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The Life of Ka - zar

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My buddy Kiska need your help and your vote

November 24th 2007 7:55 pm
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My buddy Kiska is one of the 75 finalist in the catster rising star competition. If anyone who reads this and hasn't voted yet could you please vote for my buddy Kiska.

If you would like to vote for him is photo is captioned "Kiska" and he is so cute when he's wet.

Here is the link if you want to vote for him 52532">

You may have to copy it and paste it to your browser and then it will take you directly to the the site and the photos.


Ka - zar


Wow thig can change here in a hurry

November 21st 2007 1:51 am
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I spent most of yesterday out in the nice warm sun and kept Mum company while she mowed the lawn and had a really good time. Today I went to go outside and it was cold and really wet and Mum told me it goingto stay like that for next three days or so.

I'm really bummed if that's true as I love going outside and hanging with my Grandpa when he sits outside and reads the paper or a book. We just sit there and spend time together just the two of us. I don't think we will doing that in the next few if the weather forcast is right.

So all I did today was sleep in the lounge room with Grandma and uncle Grant. Mum hardly been out of her room all day as she hasn't been feeling well so I hope she better tomorrow as I love her and missed playing with her today as she's really good fun to play with and gives the best tummy rubs.

Well there is nothing left to write so I will finish.


Ka - zar


Hello all my friends on catster

November 15th 2007 11:54 pm
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Now Mum finished her course and having a little break I will try and write more in diary. Not there is much to write about mind you but I will try and do a little entry at least every second day if I can.

Mum has finished her course so in theory she's goingto be home more to spend time with me and I really missed her when she wasn't home but I know she worked hard and I'm very proud of her she's a great Mum and I love her very much.

The weather here is really hot as we are coming into summer it another couple of weeks away but it feels like it's already there. I didn't go outside much today I stayed inside and kept Grandma company on my box in front of the air conditioner all afternoon I might go outside once it gets a bit cooler. I dont go out during the day when it's hot Mum will start to put sun screen on my nose so it doesn't get burnt and i really hate that along with having tablets shoved down my throat.

There is nothing left to write so I will stop now.


Ka - zar


I'm one very happy chappy

November 13th 2007 3:12 am
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I'm one very happy chappy as the weather has finally started to warm up here in Australia and i can spend most of the day outside and generally I spend some of it with my Grandpa who sits outside and reads the paper and books when it's warm. i really enjoy spending time with my Grandpa outiside as I don't get to spend much time with him as he spends most of his time in his room and I'm nor allowed in. I love all my human family very much and love to spend time with all of them.

Mum's home at the moment from school as she finished her first placement for her course but she hasn't been well today as thinks she has hey fever. She spend the weekend just gone helping run an animal nursery which had all baby farm animals in it and she said she fell in love with a dog (hope they weren't cuter than me). She came home smelling of them so I didn't talk to her for a while. She was in the cat house for a while.

I want to send out a big purr to all the cats that aren't feeling very well and hope your better soon.


Ka - zar


I've been taged

November 8th 2007 11:09 pm
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Sorry Tommy this has taken so long it's not that I didn't want to play it just that Mum didn't have the time until now to do the diary entry then Mum had no computer for a day or so while it was upgraded.

Also I would like to thank tommy for his kind words about me.

Seven radom facts about me.

1. I love sitting in boxes
2. I enjoy the company of others
3. I don't catch mice or rats
4. My favorite food is freash beef mince
5. I love to be cuddle and loved
6. I love sitting on my Grandma knee while she knits
7. I also love to play when I'm in the mood

1. Gordy - Catanailty plus
2. Tommy - A nice sweet and thoughtful guy
3. Chrissy - Cute and good looking kitty
4. Melbourne - Looks like me even the same gray and white colouring and named after a place in Australia
5. Xavier - A great warrior cat who gets on with life dispite his disability true courage.
6. Icebox - Love the ususal name it a cool name and how you got it
7. CATullus Claude Beautee - Another fashion icon
8. Rufus - One good looking dude and a great warrior cat
9. One Eyed Jack - Another warrior cat who shows great courage
10. Diego - Has a paw on the pluse and a great sense of fashion too.


