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Today is a good Day!

June 18th 2009 9:56 am
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so the momma finally came out to eat! mom caught her in the other room a couple of days ago and kinda helped her see that the window was open. out she went. mom got very lucky and caught the other momma! so now the other momma is in the other room. she will get spayed on the 23rd. so after a couple of days the other momma will also be sent free. mom hopes they get along. the calico momma used to chase the ode to the outside kitty away from the food. hopefully since they will both be spayed they will get along just fine. hey it also drizzled a little bit this morning and i heard that we should not hit 100 today! yeah!


Yeah...the momma kitty is spayed!

June 9th 2009 9:54 am
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so that momma kitty who is momma to Jinx and two others is finally spayed! mom had a hard time catching her in the small room that she was in. mom says that she is totally feral! mom got a bunch of scratches catching her. one would never believe that she only weighs 6lbs. she put up quite a fight. it was hard because she had to be in a trap to get spayed. it is safer for the tech that works with the vet. the momma is way to mean to keep inside:( so in 4 days she is going back where she wants to be. i say this cause mom has seen her looking out the window. now mom just has to catch the other momma calico kitty. she out smarted my mom by not going in the trap! next time they say not to feed her for 2 days! that's a lot of days not to eat! but she had that little orange ball of fur so mom does not want her to have any more kittens. so that is our plan and in 4 days i can escape into the other room, again:)


what a day!...from mom

June 4th 2009 10:54 am
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so tuesday was such a busy day! but even though sometimes one is tired god sometimes throws a loop into your life. mine was a sweet surprise. at the park, under my car, was this tiny just looked so scared, it was all curled up.......i always carry a blanket in my car so i wrapped it in the blanket. i took it into the park because there are so many cars, i was afraid if i just left it on the side,it, would go back into the road. when i put her down she did not move. so i took her further in and it wouldn't move:( i waited.....then i saw some bigger dear and once again i picked it up. took it closer to where i thought the deer would help it. i moved way back and watched to see if one of the deer would help it. guess what? deer came and it sniffed the baby deer! then she picked up her front legs and the baby deer got up and started jumping! then the other deer was kicking her legs some more, they just looked so happy! i wonder if that was it's momma? it was a happy ending to a long day and i forgot to take a picture.


i thought it was my birthday!

May 27th 2009 11:42 am
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this morning when mom looked at her mail she saw all these gifts that i was getting! i was so excited i thought it was my birthday! hehe it wasn't because my mom said that it was not until the 4th of July! dumb me:) no it was because i was Diary Pick Of the Day!!!! i was so excited! to see my picture again. hehe you must think i am soooo conceited! well you are right i am so full of myself, just ask my friends in the Rock N' Roll Cat's group:) but really thank you, i hear it is a lady that does the diary picks! thank you very much.


all alone........

May 25th 2009 10:08 am
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me mom, dad and human brother were gone for a couple of days! how dare they leave my human sister in charge of feeding us? why would they punish all of us animals like that? what did we do to deserve this kind of treatment. did you know one day we had to wait an hour and a half to eat? that's right we like to eat at 6:30 but she did not feed us until 8! it seems that it was more important that they take my human brother to the Special Olympics State Games:( my human brother was entered in a cycling competition. my mom rides along side him for one of the events. they got second place. so they got a silver medal. my human brother also got a gold medal on another and dad said my human brother was so happy when he got his medals. now i am now glad they are back so i can get fed on time!


Oh Woe Is Me!!!!

May 13th 2009 11:19 am
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there i was minding my own business, when i heard, "MOM THERE IS A KITTEN AT THE BACK DOOR!" so i have been a good kitty:) trying not complain. i am keeping my cool this time because it is a girl kitty. she is light orange. her name be Ella. i have a picture of her on my page, you know just in case someone wants a little orange kitten:) i am just trying to help find her a home as soon as possible:) the ever so unselfish dusty miller


i love my mommy sooooo much

May 3rd 2009 8:31 pm
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my mommy has not been feeling very good these past couple of weeks or maybe more, i can't remember. i especially know when she is feeling her worst when she is lying in the bed. so the other day when she was there, in bed, i came by her and asked her if she was ok. i said "meow meow meow meow?" and she says "i'm ok dusty." but i feel better if i put my paw on her hand until she falls asleep. then i sleep with her for a while just to make sure she is ok. just to make sure though sometimes i put my paw on her face and meow once more. i guess i should just let her sleep but sometimes i like the bed all to myself !


I forgot to tell you

April 30th 2009 9:30 pm
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my mom buys Greenies and sends them to my friend Alfie. they don't have Greenies in England. she also sent some to Ishtar for birthday. Ishtar lives in Germany but i don't know if she has ever had any Greenies. can you believe that all of us kitties, in our home, have never had Greenies! well the other day mom went to the pet store and they had a coupon for these Greenies, so she brought a bag of chicken flavor since that is our favorite flavor and guess what? they are green and boy was it good!!! i was a nice kitty and shared with all the other kitties in the house:)



April 30th 2009 9:04 pm
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i joined a new group the other day, and guess what? there are many kitties that have a birthday the same as MINE!!!! well my mom does not know when i was really born since they got me from the flea market in Houston.
so they guesstimated and thought that if they made it on the same day as their anniversary, they would remember it! i don't mind because everyone in the U.S.A. celebrates my birthday because it's on the 4th of July!!!! they even have fireworks for all the kitties that have a birthday on the 4th of July!!! we are such proud and patriotic kitties!



April 24th 2009 9:11 pm
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ok everyone that knows me, knows how conceited i can be:) well today i got a surprise in the mail! a Hazel Lucy collar! thank you Hazel Lucy for the beautiful collars that you make. you are soooo sweet. so my mom put it on me and i was like meowing in french and dad was calling me " the continental." for those who don't know who that is is Christopher Walken playing the Continental on Saturday Night Live. dad even asked me for some Champagne. well i guess you gotta watch this character, the Continental, cause mom just finds him so funny. well he is slick me! well he can also be kinda gross too:) oh me mom got some Feliway and sprayed it everywhere! she though it smelled funny:) now maybe we can all get along and meow together! now would you like some Champagne?

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