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A Week at Grammie's

Too Much Fun!

February 24th 2006 3:26 pm
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Well, it was a very strange week! They loaded me up in a crate and took me to Grammie's for a week. For some reason I am not allowed to stay home alone.

At Grammie's, I have to stay upstairs away from the dogs, but with one of Grammie's friends, Sue, who was there for a visit. Sue loves cats but I am not just a cat! I am a fearless hunter always in search of a new adventure!

Sue had all kinds of new stuff with her and I managed to steal a few things!
Sometimes, I would let Sue pet me but then of course, I had to sleep in my own bed in another room. Lots of times, we played hide n' seek but Sue couldn't catch me when I hid under the bed! Sue didn't know I could let myself out of the room by putting my paw under the door and pulling, but she learned pretty quick! Sometimes, I splashed water all over the bathroom floor and it was really funny went Sue got wet paws, too! I also found the dried flowers they hid in the closet. Oh yeah, leather furniture makes a great scratching post. Grammie was not happy about that!

They tried to send me home yesterday, but I knew where to hide so they couldn't catch me. Today, they tricked me and stuck me in the crate. Now that I'm home, I can torture my doggie sisters, Shelby and Darby. Life is such an adventure, isn't it? It's good to be home again!

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