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The Victorian bush fires

February 7th 2009 3:10 pm
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Well there is some good news and some bad news I have to report. The good news is the weather has gone down and we got a bit of rain,. The bad news I woke up with Grandma this morning to the news that there are 11 bush fires across Victoria some may have been deliberately lit.

I just thought I would write in my diary and let my friends know at the moment none of the fires are near Ballarat and the last report I heard that three were under control. But there have been reports of at least 25 deaths and 2 in places where Mum and my family have friends.

The situation in Ballarat could change as we are having a slight storm here but it only seems to rain at this stage. Could you please join me in purring of everyone directly affected by the fires as I believe there is great power in the purr.


Ka - zar

I will update this entry if there is any new news.


Animal cruelty makes me mad

February 7th 2009 3:34 am
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I was reading my good friend's Muppet diary today and she was talking about a so called cat sanctuary called cats with no name being closed down here is what Muppet wrote in her diary as it explain better than I could.

Meomy and I are so excited! We got word this morning that the kitty death camp called ‘Cats With No Name’ in Pine Groves Township, Pennsylvania has finally been exposed for who they really are! Hurray! This was similar to another Flock situation and a wonderful lady and her daughter have been trying for a very long time to expose the horrors that were going on there.

Denise, mom’s friend from the Flock nightmare, tried to give them all the advice she could on who to contact. But, the same as with Flock, nobody listened. *tears* Not animal control, not the police, not even the Governor. They had a Blog going on Best Friends Website trying to reach out for help, but Best Friends made them take it down one year ago. They sadly believed all of the lies that this kitty hoarder, Virginia Kresge Justiniano, was telling them and not the ones telling the truth.

Well, it turns out, just as alleged all along, this horrible lady and her beau were taking all of the donations to fund their drug habits and the cats taken in by them were not being cared for! They even allegedly sold the cat food that was donated for drug money. The property was raided Saturday after the hoarder was stopped on a traffic violation and drugs were discovered.

They discovered the horror of the condition of the kitties when they arrived to search the property for drugs. They say there was no food or water for the cats and other animals and the ones found left alive were all malnourished. Many were found too late, obviously starved to death.

They found sheds full of public donations including sheds full of cat food! Prayers for all of the kitties and animals and cheers that the suffering at Cats With No Name has been finally brought to an end. (1996 - 2009) The cats are now being cared for by the Ruth Steinert Memorial SPCA.

I hope you don't mind me pasting your diary entry Muppet but with Mum's sore wrists it would take too long to re write it.

This sort of thing makes me mad as animals that are put in these situations can't fight back and when no one listen to people who try to being to people attention makes me even madder.

My greatest hope for the kitties that survived this ordeal that they get the care they need and make a full recovery and I will purr for each and everyone of them that this happens. The next thing I want to see happen that the people who did this are brought to justice by the full letter of the law and are never able to this ever again.

I do take some consultation in the fact the people who did this have been exposed and the kitties that survived this are getting the care they need. I just hope that we starting hearing less of these stories as I am lucky I have family that love me and take great care me not all kitties are as lucky as me and that makes me very sad that this happens.


Ka - zar


Rest in peace scooter

February 5th 2009 5:08 pm
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I just hear the news of scooter's journey to the rainbow bridge. It's a sad time when any cat leaves us but scooter was a beautiful friend to everyone and I like a lot of old furts will miss her.

I hope your journey to the bridge was peaceful one and there is another beautiful angel look down on all of us from bridge. You were always beautiful and now you are young and strong again.

Rest in peace Scooter my beautiful friend.


Ka - zar


Facing a fear, the super bowl and the weather

February 2nd 2009 5:32 pm
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I am so proud of myself I had to jump straight on Mum's computer and write about facing a fear I've had for long time. Mum had to do the vacuuming this morning and I normally run for the door but today I stayed with Mum and didn't even flinch when she brought it near me. Mum keeps telling me it won't hurt me and I now sort of believe her. I did this a long time ago but it doesn't happen very often I don't like the loud noise the vacuum makes either. Mum was very proud of me too and that makes me very happy.

I didn't watch the super bowl yesterday but by all reports it sounds like it was pawsome game. We had it on free to air in Australia as the Cardinals punter Ben Graham was the first Aussie to play in the super bowl and he captained my Aussie rules team Geelong who nick name is the cats before he left for the NFL in 1995. They came so close yet so far to winning the game. But if a game is won in the last 35 seconds it must have been a great game.

