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Happy birthday to my beautiful wife!

June 13th 2013 12:01 pm
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Happy birthday dearest PATCHEZ! I am indeed grateful not only for having recently celebrated my 12th birthday, but also for being here to celebrate your 8th birthday! I am wishing you the happiest day ever as we celebrate love and life. You lift my spirits high and make me feel like a giddy little kitten all over again. You and I can giggle at our pawrents, who are both so thoughtful, meticulous and dedicated to our health, yet who are always late with getting each other’s birthday pressies out. Lessee… I think we exchanged birthday gifts in October last year? *giggles* October will be another very special time to look forward to, as we celebrate our beautiful fall anniversary. beliEVE! I love you sweet girl, have a great day.

Your doting husband
Your ever loving mushy love-bug


A leap of faith and an act of love

June 11th 2013 6:58 pm
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Hello dear diary and dear friends. Wishing you WELL! Mom and I are taking a Leap Of Faith with my new supplements called “C-Caps”

My package arrived today and the first thing mom did was open a capsule and taste it.. MOL MOL! It passed her taste test inspection. It tasted faintly of herbs. Not bad and pleasant. But for a tuna-chicken lover? Mom was worried though and worried that I wouldn’t like it… she mixed ½ capsule into my food and looked at it thinking… “oh dear. He won’t eat this”. :(

She put my bowl in front of me and I ate…. And I ATE and I ATE!! I LOOOOVED it! Mom folded her paws …er MOL, I mean “hands” and thanked those above for helping me understand and WANT to eat! BeliEVE!!! We beliEVE!

BeliEVE, fight, live and LOVE! We will see where this detour in my journey takes me. Until then, I am comfy, well as can be and content. I continue to beliEVE in all that are in need. I love you all!


To my friends fighting cancer

June 8th 2013 2:05 pm
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Hello and I hope this diary entry finds you all well and happy! I for now am well and happy. I wanted to share something that I will be trying next week when it arrives. It won’t cure cancer but it just might help keep it at bay and certainly can’t hurt. Mom talked to my vet who said the very same thing, so if you don’t take a chance, you will never know, right? Because... we beliEVE!! Here is the link: aps-natural-antioxidant-dogs-cats.html?ysmchn=SIGNUP&ysmcpn= WelcomePA&ysmtrm=TopRated&ysmtac=EMAIL&_bta_tid=3.T3U.CIAFlg .CNim.aO6S..AUduzQ.r....n.UWySFA.UWySFA.BRgD2g&_bta_c=kntnrd 1m6odnh8nf01nonsna583a2

it is a natural supplement with positive reviews. Sending soft purrs of encouragement and hope to all that are sick and hurting.

Lots of LOVE! Love is the best healing remedy of all!
BeliEVE and help to find a cure!

*footnote* seems the link doesn't work. try typing in if interested. so sorry !


Thank you all for the BEST birthday ever!

May 31st 2013 2:14 pm
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My twelfth birthday today, along with my twin brofur Tigger's has been the BEST!

I have a LOT to be thankful for! And I have a lot of thank you notes to write this weekend to all of my wonderfur friends for the birthday wishes, love and encouragement! You have lifted my family’s spirits very high! Please accept this diary entry as my initial heartfelt thanks to all who sent love to me and Tigger and for beliEVEing!

Happy weekend to all with heartfelt purrs of love!


It is time to celebrate happiness and LIFE!

May 30th 2013 1:37 pm
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There’s a pawty in my diary! MOL MOL MOL

I am very excited, tomorrow 5/31 is my twelfth birthday!!! Mom is overjoyed to be able to celebrate with me! I want to invite all of my friends to come celebrate with me, as you are all so very special. It’s been a touch-and-go month and mom wasn’t sure if I’d be here to celebrate. You’ve helped us through my journey with love, laughter and tears and I am deeply, deeply grateful. The best birthday gift is that of LIFE. Every day is a gift; cherish it.

Okay, enough of the serious talk. MOL! Let’s put on our pawty hats and dance like nobody’s watching! My good friends MEIKO and FRIDAY are hosting a wonderpurr pawty in Cat and Dog Plaza, and they both made me groovy celebration pictures that I’ve put up on my page. Thank you both!! Why, I feel like a kitten again!

WHOOOPS!!! I am a terrible brother. *giggles* My twin brofur Tigger is turning twelve as well. Happy birthday to my sweet brother, I love you so much!

Please join us in celebration! I love love LOVE you all!

*puts on a pawty hat, wraps a few leis around neck and shakes cute little tail feathers in the Happy Birthday Dance*


A letter to mom

May 27th 2013 8:29 am
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May 27, 2013

Dear mom,

This is something that I don’t want to have to tell you, but that I know you already know. I am telling you because I want you to hear it from me and to let you know I am not afraid.

I have cancer.

I know this is the most difficult, unimaginable thing for you to comprehend and for us to face together; however we are facing it together and I love you so much for holding my little paws throughout my journey. I saw you crying one month ago today, 4/27/13, when my doctor gave you my grave diagnosis. I sat and quietly watched you, knowing how much you love me. I in turn love you so much for helping me fight. I know it is hard to be strong, yet I feel your strength; which in turn gives me strength.

Although I will never get better, I know that you are doing the very best for me to keep me comfortable and happy, and that we are sharing the most wonderful of days together. Who knows for how long? Regardless, every day is a treasured gift.

I love you mom, thank you for taking care of me and never giving up. I believe in the power of love!

I love you always,

PS.. and to all of my friends in Catsterland, Happy Meowmorial Day! I love you all


Can the Power of Love keep cancer away, or at least at bay?

