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My Secrets! (well, not really)


February 10th 2008 12:20 am
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I now I have posted diary entries before but I realised I had never posted a diary entry about me! So here it is: The complete utter life of SIR TEDDY BEAR EDWARD NIGEL SPACKMAN THE THIRD.
I am cute, chubby, furry and unresistible!
I like to sleep. A lot.
I like hangin' with my cat friends who live in my street.
I like to eat. A lot.
Humans fall in love with me at first sight!
I like tipping glasses over (i like seeing the water fly through the air)
A few days ago I was seen on the fence hangin' with a baby possum and my mate Casper.
The song Apologize by Timbaland puts me in a happy trance.
I like eating spiders.

I hope you've learnt a bit about me!


My cat friend keeps stealing my owners socks!

January 19th 2008 2:07 am
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I have a friend called the Ginger Cat. Thats what all my cat friends and I call him, know one knows what hes really called, it's it bit odd really. When ever we bring up the subject of his name he changes the subject! Very odd..... Anyway, lately i have been seeing Ginger Cat running into my backyard, running up our tree that goes close to the balcony, jumping off the tree and landing on the balcony and stealing our socks off the drying rack!! Normally he does it when I'm a asleep (thats most of the time) But once I was sitting on the balcony and I witnessed Ginger
Cat climb up the tree, jump onto the balcony, give me cheeky grin and steal my owners socks! I was so
suprised! I didn't do anything I just stood there in shock, my mouth wide open. He grapped the socks with his mouth and then ran down the tree again. He did it so fast! It was amazing! My owners are getting quite upset about it, my mummy went out today and 10 new pairs of socks for the family! I don't know what to do, I think I might
go up to him and give piece of my mind! I'll keep you posted about what happens.


Its My Birthday!! I'm one!!

September 7th 2007 8:03 pm
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Meow! Its my birthday today! I'm now offically one year old. I feel so much older and wiser..... (well not wiser actually) This morning I slept in as late as I want then I woke to the delicous smell of top-of-the-range dry food. Yumm....... I also got some presents. I THINK I SAW A CAT LEAD! I THINK THEY'RE GOING TO START TAKING ME ON WALKS!! NOOOO!! I also got a delicous packet of Greenies. Yum. I got lots of hugs and pats then the little girl and I played with my ball-on-a-string. Then they all left the house to their human things. Humph.
But that was good because I could have a afternoon nap. Ohh!! And I'm having fresh fish for dinner!! My
From your adorable, one year old, Teddy Bear. --m(^0^)m--

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