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Josie's Diary

The latest on Mollie

July 29th 2011 8:05 am
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The news on Mollie is good. She didn't move to her home when we thought as Wylma had some concerns. It is much better to make sure you have thought of everything and are certain this will be a cat's furever home than take one on and then find out you can't and you have to take it back.

Everything got sorted and Mollie now lives happily with Wylma and is very much loved and glad to be away from the RSPCA. Wylma cares a lot about her and is still learning about life with a cat and my mum has been answering her questions.

At first Mollie wouldn't eat and my mum suggested that Mollie might be like Toby and prefer fish flavoured food so she tried that and Mollie did. Toby will eat other but he likes fish best of all.

Other good news is that Wylma has a new job. She was only temping at my mum's office and needed a furever job and she has one starting in two weeks which is great news.

My good news is that I've found a new hiding place in mum's bedroom and Toby the Terror hasn't spotted it yet. I saw him run to my bed and I laughed because I wasn't there. Mum and Toby then went to look for me and mum even went outside because she didn't know where I was and I felt all safe and pleased with myself.

Then mum came in and she peeked in the cupboard and saw me and she shook her head and said to Toby that she had no idea where I could be and suggested they play chase toy mouse instead of looking for me to play with and he agreed (slightly too readily) and my secret is safe for now.


Molly will be home today

July 3rd 2011 3:32 am
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Molly has been at the RSPCA a lot longer than anyone ever thought she would as she had a whole string of health problems but last week they announced that she is all better and can go to her Furever home with Wylma. Wylma has visited Molly often and the shelter say they don't often see people quite so determined to give a home to one special cat.

Wylma is a bit nervous as she hasn't had a cat before but we are sure Molly has chosen wisely and they will be very happy together.

I wonder if she would like a very annoying small black kitten as well! He was licking my head this morning, the cheek of the boy!


My birthday

May 6th 2011 12:37 pm
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My mum forgot my birthday - so engrossed in the Toby! Shame on her and thank you to all my Catster Friends for remembering. I have treats and special foods now.

He is still here. Sometimes he is Ok but I wish he wouldn't bounce about like that. I touched him and he does feel like cat which is odd - I thought I would be able to feel the springs.

When he gets shut in at night I get to cuddle with my mum and I like that. He grumbles but he gets her most of the rest of the time. Mum says he can come out when we are Ok together so I am in no hurry.

We have news of Molly. She is still at the RSPCA as she has a very bad eye. It had looked better but is getting bad again. They are afraid she might lose it. Wylma sees her regularly and remains determined to bring her home as soon as she can; with one or two eyes as long as she is OK.



April 28th 2011 2:00 am
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I was extremely brave yesterday. I went and sniffed the Toby. Mum said I was a good girl and she gave me some delicious cream. He is OK when he is asleep.

But the next time I tried it he lashed out at me. Mum says he was just stretching in his sleep but I ran away, I wasn't taking any chances.

Later I came in and he was on my mum's lap and she was trying to tell me that he is harmless - but he reached up and clawed her face. She reckons it was a gentle pat to try and get her attention. You can't be too careful though!

This morning mum left him shut in a bit longer so we had some special play time and I liked that. But he's out now - sleeping on my mum's lap. I'll stay in my own secret sleeping place.

When he comes out of the sitting room he mostly follows my mum and she is letting me choose when I look at him and how close I get. She reckons we will be good friends in time. He seems to think so too but I'm still not sure.



April 27th 2011 3:59 am
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The little one is still here. My friends Alison and Glyn came to see me yesterday and I hoped they might have taken him away. But they didn't.

He sleeps a lot and I sneak up and look at him. He also plays, darting about all madly and I keep my distance. Yesterday he was doing that so I ran in the kitchen meaning to go outside - but Dylan was there at the door meowing to be let in so I ran back to the bedroom. And Toby was calling my mum to play and my mum said now she had three unhappy cats when all she wants is for us all to be happy. But she isn't feeding Dylan, she's not getting rid of Toby and she can't be playing with him all the time.

Why not? us cats chorused.

I like night best when he gets shut away and I get my mum to myself. She has been giving me extra cuddles but I'm not that keen on cuddles really. I do like kitten biscuits though.

But then the best thing happened and I was Cat of the Day. Me! Not Toby. Just what I needed. I love Catster.



April 25th 2011 12:47 pm
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The day began normally enough. Everything was fine - and then I saw the carry box. I ran away as I didn't want to go to the vet but mum took the box away without me.

