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Looking Back

September 23rd 2007 11:01 pm
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My Mom just passed away and I find myself thinking about the past a lot. A big part of my past was when I got married and we got a kitten. Fuzzy was that kitten. She was a very spunky and playful little girl. She was with us when we moved half way across the country. Meowing loudly the whole way. She was still here when I found the wild kittens. She showed them what to do with a toy mouse. I think their latest mouse hunting success has a lot to do with the short time they had with Fuzzy. Fuzzy was a natural born hunter. We didn't discover this until she was already an elderly cat. And, she was a catch and release type hunter. She didn't hurt the mice she caught. She brought them to me alive and well.
She used to sleep on my bum. She was light as a feather, unlike my present bed time partner, Squirrel. Squirrel is about 12 pounds but is a small cat with small feet. So, the pounds per square inch on her tiny feet are astronomical compared to Fuzzy at about 8 pounds and with normal sized paws. When Fuzzy wanted me to wake up, she would sit on me and use the tip of one of her claws to paw at my lip. Pretty hard to ignore that. But that is better than what that Squirrel does. Squirrel attacks my feet. And, even through thick blankets, she draws blood. If that doesn't work, she turns on my bedside lamp.
Fuzzy was a very fun cat. She used to come up to me with a look in her eye that meant, "Chase Me!" and I would.
It has been over 3 years, and I still miss her.


Fuzzy - 1986-2003


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