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Micheal baby

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Miss anonamoose

April 12th 2009 7:48 am
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Dear Miss Anonamoose

I am flatered that you would like to go out wit me but My Sweet Margo is coming home tomorrow and I loves her wit all My heart. So I guess you know my answer is no , I took vows til death do us part and I is keeping them.
Margo I misses you hope Mom is getting better . That stupid pople vet gave Mom the meds that made her sicker.Happy Easter My Sweet , hope we get the easter miracle we need.


Bad Dog

April 6th 2009 5:18 am
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I was eating my breakfast yesterday and I wag my tail when I eat.
The fur ball saw it and bit my tail I turned and phoped him on the head 2 or 3 times and he backed off. Mom says I am lucky he has no teeth yet. She feeds me on the counter now just to be safe.
Mom bought us a furminator and she got like almost another cat out of us. can't figure out why Christopher Spot doesn't shed as bad as us . She got hardly any thing out of him. Paddy sheds the most.


nappy with Mom

March 31st 2009 5:13 am
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Well Mom was laying on the couch with the furry throw and I curled up beside her and the puppy was there too. I am not as afraid of it now. but Mom gets angry with me cause I eat it's food and won't eat mine and she has to run and grab it from me. She keeps telling me I will get sick from eatting it and have a needle and leave her. Right now she has me starving so when she puts food in my bowl I will eat it.
Oh yes before the pup came I lost almost a pound.


that furry thing

March 30th 2009 8:31 am
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Mom brought a ball of fur home and calls it my new brofur. I don't think I like my new brofur he smells . I hit him on the head and hissed at him. Although his food smells yummy.
Paddy just watches him and Spotty ignores him I try to stay as far away as possible. He has the cage thingy too that I am scared of.
Margo I miss you can I come live with you. MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOW.


New Brofur

March 26th 2009 3:12 am
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Mom keeps telling us about this new brofur we are getting and we are not to pick on him cause he is only a baby. Mom and Dad are going to pick him up on friday. We know his name is Charlie Mac. and she has made up a page for him already. Wonder what he looks like????


need prayers

March 15th 2009 5:05 pm
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Margo's Mom is not doing to well she is losing the her sight and might have to have another operation.
Margo is nursing her as well as she can. I really miss her and Mom misses talking to her furend. Pleas join us in praying for a miracle and she recovers.
Thank you


Thank you's

March 12th 2009 2:59 am
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I would like to thank every one who sent me presents and concats for being DDP.

For the heart
Jasmine, Delilah, Isabelle and Pumbpin Poo

for the Hat Kittanna, Tigger, Taillee, Zella, and Lilly
My Spud Bud Sparkman
And Miss Luci

the 4 leaf clover Hooch
the rosette Andre

Hazel Lucy for her kind words.
and also her fur husband Buddy


DDP today

March 6th 2009 2:45 am
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Oh My Cats they picked me again!
Thank you HQ! I am soo honored to be your DDP again today.wait till I tell Margo. Margo's Mom will have her eye operated on soon. We hope and puray it will be a sucess.
meow at you later.


Margo's Mom

March 3rd 2009 4:11 am
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Margo's Mom gets her operation to day. We will be patient and wait for news . so Please join us and say a prayer for Laura-Lynn that her health is regained and she can talk to all her catster furends and Moms soon.
Hope Margo don't get mad at my Mom she changed the pictures for St. Paddy's Day Mom asures me she will put the wedding pics back after.
Big hugs sent to Margo and her Mom Margo don't be frightened while Mom is away I will purr to you so you will be comforted.
Loves you with my whole heart


Mikey's Missing his Margo

March 1st 2009 4:28 pm
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Margo's mom is sick an an an I haven't talked to her for like forever. cause her Mom can't see well.
We hope March is a good month for her so far it has come in like a lion. It was forcasted for us to get 55 cm of snow in three days but it is worst it is freezing rain now. that means the power might be out soon.
we;; my Sweet i misses you and i am moping around the house.

Hope my Spud Stud bud gets better ( Sparkman). meow at ya later.

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