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I'm the First Born!!

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I gots some bad news.

January 27th 2015 4:53 pm
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Hi everyfur.

I wents to the vets the other day, and it was not a planned trip. I has blood in my poopies, embarassing. Well after doing test on my poopies and takings my blood and doing tests on that I got some news I did not expect. I was ok on every things except for one white cell enzyme or some such thing. Comibine that with the bad poopy and I lost 3 pounds since Summer and it don't look good. They thinks I probably have GI cancer. They suggest an ultrasound to be sure, but that is like 1100.00 dollars and even if I do have the "C" word, we would not do chemo. So I am not getting the Ultrasound, Meowmy can't afford it since she just spent 1500.00 on Dave and his stomatitis. She is broke. Meowmy and Grammy are hoping beyond hope that just maybe it isn't the "C" word and might be IBD. We talked to my vet and that is how we are going to procede. Our vet even said she would not put her own kitty thru chemo, so Meowmy is just gonna loves on me and baby me and cross her paws. Hopesfully I do well and am here for a long time.

Love always my friends,



early xmas present

November 25th 2014 4:12 pm
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We gots an early xmas prezzie today. Grammy & Pappy went grocery shopping today since Thursday, their normal shopping day is Turkey Day. Whiles thay wuz out they stopped and picked us up our xmas prezzie. We loves prezzies. Wanna know whats we gots???? We gots annuder cat tree. It was on sale @ Ollie's for 40 bucks. So Meowmy told hem to pick it up. Yipee new stuffs. Plus a new box. So Meowmy putzted it togethers for us. It is about 4 1/2 feet tall with one nice big shelf, 2 small shelves and a little cubby hole( I thinks I'm too big to fit in it though). So Meowmy & Grammy were trying to decide where to put it and they decided to takes one of our old ratty trees apart and put it there. I said whoa whats this giving and takin away stuff? you injun givers or sumpin? Once they had the new one where the old one used to be Meowmy gots-ed n idea-er. She puts the housey parts from the old one onto annuder of our old perches. nows it's likes a whole new, old perch. Kibbles loves it, he only came out of it long enough to eat noms and then he went back in. MOL I guess it's ok you tooks the old one down Meowmy. Plus we gots the box to play in too.

I also got annuder t-shirt yesterday. Meowmy gots it for me @ Terget when she got out kitty litter. It is blue and white stripped. Nobodies else gots any shirts either, just me. I like it when I gets stuffs and the rest of the brats don't. He He he. Hopes all my furry friends and their hoomans has a great Turkey Day. Eat lotsa Turkey ands stuffins and watch lotsa football.

Loves to all,

Zeeke and the crew


Boxes in the Mail!

November 22nd 2014 4:34 pm
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Today we gots some boxes in the mail. Yipee, whats we get????
We gots anuder water fountain. We gots a second AVP fountain that has an led light and UV to kill them bad germies. We has one already an we luvs it. So nows we gots 2. Plus on top of that Meowmy gots some stuff that wasn't for us. ???? What you mean it not for us? Meowmy you not allowed to buy pressies for anyfurs buts us. At least she let us have both the boxes. Kibbles has already claimed them both. At least that what he thinks. I thinks I will sits in whatever box I please to sits in. Thats all the excitement in the mail today.


Diary Pick yipee!!!

January 18th 2014 7:01 am
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Yippee I'm a Diary pick today!!!and brofue Harley is Diary of The Day!!!.Yipee!!

We love you all very very much and will dearly miss being able to keep up with your loves, lives and losses. Keep all your catster friends in your heart. Love always,

Zeeke & the crew


Catster Leaving --so sad

January 16th 2014 5:08 pm
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Well, my friends Catster is Leaving us. We are sad to see it go. We have not been on as much as we used to but we did check in every day or so just to see what our friends had been up to. And to change our pages with the season.
We would like to thank every single cat who has befriended us, written a comment, sent gifties, pawmails etc. over the years. Catster has seen our family grow through new additions and helped us greatly when we lost furmily members. everyone new the joy or the pain we felt. So instead of the loving family we had all become, we will be replaced with shiny headlines and soulless fluff. Maybe that was meant to be, but we are sad for it.

Anyone who would like to keep in touch with our Meowmy can do so @ Meowmy is known as: kimkats ,there and can be found on the daylily forum , since she is as crazy about daylilies as she is about us kitties.

For those in bad health we send you healing thoughts, for coping with the loss of a beloved furbaby we send you hugs and know we feel your pain and it does ease over time.

Well wishes to all and big hugs to all catsters across the world.

