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"I am Zack, I guard my family and friends now. (and my beautiful girl,Kiwi)"

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Sex: Male   Weight: 15 lbs.

My turn in the Bowl.

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"My turn in the Bowl."

Crashed out with Hannah.

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"Crashed out with Hannah."

With my brother Charlie.  He

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"With my brother Charlie. He's an angel with me now."

Snuggling with Xerox.

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"Snuggling with Xerox."

Computer crash?

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"Computer crash?"

Sending a "high five" to my Catster fiends!

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"Sending a "high five" to my Catster fiends!"

I used to love to lay in the dryer.

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"I used to love to lay in the dryer."

Yes, this is very comfortable, purrs.

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"Yes, this is very comfortable, purrs."

OMC, I was a scrawny little fellow!

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"OMC, I was a scrawny little fellow!"

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Rainbow Bridge
Quick Bio:
-mixed breed-cat rescue

August 15th 1995


watching the birdies, napping on the desk, being brushed or vacuumed, snuggling with his Daddy

visits to the vet, especially the thermometer, being kept out of the office, being stepped on

Favorite Toy:
anything he can chew on, he loves straws and often brings them to bed , sock filled with catnip, yellow practice golf balls (the kind with the holes)

Favorite Nap Spot:
the edge of the bed in front of the floor fan, or the desk, he likes to lay across Dads arm. At night Dad MUST lay facing Zack, not me, otherwise he will tap him on the back till he turns around!

Favorite Food:
Hills CD ( he is a FUS cat) but he loves to sneak a jalapeno potato chip or two, also cheese

open and close kitchen drawers, open cabinets, fetch a ball, being a major pest!


Arrival Story:
My husband rescued Zack as a kitten, being kicked by three boys. As a result he has had lifelong seizures, and is prone to some bizarre behaviours. Hence the nickname (wacko-zacko) The seizures have slowed him down in recent years, and he sleeps more and more. Still he remains people loving, affectionate , and extremely intelligent. You have to make sure he's not watching where you put the treats. His worst habit is chewing on EVERYTHING. Phone cords, tooth brushes, drink straws, edges of the computer monitor, cell phones, you name it. At night his grey color makes him almost invisible, and we are always stumbling over him. We even looked for a fluorescent collar. Well, it would help if he didn't always sprawl out in the middle of all pathways. Still, we love the guy so much.

Zack loves company, especially Halloween, insisting on greeting every trick-or-treater. I have to carry him to the door. Any service person working at the house has to watch their tools, as he will root through the toolbox, climb a ladder, just trying to "help". He also loves to be vacuumed, except when his tail goes up the hose! I can literally pull him along with the vacuum wand. Bean dip, peas, lettuce, jalapeno potato chips, and carrots with ranch dressing are his favorite non-cat food snacks. Oh yes, and he snores. Even with all his quirks, he's still the heart of our home. I don't know what we will do when we lose him, so we just love him to pieces, every day. UPDATE: Our precious Zack was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on his colon. He started losing weight rapidly, in January, and the vet suspected cancer, but gave me hope it might be his thyroid. A month later, he was even thinner, and we had an ultrasound done. The tumor was seen on his colon, but not yet inside it. He is now on a liquid diet, and we are fighting to keep the weight he has left, on him. At his heaviest weight, Zack weighed 18 pounds. He was a large cat. He now weighs barely 7. Our thin man. I will love this boy forever, and I will care for him until he tells me he needs to leave. But for now, it's one day at a time, and we will treasure each one. FINAL UPDATE: Zack died in my arms, on May 16. His heart and organs failed as the cancer had advanced. We both held him, and told him that he was the best cat of our lives. How will I live without him? Rest in eternal peace, my beloved Zacky.

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Birthday: August 15, 1995
Bridge Date: May 16, 2009

Mathis der Meowler
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One Cat-tastrophy after another by Zack

Meeps Tag Game

January 23rd 2015 11:16 am
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Our family made some new friends today, Meep and Bibi. They have been Catster cats for 7 years, don't know why we never met them before today, but we love new friends.

I agree with Meep that we need to put some fun back in Catster, so I'll play his new tag game
"Your cat eat's that!"

Mine is no secret but everyone thought it was weird...
jalapeno potato chips and jalapeno bean dip!

I tag by pal Paisan to play

>^,,^< Zack


The First Year Without Zack

May 16th 2010 1:04 pm
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I was watching mom as she answered some mail this morning. She kept wiping her eyes. I know she misses me everyday, but it is especially hard today, the anniversary of the day I left.

I want to thank my lovely fiancée, Kiwi, for the wonderful Angel Star and the special rainbow picture she made for me. Kiwi, you are my light to lead me back home. Stay well and healthy, my dear little love.

Wally, thank you for the beautiful Angel Wings. To me, you are "The Prince of Angels", no greater friend, or more caring Angel exists.

I also want to send a message to my best friend, Chef Rooster. Watch for my lizard today, Cheffy, he will be coming for a visit.

And my dear little pal, soc is celebrating his 14th Birthday today. Many Birthday Purrs to you!

Sir Sonny Bono's two beautiful sisfurs are having their 2nd Birthday today also. Happy Birthday Presley, and Paris!

More sisters pal, Hooch's sister, Callista (Baby G) is ten today. You don't look a day over five, Baby G.
And his sister, Princess, is 8 years old. Hope you both have fun days.

I was remembering something from my kittenhood...
I used to hide when mom came around the corner, then I would dash out and bite her ankles. (sorry about that now, mom)
But then the game would ensue. Mom would say "Zack! I'm gonna GET YOU!", and we would chase each other, I would run, then she would stop and I would chase her.
That was a lot of fun, aside from the bleeding ankles, I mean. hehehe.

I want to thank all my friends who helped mom get through this day, a year ago. I never sent proper thank you's, time gets away.
Enjoy every day, my friends. Friendship and Love, ahhh, is their anything better...except maybe tuna?

Love and purrs always,
>^,,^< Zacky


About Claire and Lucy

May 11th 2010 10:22 pm
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I promised an update on Claire, but I don't have a lot of news tonight.
Claire had her creatine tested for kidney values, and liver enzymes checked, and one was out of range. She was given a saline bag to get fluids tonight, and then she will have a sonogram in the morning. The vet suspected liver failure, but wants to rule out liver cancer. This is not good news by any means, but we don't have the whole picture yet.
Thank you all for purring for her. Mom let her start a diary to make it easier to follow her progress.

Lucy hasn't had time to write so I said I would post an update for her too.
She ate a good breakfast, a whole can of Fancy Feast, and a whole 3 oz can of Purina ProPlan tonight. She seems to find it easier to eat since the tumor burst. The vet explained that this was part of the tumor actually dying because it grew faster than the blood supply feeding it. The rest of the tumor is farther back and while it distorts her beautiful face, it does make it easier for her to chew. They are letting Lucy tell them when the time is right. She is active and alert, and that red-head spirit is not giving up yet.

In just a few days it will be the first anniversary of my crossing to the Bridge. I have been staying close to my family and I have seems lots of tears falling lately. Mom says she is sorry she has not been on-line more. There is just too much to deal with right now.

Thank you for being here for us in these tough times. That is the measure of true friends. They are there when you need them.
I send love and purrs to all, especially my love, Kiwi.

Goodnight purrs,
>^,,^< Zack

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