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Home:Victoria, BC, Canada  [I have a diary!]  
Sex: Male   Weight: 5 lbs.

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Tough guy

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
Rainbow Bridge
Quick Bio:
-part feral-cat rescue

August 30th 2002

Tabby and White

Food and love.

Other cats getting too close make him nervous.

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Wherever it is warmest

Favorite Food:
Orijen dry food

Looking cute!


Arrival Story:
Scruffy has been the dump cat for a few years. Our house is across the street from the dump (it's really not as bad as it sounds). Just recently, he began to come once in awhile for a meal on our back porch. He has quickly accepted me and I pet him for the first time the other day. He does not seem to be afraid of humans as much as the other ferals that hang out in our yard. I think he may have been someone's cat years ago because he lets me pet him and he comes when you shake the food dish. I plan on catching him and taking him to the vet to be neutered soon. I just hope he doesn't hate me for it.

After successfully gaining Scruffy's trust enough that he would allow me to pet him and even pick him up briefly, I took him to the vet to be neutered, etc. He got a clean bill of health, and recovered from his operation nicely. Me and my fiance drove him up to our friend's house, about 30-40km north of here, which was to be his new, permanent home. Our friend is a huge animal lover, and was more than willing to take Scruffy in after hearing our story of how hard we worked to help him. Things were fine until about 5 days after we dropped him off at his new home. Our friend's roommate went outside to get wood, and left the door open. Well, Scruffy walked on outside-of course-he had lived outside for at least 4 years. Now, the roommate has made us all very upset. All he had to do was close the door when he went out-not difficult to do. His excuse was, "I didn't think he'd try to go outside if I left the door open for awhile." As if that wasn't an ignorant enought comment, he went on to say, "Oh well, he's just a wild cat anyways-he'll survive." GRRRRRRRRR JUST A WILD CAT!!!??? We are all furious at this roommate. The months we spent trying to gain Scruffy's trust. When we first discovered him, he would take off as soon as he saw you looking at him. All the work we put into trying to help him. We don't know if Scruffy is still around our friend's house or not. He has been leaving food out, which has been getting eaten, and has a basket outside for him, and a trap, in case he won't come inside of his own free will. Please purr and pray that SCruffy will come back safely. We just hope he doesn't try to trek all the way back to our area, since he lived there for so many years. If he does end up making his way back here-we are going to keep him ourselves. He's much to precious to ever chance losing again.

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Scruffy's Big Day

December 4th 2007 9:57 am
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Things sure have changed in the last couple of days. On Sunday night, I came to see meowmy for some tuna. She had been so worried about me because she had not seen me since ♥Hope♥ had to go to the rainbow bridge. It had gotten quite cold and it had been snowing/sleeting since then, and I was nowhere to be found. I'll never tell where I was hiding, but it was safe and warm-somewhere to hunker down until the bad weather calmed down a little.
Meowmy was so happy to see me on Sunday night-she told me she had made a vet appointment for me so that I could be checked out and neutered. I don't know what this vet business is all about, but I sure do feel uneasy for some reason. Meowmy put my tuna dish in the usual spot-inside this big enclosed plastic box thing-only this time, she closed the door on me! I got a little scared and confused at first. I couldn't understand why meowmy would stick me in a box. Her and daddy made it dark inside the box, and then, they started to move the box. I didn't know where they were taking me, but they kept telling me it would be okay. After some moving around, they took the darkness away from me-it ended up to be a blanket they had thrown over my plastic box thing.
I saw that I was in a big white room-meowmy told me it was her closet. She said there was nothing to worry about and she gave me some turkey through the cage door. Once she decided that I was calm enough, she opened the door and let me out to explore. My blanket was in one corner, my food and water bowl was right near it, and there was a box with sand stuff in it in another corner-she told me that was where I was supposed to go to the bathroom. After exploring, I went and ate all my tuna. Then, to meowmy's surprise, I started to purr REALLY loudly and rolled over onto my back so she could rub my belly. Meowmy and daddy couldn't believe how friendly and calm I was! I was purring loudly to them to let them know how nice it was of them to bring me to a place where I could totally relax. No predators or other cats around, no one to steal my food, no rain or wind, nothing to worry about. I could really get used to this.
The next day was more of the same. Lots of real sleep-no sleeping with one eye open in case I had to run away. Lots of belly rubs, food, and more affection. I even let meowmy and daddy pick me up and carry me around! They were so happy I was so friendly. They told me that tomorrow, I would go to this vet person and be neutered, checked out, and have my ears cleaned out-they are REALLY dirty! Can't expect to stay too clean when you've been living outside at a dump for 4-5 years. I had a great day!
This morning, meowmy and daddy came in and put me in a little plastic carrier and told me that my vet appointment was today. We went outside into this "car" which started to move on its own! When it stopped, we got out and went into the vet's office. Once inside, I went into a room and got out of my cage. Not too bad, the vet put me on a "scale" and told meowmy I weigh 5.35kg (approx. 12 pounds). The scale was so comfy, I decided to stay there and relax. Meowmy and the vet talked for awhile, then meowmy picked me up and took me to a room filled with cages. She put me inside one of them and told me she would see me later in the afternoon. I was a little worried at first, but meowmy has never done anything to hurt me-everything she has done for me has made me feel better. So, here I am, inside of a cage at the vet, waiting to be "neutered", whatever that means.
I'll let you all know how it goes later this afternoon. I'm sleepy-I think I'll go for a nap now...


My First Treat and I Tried To Purr

November 1st 2007 10:53 am
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When I was eating my lunch yesterday, meowmy saw me and slowly creeped out of the door to come and see me. I didn't feel scared this time because I saw her through the window first before she came out-I was expecting her.
She told me I looked good. She said it looked like I had gained some weight.
Then, she took out this little container and shook it. She opened it and threw a couple of little heart shaped things towards me. I sniffed it--smells good--then I ate it and meow oh wow! Chewy and yummy!
She let me sniff the open container and then she pulled one out and held it between her fingers. I very gently took it from her-which seemed to please her very much. She was so happy about it I thought I'd better eat more if she offered. She hand fed me about 15 treats. She said it was quite a lot of treats to eat, but since I have probably never had any before she thought it was just fine.
After eating my luch and chowing down on lots of treats, I felt really good, Meowmy was petting my head, face, and back after all the treats. It was a nice feeling and I tried to show my appreciation, but all I did was make a funny noise in my throat. Meowmy asked me if I was trying to purr, but I'm not sure what I was trying to do. This made her even more excited, so I kept trying, but all I managed to do was make a funny noise again.
Well, maybe next time I will figure out how this "purring" thing is supposed to sound. I just want her to know that I love her for loving me.


Bulking Up

October 26th 2007 4:10 pm
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Meowmy went to put food out for me and the other ferals today, and she ran into me! She startled me a bit, but I didn't go far once I heard her shake the food dish. Last time she did that, I walked right up to her; however, this time I wasn't feeling so brave and I waited for her to go back inside.
She was talking to me through the window and saying how happy she was that I looked to be gaining some weight. I've started to come by two or three times a day for food. I ate some in the morning and then I came back this afternoon for some more.
Meowmy says that I am the thinnest of all the ferals and she would like me to "bulk up" some more like the rest of them. She says maybe because the other ferals are all orange, I might not have the same "genes" as them (whatever that means, I thought genes were what humans wear).
Well, I've got to go and wash up now since I just finished my late afternoon snack. Meow for now.

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