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bribery works

November 10th 2010 8:02 am
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Mom bribed Paddy out of the closet with milk from her cereal.
She stuck the bowl under his nose then slowly brought the bowl out. He is now on his bed in the computer room. He is slowly coming around OH! yes his breathing is back to normal Mom was worried about that she thought he might be having a heart attack must have been a panic attack.


Paddy cat is not Paddy cat

November 9th 2010 10:01 am
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Paddy has 4 places he sleeps on Mom and Dad's bed, in his bed in computer room ,his chair in the living room or the bed in the basement. He has been with drawn and hidinging the closet since last night. He only comes out to eat and Mom is hopeing heis using the litter box. I'd say he got a good fright. he is also afraid of spotty cat.


almost a catastrophy

November 8th 2010 7:08 pm
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about 9 p.m. this evening we heard a cat fight at the back door. Mom figured the coyotes had Spot. She flew out the door with stick in hand, but it was Spotty but not the coyotes that was fighting with him. It was Paddy cat. you see myself and Paddy do not go out side. Her and Dad figured Paddy slipped out some time after Dad brought the groceries home. Like most men(humen) the are not fury careful. Paddy was turely tramatized by this he is still breathing funny but is in his chair. I think he is grateful Mom grabbed him and brought him in he was soaked and muddy . yes it is still raining. Mom I think your right we need and ark. He usually stocks Spotty but hasn't even looked at him since coming back in. Mom carries a big stic with a spike stuck in the end when she walks Charlie it sits by the door. No coyote is gonna attack her babies while she's around. Mom is actually more afraid of her own kind then the four legged ones.
meow at ya later time for bed.


A real Celeb

November 7th 2010 12:17 pm
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We had a furend request this afternoon. It was from a kitty named Homer . Mom just had a chance to really look at his page. HOLY CATS! this dude is famous all over the world. he has books in the best sellers lists. We are fury honored and humbled that he wants to be furends with us. Whoa ! man this is pawsome.


weather whoas

November 7th 2010 7:57 am
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It has been raining for a week in the last three days we have recieved 90 mls of rain .Mom has a rain collector she measures efury day. Spotty is in and out like a yoyo the wind blows and the power goes. we just got it back, a pole broke off and sent a suge down the lines so they had to replace all the burnt wires and pole. Mom thinks it is time to build the ark. What's a ark Mom??? OH a big boat. Must go and watch the rain Meow at you later.


Mom had accedent

October 28th 2010 2:38 am
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See Mom told you we should get rid of that dumb dog. Mom took him out to pee and she slipped on the wet grass broke two toes and landed in the rose bush. Mom said the grass was soft to land on with all the wet weather we have been having. How she broke her toes she got her foot caught in the low branches of the bush as she tried to catch herself going through the bush. good thing she had her rain coat on she hasn't got any punture hole or scratchess,

Holy Cats ! Mom just got a pmail I am DDP agin today. Thank you HQ Diary Lady.


Charlie's Itchy's

October 27th 2010 3:33 pm
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Mom finished Charlie's hair cut today. He gets itchy so she gives him anoder bath to get the itchy's off him. I think she washed his brain out cause he is going crazy running up and down the hall ,jumping on the bed and couch and wait, wait, WAAAIT !!!!!!! GET OFF ME EEEEEEWWWW WET DOG AAAAGGGGG!!!!!

pfh! DO I LOOK LIKE A TOWEL!I THINK NOT! OH! MY CATS HERE HE COMES AGAIN MOM GET OUT OF MY WAY!!!!! Whoa! Mom picked me up just in time. He's got to go or put him in the crate. Yuk I'm wet. I just finished grooming . well at least he doesn't smell like wet dog the shampoo smells pretty good.
Put me up on my cat tower please and thank you Mom . Grrr! Dumb Dog.


I gots mail

October 25th 2010 2:10 pm
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I got a letter today. It was a burfday card from my wifey. It is a funny one. I laughed Mom set it on the bookcase beside my bed. so I can smell her when efur I wants.
Thanky Margo I loves you wit all my heart.



October 24th 2010 10:09 am
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Boy you are slow Mom
She just looked at the DDpicks and all of them are our furends.
WOW! Concatulations each and efury one . you are such wonderful dear furends and we are proud and love each and efury one of you . Big hugs ,head butts and a special smoooche for my wifey who is in the middle of efury one.


Dad is gassed up

October 24th 2010 10:04 am
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Daddy has been going for short walks down the road and around the yard. Cause he is all gassed up has to get tings moving agin. He is used to skating and walking 5 miles a day. Success things moved alittle while ago . HOly Crap! What a stink he put up. PEEE EWW! Mom says she's moving out til he gets back to normal. I think I will go wit you Mom. The phone and door bellhasn't stopped ringing Poor Mom doesn't know which way to go when she hears a bell. Is it the door ,no its the phone or is it???? Hope this slows down soon. Charlie likes all the feet he has a foot fedish he chews on your feet when you come to the house.
Mom turned the furnace on today and she went upstairs then all of a sudden the smoke detectors went off so she run down stairs and shut it off and called the fellow that put it in last year. Daddy put a lid in the fresh air intake and did no tell Mom so the air and fuel mix caused the smoke or the lack of air did. Bad Daddy should have told Mom about it . She took it off and turned it back on after opening all the windows and turning fans on to get the smoke out. It is working perfect now. Mom is happy her feets are warm now. It is in floor heating. Well got to go Meow at ya later Mikey

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