4:31 pm
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This is the saddest Diary entry we will ever make. Knowing that Catster and Dogster are shutting their doors soon, Mama wanted to make one last entry for all of us. We have been on Here since 2007 and have made many friends. Had many good memories, some sad to. However you all have been there for us, you are our family! It is breaking our hearts to say good bye.

Please feel free to stay in contact with Mama at: You can also find her on Facebook by searching for Heather W Bowers in Ohio. We love you so much!!!!


Letter from Mama!

March 17th 2013 1:51 pm
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I received a letter today from Mama.

My Sweet Ollie,

Not a day goes by that I don't think of you, with love in my heart for you, forever and always. I am so grateful for the many years, seventeen that is, we had together. I remember the day I got you at 6 weeks of age, you were so small. You and Shadow were the Best Buddies for so many years, till he went to the bridge, 2 years before you did. Now you are together forever, with Mazey, Burleous, Ralph, Saphire, Dazey, Sylvester, and all the other kitty Angels! I bet you all have a great time in the catnip fields! I sure do miss each and everyone of you with all my heart. Thank you for being in my life my purr boy, I love you!



Thankyou Everyone!

August 11th 2012 9:41 pm
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Sorry i havent written, Mama has been without a computer. Since i wrote last my health kept on getting worse. with the help of many kind folks i was able to go to the vet several times. I was diagnoised with heart problems. Then Mama uplifted my spirits by throwing me a big birthday party with streamers, balloons, toys, cat nip, canned food, and cat treats! I was just like a kitten. Rolled on the foor in the cat nip. I wouldnt let anyonelse play with my toys! Mol! Then as a few days past my health started to really go down hill. Mama took me back to the vet, however there was not anything they could do. They did increase one of my heart meds. A few days later i just laid next to Mama. When she saw that i was belly breathing and my body and all my legs would shake, she knew it was time. She did not want me to suffer. She callf the vet and got an appointment. Mama said her sweet goodbyes to me. I took my journey to the Rainbow bridge. I love you Mama! Thank you all my friends, i love you!


Hello My Friends!

June 16th 2012 11:08 am
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Just checking in with everyone, to let you know, I am doing well! Not having any problems. The heart medication the Vet gave me to take, seems to be doing the trick. No more, coughing, sneezing, or trying to catching my breath! Mama is so releived, and I feel so much better!




Vet Visit!

June 1st 2012 3:08 pm
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Today I went for my one week Vet Visit. Have some Good News for you my Friends! My Vet checked me over, said I had lost some fluid in my belly, which is a good thing! My heart sounded much better, kidneys felt better! She told Mama and I that no further testing needed to be done. Just to have me continue to take my Heart medication called Enalapril 10 mg. I take 1/4 a tablet a day.

I have stopped coughing, sneezing and no more having breathing problems. Thank you all my friends for all your love, support and prayers for me and Mama. It means more than you know! Thank you all for your pawmails, Rosette's, Gifts, and help towards my Vet bills. Mama feels you have saved my life!


Ollie and Mama Heather


My Vet Visit!

May 25th 2012 5:07 pm
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Hello My Friends!

Today I went for my appointment to see the Vet. I had never been to this office before. I was so glad it was a woman. I am a Ladies Man! MOL!

First of all, when they called my name, Mama took me back, and they first wanted to weigh me. Mama took me out and put me on the scale, and I looked back at her! Now wait a sec, Mama I don't want anyone to know how much I weigh, but it was too late, grrrrrr. I weighed 12 pounds. Then I rushed back in my crate. Everyone got a little laugh when they saw me do that.

When the Vet came in, she looked in the crate, and said to me, no pretty boy, hidding under your blanket is not going to help! I said under my breath, DARN! I atleast tried!

Mama told the Vet my symptoms and then she took me out of my crate and started to check me over. She felt my tummy, kidneys, throat, felt my chest, then listened to my heart and lungs.

She said to Mama my lungs sound pretty good, just a little raspy, but not bad. She wanted to do some bloodwork, to rule out Heartworms, Diabetes, and Feline Lekimia. And Ask Mama to come back in hour. Mama had a hard time leaving me, but she did.

Mama came back, and the Vet called her back. She told us, well I have ruled out Heart worms and Feline Lekimia, which Mama was thrilled about. She did say my blood level for Diabetes was a little high, but most likely due to stress, so not to worry about it. The Vet knew we had a limit and could not afford much, but she went ahead and did an x ray, which showed I had lots of fluid in my belly. That my heart was laying down. She dianoised me with heart problems, and put me on Lasix, for the fluid, and Enalaprilnfor my heart. She also gave Mama some Amoxicillan to take. For me to come back in 1 week for a re-check.

The Vet didn't charge us for a Vet Visit. They were super nice! She did mention she wanted to do further testing on my heart, using an Ultra Sound to start off with to see how strong the heart muscles are.
Also wanted to test for a couple other things, FIP and other Corinna Viruses.

When we got home I was more than ready to come out of my crate! Boy Howdy, did I ever! MOL!

Thank You My Friends for all your prayers! So we know I have heart problems. It is just going from here now.




I have a Vet Appointment!

May 24th 2012 12:09 pm
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Mama went out checking and found a Vet for me! My appointment is tomorrow at 3PM. Wish me luck, that I am a good boy. MOL! Thank You all for your POP, keep them coming!

Love You All my Friends!



Thank You

May 24th 2012 1:10 am
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Mama and I just want to thank each and everyone of you who have sent your love and support through my difficult time. I will be seeing a Vet, thanks be to god for the kind soul who is helping for his Vet bill. God Bless you all, for your Paw Mails rosette's, stars, comments on my Diary. It means so much to Mama and I.


Ollie and Mama Heather


My Kitty Angel!

May 22nd 2012 5:34 pm
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Yesterday I was not doing very well, having coughing spells, and just sleeping alot. Then Angel, the kitten that Mama rescued which is about 5 weeks old that was starved to death, and doing better, now, came up to me nudging me. I sat up and started bathing her. I then was up for about two hours, then Angel and I curled up and went to sleep together. She is is just a sweetheart, and just what I need right now.

Be sure to check out my new pictures Mama posted of me, there are 19 of them:)




I Am Sick!

May 21st 2012 3:43 am
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Mama beleives I have Congestive Heart Failure. I am not doing well. For the past few weeks my breathing has been heavy and at times it is hard to catch my breath. There was one time she thought I passed away, for she couldn't wake me up. Earlier today she was first concerned I may have an upper respitory infection, for I had yellow discharge from my eyes, and a little blood from my nose, which really scared her. She took me in the bathroom, shut the door and turned on the shower, thinking the humidity might help, but it didn't.
She did some reading on Congestive Heart Failure in dogs and cats and found some signs are an extended stomach, fluid in or surrounding the lungs and also around the heart. After a while the blood has to pump harder and harder, which makes it harder for us to breathe, where we may cough, or have a hard time catching are breath, these are some of the signs of advance stages. Which all point to what is going on with me. Mama has been crying all night, not wanting me to go like this, she does not want me to suffer. Can anyone help us please?



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