While she was out I went to sleep in my secret bed and I heard her come back. Then she was talking but not to me so I went to look.

What was that? I went Big Cat and growled and my mum told me not to worry. Not to worry - it's a cat only really miniature and I don't know what to make of him. I am keeping my distance and I growl if he gets too close. He is spending a lot of time on my mum's lap. I have sneaked a few looks when he has been asleep.

Mum says he is to live with us for ever - and she reminded me that I was afraid of Henry when I arrived and we ended up best friends but I'm not sure about him at all yet.


Easter Sunday

April 24th 2011 1:33 pm
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My mum left me! I was very worried but happily they came from next door to give me my food. I knew what would bring my mum home - one tasty mouse. I caught one and brought it in and it worked. My mum came home.

I don't think she ate the mouse but it has gone.

She came home and she gave me a cuddle which I didn't like, but she did run the tap for me to have some running water which is my favourite drink.

Oh - and my mum says I will need to be my bravest and lovliest best tomorrow. I wonder what she has in mind?!


Update on Molly

April 18th 2011 10:35 am
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We have news on Molly. The snuffles that had so worried Wylma turned out to be cat flu which is why Molly has been kept by the RSPCA so long. The good news is that she has made a complete recovery and all being well will have her operation tomorrow. Once she has had that and got better she can go home with Wylma.

Wylma visited her at the weekend and is happy with how well Molly is looking. My mum got to see some film of Molly being stroked and looking very content.

Mum and I are doing fine although she won't get up at 5am no matter what I try. I'm not sure why - it's a lovely time of day and makes me want to play.

I thought my mum had gone mad this evening as she ran to the magic door and said "Rarrrrr!" and waved her arms. Turns out we are being besieged by Dylan from next door who would like some food and isn't taking no for an answer. He can't come in my magic door but he was trying hard and my mum was worried he would break it so she went "Rarrrrr!" I think he was more bemused than afraid but he did stop banging on the door and took a few paces back to assess.

We still miss Henry lots and lots.


How we are

April 10th 2011 1:40 pm
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It's been very sunny and warm here - my mum even mowed the lawn. I watched from the window. My mum was sad as Henry used to like gardening - she did half gardening and half playing with him.

I am getting braver.

Last week I had a feeling in the night. Maybe Henry was telling me but I knew my mum needed more kitty love so I went and woke her up and settled in the crook of her arm. I liked it so I purred awhile. But you do have to try a few positions before you are happy. And then you can't sleep until you have a good wash obviously.

And my mum said my whiskers were tickling her and she couldn't sleep. I looked at her and knew exactly what the problem was - I reached out a paw and tidied her fringe. There! Much better - and sure enough she fell asleep shortly after.

Since then I've slept there a few times and we both like that.

Sadly I have no news on Molly. She is still at the RSPCA and Wylma can't find out why. She has been to visit and Molly is happy to see her - until she twigs that she isn't being taken home and she gets grumpy and Wylma is sad but she can't seem to get any answers on why everything is taking so long. We know she was there again this weekend so hopefully good news will follow.


How we are getting on - and a happy cat story

April 1st 2011 10:39 am
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My mum and I still miss Henry very much. My mum makes sure I get play time every morning and evening but she doesn't know as many good games as he did. I like to be close to her and if we're feeling sad I like to sleep with a paw reaching out to touch her.

My mum doesn't cry nearly so much as she did though and even said something about whether I need a friend but we're not sure yet.

The happy story is about a lady who works with my mum. This lady said she doesn't like cats and is allergic to them - but there was a cat out there who took no notice of that.

One day Wylma came to my mum and her eyes were all red and my mum thought she must have had some bad news but she had been getting close to a stray cat who had appeared in the area. This cat did not look too well so Wylma was looking for some advice. She said the red eyes were her cat allergy.

A few days later she had decided that it was hay fever as she loved to have the cat on her lap. She made a bed for the cat and bought food - but the cat's health was a worry.

Last weekend they took the cat to the RSPCA - she has a pin come loose from an old operation, cataracts and is deaf - and no microchip. But as I say - this is a happy story - the RSPCA are going to put the pin right and then Wylma is going to adopt her and have her as her furever cat. The cat is being called Molly - Wylma thought she was a boy but she is a tortie like me so my mum said she must be a girl and she is.

This is a happy story for Molly who has had some rough times but has landed up with a loving home - and for Wylma who is learning the joy of living with a loving cat.

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