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Snow Day

February 2nd 2011 8:50 am
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We are having a snow day. 2 storm systems are hitting us one coming up from the U.S. and one from Ontario so we are supposed to be getting up to 2 feet of snow. High winds blizzard stuff.
so We will stay in where it is warm. Sptty goes out under the patio and does his thing then come right back in. Smart guy.
Stay warm and safe kitties.


Happy Times

February 1st 2011 4:47 am
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Mom's cousin and his wife have been trying to habe babie for 10 years they have tried efury thing to do this . So they finally put thier names in for adoption and GUESS WHAT????
Little Rowan William comes home to them on Thursday. Now they are in a mad panic cause the room isn't ready and they have nothing for the little fellow. good thing they finished painting his room. Time to get milk and diapers. Wonde if Shawn knows when changing poopy diapers breath threw the mouth you cna's smell it then. Will have to tell him about that one.


One for Newman As told by a Trekie

January 30th 2011 5:53 am
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I gots into my litter pan this morning the first is the one we pee in the other we do our pooh in. well the number 1 was just fine. but number 2 well Dad being a Star Trek fan told Mom USS starship Mikey came out of the nuetral zone at warp speed with a cling on on his tail he must have went around the house at warp speed for ten minutes to get rid of it cause he manage to out smart it and left the clingons on the kichen floor distroyed. Dad kindly disposed of them promply. While I collected my breath and my self asteem. Those Clingons are scarey. Daddy says they came out of the worm hole!!! DADDDD I don't have worms Spotty does! HUMPH!!


I's mad at MOm

January 24th 2011 3:22 pm
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You know what she did . do ya do ya??? She washed all the smells off my bed and blanket that Margo gave me now more Margo smells
. Mom said she had to It has never been washed defured yes but not washed and it is over a year old. I needs to get sumfin that smells like "My Sweet" so i cans sleep there again. I efin give up eating cause the bad vet man says I have tartar and she mixes the food so she spent the day picking the different foods out of it and will have to bruch my teef . HUH! Like I;m gonna let her. Pout. pout, pout. Glare , glare glare.



January 17th 2011 2:39 pm
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Mom got the results of her cat scan. The Dr. says no cancer . she can breath again.


Thank yous

January 16th 2011 10:59 am
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I am sending thank you's now while Mo has calmed down after finding mouse ate her chocolates.

Thank you Cleopatra-Grace for the football
Thank you Sampi , Baily and Furmily for the trophy
And My wife sent me 3 crowns and a trophy Thank you Sweet heart.
Hazel Lucy and Tilly sent me crowns also and Hazel Lucy dubbed me King of Catster Tilly comes from the U.K. and knows all about royalty so I must be king.
My buddy Wyatt sent me a snowman Thanks buddy.
Pmail and comments were nice and I really appreciate them FRom Buddie and his furmily, Rex, Ruben, Hazel Lucy, Patches, Tyson, Pumpkin and Baby.
Thank you all for being my furends and sharing my spot light. I loves you all.


Mom cleaned the cupboards again Guess what???

January 16th 2011 5:43 am
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Mom cleaned out the cupboards again to see if we got the mouse.
Only a few poopes found this time, but She found the little fellow has takeing a likeing to her chocolates. Smart little guy to get into a tin and unwrap some of them and chew through a few. Well she is totally upset buy this she told us "I don't care about you sharing them with the Diary Lady Kill the little begger" It ate my Chocolates. This means War!!!!


King of Catster

January 15th 2011 11:44 am
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Gee! Margo sent me 3 crowns and a trophy ans Hazel Lucy sent me a crown and knighted me king of catster so so that makes Margo Queen of catster too. Got to catch more mouseies and send tehm to my furends . gots to go I got a lot of hunting to do.


4th time

January 15th 2011 3:53 am
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Gee whiz this beats all this is the forth time in less than a month that I bees a DDP, Thsnk you Diary Lady for all thee honors. I really has to catch a mouse for her.


Thank yous and mouse up date

January 14th 2011 3:05 am
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Thank you furends for all your concatsulations and prezies
Thank you Smokey foor the heart
thank you Hooch and Alfie for the rosettes
Thank you Alfie for the badge for my page.
Thank you Wyatt for the foot ball
Thank your Mr. Mickey for the snowflake.

Thank you Buddie and furmily for the pmail.
Rex, Skippy, Violet, Eva and Alfie, Pumpkin, and Tyson for their Concatulation wishes.

Now as for the mouse seems the Diary Lady will not be getting it as some has eatten it Mom found parts in the litter box. Sorry Diary Lady. but they did say this is going to be a bad year for mice in homes so there is a chance Mom will get the next one away from us.
Love Mikey

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