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Micheal baby

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September 10th 2007 8:32 am
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I'm a sleepy kitty today I'm on Mom and Dad's bed


sept 10/07

September 11th 2007 5:08 am
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8Am zzzzzzzzzzzzzz purrrrrrrrrrrrrr zzzzzzzzzzzz purrrr
good morning mommy. You up? you up?
Yeahhhh food foood foood as he runs down the hall in front of Mom.
Mom's making that thing boil so she can have a cup of that smelly stuff.
Ok she's got the news station on. I'll just wait here till she get it half gone.
Oh! come on Mom I'm starved. oh oh oh what she doing? is she is she?Nooo!
Oh! Shut up Paddy I'm not fat, Mommy loves Me like a teddy bear. Whats a teddy bear? She's go me on a diet too. Whats a diet? Quit teasing me you big meanney. Mommy he's teasing me. Paddy gets a scolding. ppppfffftt !(raspberry) Mommy has Micheal up in her arms hugging and squeezing and kissing her Micheal. Mooommm the guys are watching ! I'm a big boy don't do that when thier here.
Mom gets up and feeds her boys, the fighting and teasing stop. Spot goes out Paddy goes to the window and Micheal gets up with Mom again.
I'm your favorite arn't I Mom?
I love you Mom purrrrs ccccough, cough ooops! choked on that one. I'll just roll over and get my belly rubbed. Oh! Oh! yes right there. awwww. the phone rings It's Grampie right on time, he phone exactly at 8;30 every morning since Nanny went to heaven (May 6,2006). Mommy feels better now that he has good neighbors in the complex where he is . They take care of each other. Well this is boring and she's to paying attention to me any more , so I guess I 'll go see whats up out side. I'll take a nap too. zzzzzz!


Sept 11,07 (spots diary)

September 12th 2007 7:01 am
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This is for spots diary for some reason his page won't come up?

Mommy did n't sleep well last night, she was up and down all night.
She is up early having a cup of smelly stuff.
Oh! she's going out side I'll follow her , she's going to the wood shed.
Oh ! hello friend what are you doing ing the cage?

Explanation on the strays: Mother cat was kicked out in the middle of winter, she moved into the barn accross the road. Mommy fed her , she had 2 broods of kittens of 2 kittens each 1 of the 2 have dissapeared. Kitten one brother kitten or big kitten is of the first brood, sister kitten is of the second brood. sister is in the cage with her 4 babies, which we are positive that Spot fathered neither spot or sister are a year old yet. spot was kicked out in the middle of winter and sister took him into the barn to keep warm. Since then both mother cat whos has had a brood of 5 this time, and brother cat have dissapeared with the kittens.

Mommy is sitting here try ing to explain that sister and babies cannot stay under the patio for Canada has really cold winters and sister and babies will freeze to death. Poor mommy is crying she want soo bad to keep them but they need good warm homes. Mommy is cleaning the cage and feeding the cats. she gets up and goes in the house. Well I'm going hunting in the field.

Mommy your going some where, you made a promise to sister that she will get out of the cage today one way or another. If the SPCa is full she will put them in the barn and feed them there she has no other choice. the Idiot at the humaine Socitey here told her to take them out and but them on the road and run them over. Mommy and Daddy couldn't believe it . we found out later
that he got fired as dog catcher for too many complaints , then some stupid Idot in counsel gave it to his wife Duh!

Mommy got there too early so she went to see grampie and program his new remote for the TV. She had another cup of smelly stuff. then left to go back to the shelter. thank God there was 6 openings. the girls there were really good with mommy she started crying again. sister and babies are full of worms and fleas guess the will get dewormed and deflead.after puting them in a larger cage one big enough for mommy to move into. She went to the office and sighned papers Mommy left a donation of money, food and toys . What else could I do?. Mommy's home spot runs into the garage with Mommy Looking into the cage wheres sister? You promised shed get out of that cage and yo kept your promise Mommy. I'll try and make mommy laugh as he climbs the pine tree and swings upside down . look at me mommy look at me arn't I silly.
Mommy says I am too human for my own good, Silly boy. She did smile for a few minutes. Lets go in Mommy , I think God is sad too , he is crying big rain drops, its too wet to stay out here in the tree so Mommy and Spotty cat go in and have a snack and a nap.


Sept 14/07

September 14th 2007 7:29 am
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Mommy was telling us about Doey dog and the stinky skunk. ewwww!
Paddy got out last night, I was scared I looked out the door but wouldn't go any farther I called Mommy and told her Paddy went out the door so she and daddy went out and looked for him. They were't out very long when I heard him screaming for her. What a sucky cat and he thinks his so big and mean . Yeah right! we all know better now don't we? Well every one knows I'mm a little puff ball and proud of it .

Mommy is gone to Auntie Grace's so I'll just lay here in the window and wait for her to come home.

She's home and Spotty is with her. Wait til Paddy see him , he doesn't like him much wonder why? He's not so bad, he's so worldly and the stories he tell are fastenating. Oh! and his is so brasen to day sleeping on the couch.
Well that didn't last long he's up and going down his hole tothe basement. Oh! oh! Paddys coming up from down there . LOOK out theres going to be a fight, no Paddy just looked at him and walked a way. See I told you Paddy is all talk.

Well nothing interesting happening now I'm going to go on Mommy and Daddy's bed and nappy.