Sincerly, Zeeke, angel Romeo, Cleopatra, Trooper, Kahless, Harley, Davidson, Tomiko, Miyoko, Francis, Kibbles, PJ, Fozzy Bear, Angel Morty, Angel Tigger, Zelda, Mishka, Angel Onyx, DC, TOes, Angel Yoda
And momcat KIM


We are so very sad!

March 12th 2011 4:30 pm
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Our family has lost a member today. Sweet little Onyx went to rainbow bridge today. She had FIP, so Grammy & Meowmy made the hard decision to help her cross the bridge. We are all mopey and all our humans eyes are leaking. We miss the little stinker and so do they. Her mommy PJ is really upset.

My brother Kahless did get to come home today, he is doing much better.



I'm a Dreamboat!!!!!

March 11th 2011 2:59 pm
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Wowie!!! I've been named Dreamboat #40a. I get to share in this great honor with 3 of my siblings too. Trooper is Dreamboat #40b, Romeo is Dreamboat #40c and Kahless is Dreamboat #40D.
How Super cool is that???? Thank you beautiful and fabulous Samoa.
Some of you may know my brothers have not been feeling too well.

Romeo had bad teeth and lost lots of weight. He is doing better now and is starting to slowly gain the weight back.

Poor Trooper has Stomatitis and then had a bad reaction to the meds he was given for that. So he has had a rough couple of months, but seems to be doing better on all wet food mixed with water.

Now Kahless is having issues too. Today he went to the vet for potty issues. Seems that Crystal chick is stalking him again. That chick is seriously psycho. He was totally blocked and has to spend the night with Kathy-ter and some iv fluids.

I'm feeling fine myself and hope to stay that way.
'cause Meowmy's checkbook is getting a workout. See It's not only my brothers that are sick. My niece Onyx is feeling bad too. She's got bad newmie problems, She can't stop going. Poor thing has been to see Dr. Holland the past 3 days! She is getting better slowly.

I just need to make a shout out to our Vet, Dr. Holland. She is Furtastic!!!!!!! We love her, and Dr.Gary and all the girls at Littlestown Vetrinary Hospital!!!!!!!They are super nice and very caring. So if you live near us and need a vet go there they are FAB!

Loves and hugs,

Dreamboat #40a


Oh My CAT!!!!!!

October 1st 2010 7:32 pm
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We have the most generous friends!!!! Today we recieved a package in the mail from our good friends Mercy & family. They sent us toy mousies, & some fancy collars & a cool kitty shaped mat& a winnie the pooh winter vest & a Minnie Mouse jacket!!!!! We love it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The little ones played with the mousies first and tried on the collars. I claimed the kitty mat. Cleo and Tater both tried on one of the jackets. So much fun. But that's not all!!!

Meowmy opened her e-mail and what did she find? A little note from Catster saying Someone had bought us a catster plus subscription!!!! Who you might ask? Well Mercy, Milo, Pixie, Sofie, Pebbles, Melody, Joy, Enzo, Riley, Reebok, Nike, Quincy, Cosmo & Butch & the Furbies!!!
We can not thank them enough!!!!! We were so touched & surprised. Even Grammy got a Catster plus gift too.

We love you guys!!!!!!!!!
Hugs to all,


I've been tagged again!

October 10th 2009 2:31 pm
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Tully tagged me first and now Sally tagged me.

Here are some more things I like about Halloween

1) Swedish Fish! sometimes Meowmy will let me have one to lick!
2) Watching the leaves fall and blow around
3) Meowmy spends less time with her daylilies and more time with us.
4) Did I mention Pumpkin Pie!
5) The chipmunks are really busy trying to get ready for winter. I love watchin' them!

Now to tag some more friends.

1) Elliot Catster Id: 62569
2) Petrie Catster Id: 95368
3) Rugrat Catster Id: 116282
4) Monster Catster Id: 215398
5) Icebox Catster Id: 226665
6) Puffin Catster Id: 580669


I've been halloween tagged!

October 10th 2009 2:03 pm
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here goes:
You have been tagged for Halloween~ I just name my five favorite things about Halloween and chose 6 friends to tag~~

1.Pumpkin Pie!
2.creepy crawlies they're delicious
3.Seeing my sibs have to get dressed up too! Misery loves company!
4.Cool fall weather, windows open in daylight, snuggly blankies at night.
5.thanksgiving is around the corner!

now i tag~
1.)Imhotep Catster Id: 62536
2.)Willy Catster Id: 129119
3.)Lucky Lorenzo Catster Id:801455
4.)Keisha Catster Id: 874957
5.)Naythan Catster Id: 989666
6.) Baba Catster Id: 1010060

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