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September 29th 2004 11:02 am
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Yesterday was mommie's birthday and she was very sad and cried.
She told daddy it was her first birthday in seventeen years without
my furry kisses and hugs to brighten her day. Daddy told her not to
cry and that I was watching over her right this very minute...daddy
gave her some cards just from me and that made her even sadder and
cry more....she loves my daddy for giving her the cards but really missed
my sweet kisses on her cheek. I want mommie to know that we will be
together someday and I will cover her and my daddy with so many furry
hugs and kisses they won't know what to do!! Until then I think I will
go look up some of the great friends I have made on Catster that are
Over the Rainbow Bridge too and we will play and play until all of
our mommie's and daddy's can join us!! I love you mommie and daddy
and miss you very much too!!


Another Birthday Another Year....

September 28th 2005 8:04 pm
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It was another birthday for mommie today....I was
wishing she would be happier this year and not cry
for me but she did. I know she misses my furry
kisses and my sweet purrs and I miss her picking
me up and us dancing around the house together
and laughing.....I will try very hard to make her
not be so sad for me from Kitty Heaven. My daddy
and mommie
loved me so very much and I loved them but
I don't want them to be so sad. I will sneak into
their room tonight and give them lots and lots
of Angel Kisses and maybe tomorrow they will
wake up refreshed and happier!! I will see them
one day soon and we will be too happy for
words but until then I want them to try to
enjoy life more!!
Bye for now, mommie and daddy!! I will
write again some other day......I love
you both!!!
Your little Mookie


September 28th 2006 9:20 am
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Today is mommie's Birthday.
Last night I decided to visit her in her dreams....I gave her so many
furry kisses and big hugs....I thought it would help
her not be so sad about missing me so much. When she
woke up, her first thoughts were of me...she was still very
sad. She told me that no matter how many Birthday's may pass,
that she would miss me just as much as the first Birthday
without me.
She said it was my soft fur that she could snuggle, my eyes that
understood, my sweet tiny meow's, my delicate jumps up on the bed
at night and the happy greetings at the door that she misses so much.
I guess coming in a dream won't fill those voids but I will try to visit
more while she is sleeping and give her extra Mookie love.....I know
you miss me, Mommie, and I know you always will. We will be
together someday and then you won't be sad....I promise!!!!
I love you.
Your Mookie



March 28th 2007 9:01 am
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Little has been three long years today that you left
us...mommie can still smell the aroma of your sweet fur in the
air....she can still feel your soft paw pressed in the palm of her hand...she
can see the sweet loving expression in your beautiful face....mommie and
daddy think of you every day but today were our little
furgirl....we miss you beyond words and wish you could be here every
time we take a ride in the car or do anything that you were a part of in
our daily lives....mommie remembers how you knew when daddy was
on the way home and would sit by the door or window waiting for
him to return from he would sweep you up in his arms
even before he would give mommie a 'hello' kiss....mommie wants you to know how happy you made made our lives so full, little one, and we
miss you very much....time won't change that and our love only grows
for were our very special little furgirl and you will always
be with us forever until we are holding your soft tiny purring body in our
arms once again in Heaven.



April 26th 2007 8:41 am
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Hello Everyone,
I don't write much..only once a year BUT I had to write and thank
a very special doggy...Autumn (Dogster #282946)....Autumn made me ANGEL WINGS
last night..I heard a lot of noise while I was asleep and felt a tiny pressure
on my back and when I woke up I could see BEAUTIFUL ANGEL WINGS
attached to me!!!
I jumped up and ran over to the mirror and could see these lovely shiny
ANGEL WINGS attached to my back.....I immediately flew down to show them to Buddie
and McKenna and stopped in on mommie and daddy.....when mommie saw
my picture, I could see tears coming out of her eyes...she said these wings
fit me purr-fectly and that I looked so happy in Kitty Heaven...she said
it made her feel good to see me smile and have new strong wings to fly around
Oh, THANK YOU AUTUMN!! You made us so very happy!!
Warm Purrs,



April 28th 2007 3:10 pm
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Hi Everyone,
I thought I would just write a short diary and let you know
that Kitty Heaven is getting pretty full these days....goodness,
so many sweet fur faces coming up quickly from Earth!!
I am helping my KittyAngel sister, Angel, and some of my Angel Friends
in greeting these little newbies....we do NOT want anyone to be afraid
or feel lonely.
I am also working on helping find the cause to this horrible pet food
recall...I am on one of many panels up here in Kitty Heaven
to examine the WHYS
and HOWS of this disaster!!
My friends, when we find the guilty party they will NOT be treated
so kindly and they will pay for the sadness they have caused so many
of my furfriends and their petparents!! I promise that!!
Well, sister Angel is calling me now...a new group just got off the
Talk with you soon,



May 23rd 2007 6:07 pm
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I was tagged by:
Kodi 97684

Seven Things about Me:
1. I was flown from NYC to Nashville on the plane and all the flight personnel
loved on me the whole way down.
2. Mommie and daddy thought playing Carly Simon's music for me on the way home would make me feel more at ease but the moment my eyes looked into
my daddy's eyes, the game was over....he was mine and I was life as
Carly Simon's kitty was long forgotten!!
3. I would tolerate mommie.
4. Mommie was actually afraid of me....I could growl at her and she would run
the other way!
5. I looked forward to my Sunday afternoon car rides and would only sit
on daddy's lap (who drove) and peer at the cars going by us..I would love
to see their surprised expressions!!
6. I would not take medicine at any cost....that includes furball which was placed on my front right paw..which caused me to hobble around and finally throw it
off to any available furniture where it would stick so nicely!!

I will tag my seven after Buddie, McKenna and Ricki....



November 25th 2007 1:18 pm
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BUDDIE!! I see you standing
at the KittyHeaven Gates waiting
to come in....I am running over to
you right now..oh, you see,
what a big smile you have...we are
hugging and you are meowing with
happiness! You say you feel
wonderful again and you want to
run and play with me....ok, we will
do that right now..let's get you checked
in and the paperwork done and then
you and I can catch up on all I have
I love you, my handsome Brother
Your Mookie



November 27th 2007 11:19 am
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Hello Everyfurone,
Oh, what a surprise I had early this morning...I heard
a knock on my door and within one second, I was by
Brother Buddie's side....we were told it was time
to go collect our little sister, off we
went with a BIG group of our CatsterAngelFurFriends...
we flew down and there she was..on her pretty pink
pillow just waiting for us...she was gathered up in
our arms and off we fast and so happy!!!
It feels wonderful to kiss McKenna and hold
her again and feel her soft fur next to my face!
Sisters have a very special bond and I love her with
all my heart...
Your Mookie



March 28th 2008 9:39 am
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Hello has been four long years since you
have been gone....mommie and daddy miss you as much
this year as the first now have your Brother
Buddie and Sister McKenna with you.....McKenna always
thought of you as her 'fur mommie' so I know she feels very
safe and secure with you by her, as for your
Brother Buddie..I know you and Buddie were not the
best of furfriends here on both loved your
daddy more than anything and you both had to share
him...sometimes that worked out and sometimes it
didn't....I know you are glad you don't have to share
him in Kitty Heaven, Mookie!!! Mommie and daddy
just want you to know how very much we miss your
gentle and graceful little self walking around your
home and how much we miss
your beautiful big eyes that could express so much
more than words ever could and also for the love you gave us
for all the years you owned us.....our hearts still
break for our Number One Little Girl but we know
we will see you one day.....
Until then.....
We love you, our Mookie, forever and ever.......

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