The weather here has got much better in the last couple of days as the temperature is still hot but bearable. I've stopped trying to find a zip on my fur coat and we might even get rain today with a bit of luck as I can't remember the last time it rained in Ballarat and the garden needs some rain everything is dying.

Well that's all my news at moment.


Ka - zar


The two extremes of climate change

January 29th 2009 3:00 am
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We are in the middle of heat wave in Australia at the moment it 40 plus degrees for the last three days and there looks like there are at least another two on the way before the temperature goes down to the mid to low 30's.

It hasn't been too bad. At night I sleep with Mum with the fan on and spend most the day in the lounge room under the air con. I even hung out with Mum today in front of the fan while she did some work on the computer. I also spent some time under the chair the fan sits on and Mum thought this was very odd but I was really comfortable and she forgot I was there and she kicked in the butt by accident (yeah right it was accident).

But then there are my friends in the USA and Canada who are going through snow and ice storms. It so bad where my buddy Calvin lives they have lost power and using a generator to keep them warm and for essential power.

I want all my friends who are experiencing ice storms at the moment to know I am thinking of you all and will purr for you that everything turns out alright. Stay safe


Ka - zar


I have a secrect admirer

January 26th 2009 11:35 pm
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I received a rosette from a secret admirer today and I want to thank them for the rosette and the message. I have a lot of female friends on catster assuming it is a female that sent me this gift.

If the kitty who sent the rose rosette reads this please pawmail me and let me know who you are as I think it's really sweet of you to send it and the message I won't put in my diary what you said as you know who you are and I don't want to embarrass you. Also thank you for the rosette and the sweet kind message. If shyness is stopping you letting me know who you are don't worry about it I understand and won't think any less of you.


Ka - zar


I don't understand humans sometimes

January 25th 2009 6:19 am
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Lately in the last week Mum has been spending less time with me. Instead she been in front of the TV watching tennis. I don't get how someone can be so fascinated by a little yellow ball going back forwards across a net for hours on end.

My mum watches it at all hours of the day and night without spending any time with me. Granted after the match she was watching tonight she played with me but I don't know what I can do to get her attention.

I know this doesn't last long and I will forgive her once it's all over. But at the moment I feel neglected but I will get over it. I love mum too much to stay mad at her for too long but at least she hasn't kicked me out of bed so that does make up for it a little bit. Come to think of it I will always love her tennis and all.


I've been tagged

January 22nd 2009 5:03 pm
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I've been tagged by my beautiful friend Athena. The rules are simple Write 7 facts about yourself in your diary. Then tag 7 friends by pmail or by giving them a rosette to let them know you tagged them!

7 wonderful facts about me

1. I'm only furkid
2. My favourite thing to play with is a packing strip
3. My favourite foods are chicken and roo mince
4. My favourite place to sleep is in the window sills and on Mum's bed
5. I've moved 4 times with my family in my 10 and half years
6. I love to spend time outside by myself sleeping on the table
7. I have a girl I like her name is Tina and she lives next door

I will tag the following kitties

Arnold P

If any of you have been tagged recently I apologise in advance


I don't need mum to help me with my diary after all.

January 21st 2009 8:28 pm
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Mum has gone away to Melbourne for a few days and there is no one on the computer so I decided I would write a quick diary entry. I'm typing very slowly as I don't have thumbs and mum types really quick.

I have had a quite time since Mum left and I really miss her. I did something I haven't done in a long time and that's slept all night I had the whole bed to myself but I will trade it to have Mum home at anytime.

Some of my olde furts friends asked me if there is anyone home to look after me. I'm home with Grandma, Grandpa and uncle Grant and nothing has changed I'm being looked after really well.

I am missing you all but I will back at the breakfast club tomorrow and look forward to chatting to you all. As well as missing Mum I've really missed the breakfast club even though it 11pm at night when I come in it's a great way to end day.

I've been hard at it for a while now and I'm getting tried I will go and take a nap now.


Ka - zar


I need you all to purr for my mum

January 17th 2009 8:07 am
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I'm up really late as Mum has been up with a really bad stomach ache. she had one with the works and I'm wondering if all my catster friends that read this could they please purr for her. Mum seems to think it food poisoning from some bad chicken she ate for tea last night. I didn't think there's such a thing as bad chicken but this time there seems to be.

I will stay with her and look after and purr for her too.

Thanks in advance.

UPDATE: It was food poisoning but thankfully Mum got over it quickly and is ok. I was worried about her for a while there. She is still being careflu about what she eats and drinks. Mum says she is suffering more from lack of sleep then anything else at the moment.


Ka - zar

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