May 22nd 2013 8:26 am
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I THINK SO! I beliEVE so! I have been feeling the Power of Love consistently and strongly for the last month since my cancer diagnosis. Many thanks, HQ, for honoring me as a DDP today and to all who read my diary and are holding my paws throughout my journey.

First off- I am doing really well with my Meloxicam. Mom thought I didn’t have much time after that very upsetting day. Dr. Pogrel beliEVEs as well… as he was the one that said, “I THINK YOU SHOULD TRY THIS”…. After he and mom agreed not to pursue cancer treatments that have little effect. Mom at first said no to the idea of treating me with Meloxicam! Thank goodness Dr. Pogrel coaxed her. The Meloxicam has kept me comfortable and I am almost my normal self. That combined with all of the love all over Catster, and the extra attention I’m getting at home.

Hug your family members tight and let them know how much you mean to them… my family is letting me know that they will not let me go without fighting this terrible disease that afflicts so many. My 12th birthday is in 9 days… I WILL be around to celebrate it and I hope that my friends are at my side to share my special day.

My beautiful flower that I wrote about in my previous diary entry is growing taller and stronger every day. It is a sign and I thank my dear SoulKitty AGGIE for bringing it to me. I love watching it grow and I promise to post pictures on my page when it opens. My best friend EBONY has kept me company every day too, watching my beautiful flower with me. I love you both!

Have a wonderful day, stay pawsitive and beliEVE! I love you all!


My Guardian Angel sent me a beautiful sign

May 15th 2013 10:26 am
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Dearest Diary,

I take so much comfort in pouring my thoughts out on paper. I want to share with my friends that my wonderful SoulKitty Guardian Angel AGGIE sent me a beautiful sign!

I know that she and my little sister Eve are in cahoots together in Heaven, doing what they can to make me happy. They sure are doing a great job! I am happy to know that they are the best of friends in Heaven; I love you both.

Yesterday mom noticed a gorgeous flower coming up, about to bloom right in front of my bedroom window, right in front of MY bed. The thing that is so special about this is that this is the first time ever that this plant has bloomed for us, it is called a Bird of Paradise. I know that Eve and Aggie helped make it grow and flourish so that I can enjoy it at my window. What makes it even more magical is that my bedroom is ….. on the SECOND floor! It is a very special flower, reaching high so that I can see it! I can’t wait to watch it open. I beliEVE!

TeeHeeHee… I’m not done yet either…. For it gets even better! My sweetest friend EBONY checks in on me EVERY day, asking how I am. And she invites me over every day to sit in the window and watch the birds. Well my sweet friend, the angels brought me a very special bird; a Bird of Paradise for us to watch together from our warm sunpuddle. I beliEVE!

Do you beliEVE?


I’ve got mom eating out of my paw!

May 14th 2013 7:18 pm
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Well… okay. Mom has ME eating out of her hand. *giggles* I am figuring out her routine. I picked at my tuna… so mom gave me Friskies chicken. I picked at that. So mom gave me kibbles. Well I picked at those too! This is our secret, dear Diary: I’m picking at my food so that she hand feeds me … CHICKEN! Mmmm yummy boiled chicken breast bites, gently heated, and all that I want. One piece at a time, until I have had my fill. I love my family and I know they love me, as I slowly savor each piece.

C’mon, mom. You can’t fool me. I am on to you. I KNOW you have chicken for me, so I’m holding out for the good stuff. So don’t worry if I don’t eat my Fancy Feast or my Royal Canin crunchies. I really don’t mind waiting for the goodies; I have your routine down!

I’ve lost some weight, but I still look as handsome as ever. Perhaps even more so! My strategy is paying off… mom took another ½ chicken breast out of the freezer to thaw tonight so that she can boil it for me with the yummy juice. MMMMM! (ssshhh… hoomans are such pushovers…)

Until next time dear Diary and friends. Do you beliEVE? I do. I love you all.


Meowing out to my friends with happy purrs

May 11th 2013 2:39 pm
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Meows to my friends!

It has been a few days since I've written, and I am very appreciative of the concerned and loving pmails I've received.

I am holding steady now; it has been 2 weeks since the awful diagnosis of my cancer. I'm comfortable and content and I know how loved I am!

Mom's biggest challenge is getting me to eat, as it is bothersome. At first it was tuna that I loved the most, today it seems to be chicken. Mom boiled chicken breast for me, shredded it and hand feeds me after trying to get me to eat breakfast and dinner as best as she can. MeoWOW! CHICKEN! My kingdom for chicken! I gobble it down, yet I do so slowly and carefully.

(Mom: GO POO, GO!!! Baby boy!!!)

Mom figured this out. And to try to explain in human terms... sometimes the 'junk food' is just SO much yummier! We've all been on very healthy diets and prescription diets (*sigh*... my family...MOL) so mom gave us all regular Friskies wet food, and we ALL went nuts! Me especially! To make a human comparison, it would be like feeding us tofu, broccoli and peas for so long, then to be served a burger and fries; well we went WILD! MOL! So mom is giving me anything ane everything I want. If it is yummy friskies, which is still very good, it's friskies I get! And with boiled chicken for dessert! mmmmmmm.....

we have our quiet times too. I gaze up at mom and purr, and open my mouth to meow out to her, and nothing comes out. My little voice is not working as much as it used to. But it is okay, I am loved and mom knows when I tell her I love her :)

Until later, dear diary. To all of the dedicated mommies out there taking care of us, happy mommy's day.

I love you all. Every day is a gift.

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