Sept 19/07

September 19th 2007 6:19 am
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I talked to Daddy on Sunday he didn't know I could talk. I talk to Mommy all the time .
When Daddy goes to work i run back down the hall way calling to Mommy theres a thump and I'm on the bed . butting my head against Mommys I loves you mommy! rub my belly Mom, purr ,purrr, yawn wiggle wiggle Micheal's now upside down waiting for his belly rub. Mommy thinks I should have been a dog. Like Rex, I miss my Rex he was my best friend. Rex got real sick, and blind Mommy said he had cancer. They took him to see the Dr. in March
and he didn't come home but they had a box and buried it in the back yard. Mommy and Daddy were crying. they told me that Rex was gone to see my Nanny and Poppy, Nanny went away in the May before and Poppy went away that Christmas. Where ever they are I hope we all can get together again.

Mommy can you move this I, I,I,I, just can't quite reach it. Mommy moves the book case so I can get my toys I pushed in behind it. Micheal will play with anything coin rollers wich he opens the cupboard to get. the plug in the milk carton, wine corks he carries them aroumd like a dog would.


Sept 25/07

September 25th 2007 3:58 pm
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Mommy has been busy with work and stuff so she hasn't been writing ing my diary.
So far this week I have been cuddled beat up and Mommy, Pat,a nd Spot.

There was a strange man in the house today, I run down the hall and he followed me, I run down to the basement and he followed me, Mommy went with him and she turned all the lights on for him he was looking at that box thing that warms the house. Paddy was soo brave he took all the mans tools and spread them around the house. Paddy is strong too. Spot freaked and wanted out. I paniced and couldn't get out of there fast enough. Went upstairs and hid under the bed.



October 1st 2007 6:04 pm
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Mommy says she should change my name to Baker cause I'm always kneading like I'm making bread. She says if thats a sign of happiness I am in a kitty blissfulness.
Spot came in yesterday and he grabed Paddy like he usually does with me Paddy gave him this awful look and Spotty slipped away in to the hole.
He spent most of the day hideing he got up at 1 am and wanted put don't know when he came to bed guess we were all pretty sound. Spotty smacked Dad in the head and meowed at him to get up.
Spot is like a dog he goes to the door and meaows to go pee and then comes back in.
Mommy had to goto the chiropractor to get her shoulder taken care of it is getting better wish she wouldn't have to work so she could heal proper.
I doesn't hurt her arm to cuddle with me.


Oct 2/07

October 2nd 2007 6:46 pm
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Mommy was busy typing letters to our new friends. We get very excited when we here from our Sweet little honey and precious and her litter of brothers and sisters. Its neet to make friends We live in the country most to the humans are either much older or not animal people sowe stay away from them. Mommy has garden club, you should see Mommy's garden she's learned alot form that club. Mommy has to go to bed now she is going cross eyed


Oct 15/07

October 15th 2007 1:30 pm
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I had to go tothe Dr. today . Mommy tricked me she put treats into a bag and I climbed in and she shut the end so I couldn't get out then she loaded me in to the car and buckled my seat belt and I cried all the way there. Mommy had twenty minute wait and she was right on time. We got in to see Dr. Gwen and she weighed me I am 7.76 kls. to big for my age so I am back on reducing formula. The girl that took care of us when Mom and Dad were on holidays Fed us once a day so I had my fill of three bowls.
Mom caught on to that and is puting food in the dish four times a day but the total amount is 3/4 of a cup. ( to make him think he is getting more than the other two. Any way kitties Mommy wants your families to be careful cause I ran acccros the stove and burnt my paws. I am doing fine healing nicely . I don't go near the stove any more learned my lesson.
Mommy had to go to her Dr. after we were aq bit early for that appoinment so Mom went in to the stores near her Dr. I had to wait in the car alone . I was scared. when she came back to the car some clerks from the store we were parked in front of asked mommy what wa in the car She said a cat guess I was kicking up pretty good they said I could howl like a dog. She said she was soo embarassed. I was quiet on the way home Mommy put me in the front seat with her and buckled me in. cause Mommy loves me. When we got home mommy to something out of a bag and gave it to me, I t was a furry new mouse for me to beat the tar out of, Oh boy see Paddy whacker Mommy loves me. Paddy says she only did it out of guilt , was paddy right?
any way Micheal is on the mend Mommy is fine .


Oct 19/07

October 19th 2007 7:38 am
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Oh Boy! It's my birthday ,it's my birthday, Gonna have a party.
Mommy's little man is 2 . Mommy almost for got , she has been soo worried about Mikey's feet. Mikey ran accross the stove and his feet got burnt. He is healing nicely . but has a hard time playing with stuff and can't whack his brother back. It's a good thing the stove wasn't on at the time. Mommy makes sure she leaves a pot on the burner til it cools.
we were going to have games but in Mikeys condition we will wait til next year or Spots birth day. Mikey has home made treats mom made, he got a mouse from Paddy, a mouse from Spot, and a mouse from Mom & Dad. He's just sitting there bewildered looking at the toys. He would like more treats but he can't he's on a diet . Poor thing can't do much partying can he? His feet arn't bandage H e gets paniced and hurts him self so Dr says keep an Eye in them, if they seem infected we will give him antibiotics. must be hard on his feet cause he is so over weight too. Mommy's really feeling sorry for him must go give him some hugs and kisses and tell him how much she loves the little man.

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