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Patrick's Day

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I've Been Tagged by my good friend Mr. Fez!

November 14th 2009 1:16 pm
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This is the "2009 Get to Know Your Pals" Tag.

1. What color is your collar?
Red - I only wear one when I go out to Mom's work or to the vet.

2. What kind of food do you eat?
Hill's I/D canned and dry - Seana needs this food for her stomach and the vet said it's a good nourishing food so I can have it tastes good!
3. What are your favorite treats?
Seana and I never get treats unless it is catnip. She throws up on everything else.

4. Do you have a Valentine or significant other?
Pixie Dust is my girlfriend, but I haven't heard from her for a long while...sniff!

5. Do you get table scraps?
No treats or scraps for us.

6. What is your favorite toy?
The laser light, the snakey thing, trash and Seana (heehee!)

7. When is your birthday?
May 24, 2007

8. How many times a day do you eat?
Mom leaves dry stuff out for us all day. She gives us canned every few days ususlly in the evening,

9. Do you have a favorite color?
Of course. It's Siamese chocolate lynx-point!

10. Do you hope all your pals put this in their diary?
Sure, but if they're too busy I understand.


Patrick's Limericks

February 10th 2009 10:09 pm
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I dreamed that I was a doggie
And the rest of it's all a bit foggy
I woke up in a fright
On that dark cloudy night
I was chasing a car as my hobby!

The snow came down so fast and light
Made a snowman cold and white
I put on his head
A top hat and he said,
"Now I can talk every night!"

A butterfly flits softly by
I watch him and then jump so high
I wave my paws wildly
And realize finally
The butterfly taught me to fly!

"Buttons" my sister, a cute Siamese kit
Looks like a chihuahua, the name sure does fit
With eyes that are blue
Big, round ...she has two
We all call her "Buttons" because of it.

(That poem was written for Seana...lots of people have mistaken her for a chihuahua...and of course I tease her a lot...Mom calls her Buttons too!)

A small bat named Billy van Wheeling
Went to bat school to learn radar squealing
He squeaked and he flew
But his bat radar - new...
Crashed into the bat cave's high ceiling.

A Meezer named Patrick (that's me!)
Decided to run quick and free
So he tied on his skates
Went so fast thru the gates
Soon he found himself up in a tree!!


I Won a Prize for Being Naughty!

February 4th 2009 5:50 pm
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Heeheehee! I entered this poem in the New Years' Contest in the Pet Poetry Group (thank you Sophie for choosing my poem!) and won a prize for it! It was supposed to be about New Years Resolutions, but I guess my real resolution is to keep on being me and having fun! If anyone else wants to call it naughty, well, you can if you want to...I just call it fun! And I guess you can say I was rewarded for being naughty! Heeheehee!

Here is my poem:

Patrick's New Year's Resolutions

I have to start to be good
This year, two thousand nine
So I’ll ring in the new year
On my Mommy’s nice wind chime.

I won’t eat Mommy’s pretty scarf
I won’t hijack her hat
I won’t hang on the curtains
I’ll be a real good cat!

When I play with my sister
I won’t bite her on the tail;
(Except for the catnip mice)
I won’t steal her toys away.

When at night, when Mom’s asleep
I won’t run on her face
Like the Orient Express train
That’s late to get someplace.

One thing is hard to give up
That’s the toilet paper one
Oh to get my nails in
And rip those rolls of fun!

Mr. Whipple would not like me
Although Charmin I don’t squeeze
I tear and bite those squeezy rolls
And rip through them with ease!

And when I do my naughty stuff
The good, I sometimes lack
I’ll hide behind a kitty smile
And roll over on my back.


My New Year's Resolutions!

January 4th 2009 12:28 pm
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Mommy told me to make some New Year's Resolutions. When I asked her what that it...she said I need to look at all the annoying and naughty things I do and try not to do them this year!

Hmmm...what do I do that's naughty?

I guess eating Mom's winter hat and scarf could qualify. Boy is that stuff tasty! I chew on it and kick it around and hide it, but I didn't really mess it up. I can't resist chewing on furry stuff. Mommy has a toy lion made of wool that I sure would like to get my paws on!

Hmmm, then there is her jewelry drawer....boy that stuff looks like fun to jump around in! I learned how to hike myself up so I can stand in the drawer every time she opens it.

And she has a nice door in the bottom of her bookcase...I know how to get it open! I sneak in there with Seana and we take a nap! Or sometimes wrestle!

Then of course, is the most irresistable, wonderful toy in the house...toilet paper! Boy is that stuff fun to shred! I have shredded book covers and hand towel and some other stuff, but nothing is as wonderful to stick your claws in as toilet paper! I mean, if Mr. Whipple would have met me, he wouldn't only be saying, "Please don't SQUEEZE the Charmin....!" Heeheehee!

Well, I will TRY to be better this year, but if it accidentally happens again, I will just blame it on Seana! Heeheehee!


Weird Sunday Morning!

October 27th 2008 4:22 pm
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Mom woke up Sunday morning and took her shower before church. She was combing out her hair when she took a good look at her face and I heard her say, "Whoa...I have a black eye!" Sure enough, her eye was a little swollen and black and blue underneath!

She tried to think of what could have happened...she hadn't walked into any walls or doorways (like I do...heeheehee!) Then she remembered...the night before I was chasing Seana and she jumped on the bed and ran over Mom's face!!

When I found out SEANA did it, I laughed and laughed! Seana beat up Mommy! Heeheehee! I have been teasing her ever since! She told me that's not funny...she didn't mean to and anyway, I was chasing she said it's my fault! Figures...oh, well, it's still fun teasing her!


NOT My Greatest Week....