Happy Birthday Mum

November 3rd 2007 2:40 pm
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Seems I don't have money and I don't get out much I thought I would give Mum a birthday message the only way I know how via catster.

I know it's going to be a great day as my Mum deserves a great birthday as she is the best Mum as she always makes the time for me, even when she's busy and I love her for that.

Uncle Alec is coming he is not a blood relative is a great friend of the family and I love him coming down as he great to hang out with and he's small enough that he sometime sleeps on the couch so I can sleep with him or should that be on him and I keep him toasting warm as it's still cold here in Ballarat. I think uncle Alec is going to come and do something to Mum computer not sure what but whatever he's going to do it's put Mum in a really good mood for the last few days so it must be something really good.

Well Mum have great birthday I love you as always.


Ka - zar


I lead a pretty boring life

October 29th 2007 12:02 am
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I thought it was time to write in diary as I haven't done for a while as I don't have that much to write about. My life is pretty boring really. I get up in the morning when the first human in the house does. Bug them until they feed me and then go back to sleep in front of the heater until it gets warm enough to go outside and get some vitamin D from the sun.

Once I've done that I go back inside and bug my humans again and have another nap until lunch time and then get up and have some lunch and then go outside again and get some more sun.

The one thing that makes my day at moment is when Mum gets home from school and plays me and makes a fuss I love my Mum very much and I miss her when gone for a long time.


Ka - zar


I've been named catster diary of day

October 21st 2007 6:10 am
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Well I must write something interesting in my diary as Catster have made my diary, diary of the day. Thanks Catster for the honor. I've sometimes wondered if anyone reads my diary, so here is a fair indication they do and it give me incentive to keep writing when things like this happen.

Again Catster thanks for the honor and I would like to thank my Mum who helps me with the typing of diary without her two thumbs and eight other fingers it wouldn't get done, I love her very much.


Ka - zar


I'm so happy

October 18th 2007 4:22 am
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You must be wondering why I'm so happy. Well there is sun and more sun here in Australia as we are finally starting to get to the warmer months. I can go outside and sit in the sun and get my vitamin D and catch up on some sleep and do what I want when I want and the other thing that makes me happy is Mum is home from school at the moment.

I'm very proud of my Mum as has been studying this year to do work with people with Disabilities and mental health problems. I think it takes a special kind of person to work with both these groups of people and my Mum really cares about people and I think she will be great at the work once she gets qualified. She finishes at the end of this year.

She is home at the moment as she is doing her school work from home for the next week and bit I love having her home as she takes the time to play with me and make a fuss of me and I love that but at the same time she'll have to go and leave me during the day again but I understand and I know she loves me.

With the weather here getting better by the minute I wouldn't have too much time to think about Mum and how much I miss her but I will miss her just the same. Always remember to love your humans as they love you.


Ka - zar


Sorry it's been so long

October 15th 2007 12:17 am
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I'm sorry it's been so long since I last wrote in my diary. Good help is so hard to find these days. Mum went away for the weekend and I couldn't do my diary as she types it for me. I find it very hard to type with three fingers and two thumbs and Mum is way faster than I ever could be.

But since I last wrote the weather here in Australia has gotten warmer by the day and I've been outside a lot with my family. When it's warmer Grandpa goes outside and reads the paper or a book and I love to just sit with him and chill, until he come inside or it starts to get cold.

I really missed Mum when she was away it was only for two days but I'm at my happiest when the whole family is together. Mum is the best person for tummy rubs and playing with me.

The night before she left I had the best fun playing tag with her. I'm guessing she played tag with me as she was feeling guilty about going away and the time she had been away from the house during the week. I totally forgave her once she came back and gave me a huge cuddle. I can't stay mad at her for too long.

I hope now she's come home she'll stay a while. I love her and miss her when she's not her.

Well I've written enough. Thanks for taking the time to read my diary.


Ka - zar

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