October 3rd 2008 6:39 pm
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Well, I have gotten myself into some kitty messes this week. Not really my fault though. Things sort of "happen" to me.

Like when I sneaked down the basement steps a couple of days ago. Mom says I am not supposed to go down there, and she put 2 child fences and a folding door in front of the basement. But I get down there anyway! Heeheehee! Anyway, Mom has a bunch of stuff there sitting on the stairs and I must have knocked down some dumb ol' bottle of nasty smelling yellow stuff with a bald guy on the label. Anyway, I just came back in the house. I sure didn't step in THAT nasty stuff. Next day, Mom is sniffing around and she goes down the basement stairs and starts screaming, "Patrick, what is this horrible sticky stuff on the stairs?"

Well it was her dumb cleaning stuff. It must have had a hole in the bottle and leaked out on the stairs. So she cleaned it up and then blamed ME for knocking it down! Well, it was there, why WOULDN"T I knock it down, Mom? DUH!

Then I found a wonderful treat! Mom still had the blue leather mouse skin that I had eaten the insides out of when I was a kitten. It smelled wonderful and I discovered she kept it in her jewelry drawer (What...was she going to WEAR it some time???) I hoisted myself up when she opened the drawer and quickly snatched the prize! Mom yelled and yelled but she couldn't get me...heehee...I was under the bed chewing away on my toy! When she finally found it later, it was in teeny, teeny pieces! Heeheehee! That was totally fun!

Then today she took me to work with her. She was telling me how good I was. I walked around the office a little, but couldn't find anything too interesting to do. Suddenly I saw a nifty tasty looking plant! I ran over and took a big bite! Mom grabbed me and opened my mouth and then she called the vet! Huh?? What did I do this time? They told her just to watch me and give me some milk. She went on a mission to find milk and I drank some. Then I felt worse! I threw up the milk! Tastes good, but my tummy didn't like it! The vet said I was probably OK, just to watch me.

We got home and I told Seana what I did and she said I better write in my diary so other pet parents would watch what they have around the house or office that we can get into...because if it's there, we WILL get into it. Seana said I was lucky nothing bad happened! She slapped me and said that was for being a ding-dong! Hmmm...what's a ding-dong??? After all, Mom calls HER Belle!


My Favorite Place

September 12th 2008 6:35 pm
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By Patrick

Sometimes Mom can’t find me
She looks both high and low
And under all the places
Where she knows I love to go.

I have a kitty secret
I’ll never tell, you know
Well, maybe just give you a hint
But don’t you tell a soul!

I sneak into the basement
‘Round the kiddie fence’s snares
And push aside the folding door
And sneak on down the stairs.

There’s lots of wonders down there
And tons of dirty clothes
Waiting to be washed up
They feel nice under toes!

There are lots of funny boxes
And old things to explore
And when I jump on high shelves
I can see down to the floor.

There is an old fruit cellar
No fruit is in there now
Only lots of dusty junk
And cobwebs there somehow.

And there’s a scary monster
He’s big and black and loud
He makes a lot of funny noise
So I say to him, “MEOWW!!”

And when I get real tired
Of exploring like a mouse
I sneak on up the stairway
And back into the house.

I know that Mom will never know
About my great adventure…
Uh oh, when she stroked my fur
She saw cobwebs on her finger!


I wrote a poem about Pixie Dust...I hope she likes it!

August 25th 2008 4:36 pm
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I have a pretty cat friend
Her fur is long and white
Her eyes are blue and lovely
And sparkle in the light.

She looks like such a sweetie
In her pink beret, that’s true
But don’t mess with my Pixie
She’ll defend herself for sure.

Pixie likes to play and sleep
And eat her tuna fish
She doesn’t like to take a bath
Or nails clipped, if you wish!

A glamour girl, my Pixie is
From ear to tail so sweet!
And I could never ‘spect to find
‘Nother cat like that, indeed!

So let me send a big hug
And kiss across the miles
And in my mind a picture
Of my Pixie’s lovely smiles!


Olympic Questions

August 24th 2008 9:48 pm
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Iwas tagged by my good friend Linus to answer these questions:

1. What is your favorite olympic sport?

My favorite Olympic sport is a winter sport...the luge! Unbelievable how the sled can be steered laying on your back going down an ice trail at incredible speeds! I also like bobsled, speed skating, aerial sports, biathlon, skiing, ski jump, wow...I like almost all of them!

2.Do you prefer the summer or winter Olympics???

The Winter Olympics are lots of fun because they are more unusual sports...also we have an Olympic rink for speed skating in our city!

3. What is the quirkiest thing that you do?

I growl when I run through the house playing with Seana!

4.Do you have a crush on another kitty on catster???

Pixie Dust is my girlfriend.

5. Whats your favorite rosette or zealie and why?

The stars are the best...they last forever! The rainbow one is pretty too!


I Wrote A Poem...

July 27th 2008 8:25 pm
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I wrote a poem about myself for the Pet Poetry Group and Seana said I should post it here.

I'm a lynx-point Meezer
Chocolate (real light seal)
That means that I am mostly white
I'm stripey, that's my deal.

I'm just a silly Meezer
Paper-shred I do
Toilet paper or a book
You name it, and it's through!

I love to kiss my Mommy
I drool right on her face
And when I sit on Mommy's clothes
My white fur's left in place!

I love to hang on curtains
I broke my Mommy's clock
I ate my leather mousie
And the basement has a lock.

One day as I was chasing
My sis around the house
I didn't look in front of me
I wrecked computer mouse.

I know my Mommy loves me
Even though I 've wrecked the place
My purrs and acting very cute
Puts a smile upon her face!

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