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Tabby Tales

Tabby got her wings

July 14th 2015 9:16 pm
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Tabby had been losing weight lately but she ate like a horse. She would always be the first to the food bowl. I even started bringing her into the laundry room this last week and fed her some canned friskies. The last couple of days she just nibbled at it but she still came running for the food.

I came home from work today and Tabby was laying on the floor in front of the fridge. I knew her time was coming. We went out on the deck for a few and she walked around. Purring the whole time. Then I brought her in and we watched some tv. I laid down around 8 cuz I was tired. Tabby was on the pillow next to me. I dozed and would wake up and check on her. At 10:30pm I woke up and she was leaving me. She took her last breath at 10:38pm as I held her and said goodbye. My Tabby Girl is gone.

She was so unique. She would paw at my face and lick my face and give me kisses. Anytime she got bopped in the nose, she would just freeze, close her eyes tightly, scrunch her nose and mouth tightly for a minute like she had gotten hurt and that was her way of letting me know she was hurt and when she got over it. The other cats just sneeze a few times and then they're over it. Tabby was so different. Tonight I read through her diaries because it's been so long. I had forgotten so much but had remembered all the things as I read them.

I can't believe my baby is gone. Out of the original 10 kitties I moved into this house with, I am down to 2 now. I know nothing lasts forever and I know this day will come with each of my babies but it never gets easier and each one hurts me terribly when they leave. Tabby really was special and will always hold a special place in my heart. Rest in peace sweet girl. I hope you took my love with you and will hold it tightly. I hope to be reunited with all of my babies when it's my turn to cross the bridge. I hope Tabby comes to visit me and lets me know she is there. My heart is once again broken in two and she took half of my heart with her. Until we are forever together again, I miss you Tabby. I love you with all of my heart and soul. My life will never be the same again. You are flying free and flying high now that you got your wings. God Speed my Tabby Girl. I love you sweetie. Rest in peace now. Thank you so much for sharing your life with me and choosing me to be your mommy. I still can't believe you are gone. You died so quickly and quietly but you fought til your last breath. I am so proud of you. Til we meet again...I love you Tabby Girl.


Diary of the Day!!!

June 10th 2007 6:59 am
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Currently I'm hiding somewhere in the house and mom didn't know why until she opened up her email. There are several emails from my wonderful friends on Catster letting me know that they've given me rosettes. Mom continued down the list and then she saw the one from Catster letting her know that I'm today's Diary of the Day featured on the home page. The HOME page. There I am! Me, the Diary of the Day. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! But mom's confused as to why I'm hiding. That's because I'm embarrassed. I'm not used to being in the limelight for the whole world to see. I'm the the first furbutt in the house to receive this incredible honor! Some of them have been selected as a Diary of the Day before, but never the one on the home page. So, I'm a little bashful at the moment, but mom is sure that I'll snap out of it pretty soon (at least she's hoping anyway).

Guess what else has happened? I've been Tagged and so has Shelby!!! I was tagged by Zorilla and Ele! Yay! I feel better now. Thank you!!! So does that mean I get to write another 7 facts? We'll have to wait and see how many I can come up with.

I've received rosettes from Sammie and KiKi, Zorilla, Samoa, Ele, Simba, Sami and Pippin. Thank you so much for the beautiful rosettes! I also got a Star from Tinker! It's so shiny and bright. I'll wear it furrever! Thank you every kitty for the rosettes and the star. They're purrfect and I love them. That was very sweet and thoughtful of you!!! I'll send out "thank you's" shortly.

I wanted to say a special Thank You to Catster and to those that selected me as the featured Diary of the Day kitty today. This is an incredible honor. I was very surprised and never thought that this could/would have ever happened to me. Thank You Catster and to all my wonderful friends here on Catster. We're all looking forward to many more years to come for being a part of the Catster family!!! I am a very happy kitty today!

Update: Well, my day is winding down way too quickly! Thank you to all my kitty friends that have sent me rosettes, treats, pmail of concatulations, and requests for friendship. You all made my day so much brighter! I am a very lucky kitty!!!

I finally came out of hiding and found that mom had moved the turtles again while she fixes the tank that they're usually in. So, I just had to investigate. Mom took a few pictures and posted them to my page. That big turtle is just as big as I am. I hope he doesn't get out of that container! I'm sure no one would want that to happen!

Thank you again for everything! I've had a purrfect day today!!!


Random Facts

June 6th 2007 5:44 pm
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Well, I didn't get tagged in the Tagged game that went around. I'm feeling left out and so was Shelby. So, we're writing about ourselves anyway. We don't need to be invited.

1. I'm a bully to some of the other furbutts in the house. I love to chase Shelby and attack her. I pick fights with Tanner but he's starting to fight back.

2. I don't like Simon or Lucky. They constantly chase me. I always have war wounds on my nose.

3. I'm a momma's girl. I protect her and attempt to fight off any other furbutt if they try to get too close to mom.

4. Mom cleans out the litter boxes everyday, but I will only urinate in the boxes immediately following the cleaning. If I have to pee and another furbutt has used the box, I retaliate by urinating in the bathroom sinks. I've done it a few times right in front of mom.

5. I absolutely love to play with Sunny. He's the only furbutt I actually get along with.

6. Curiosity always gets the best of me. I have to stick my nose into everything. I probably only have a few lives left of my nine lives.

7. I have no desire to go outside anymore. I don't even bother sitting in the window. I already know what's out there and am not interested. I was a stray that got attacked by something. That's when mom captured me and took me to the vet to get fixed up. Can you blame me?

Well, there you have it. I'm sure there's more I could write, but I think I'll save that for another day. This was fun!!!


Oops! I did it again!

March 27th 2007 8:58 pm
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Mom's been giving me antibiotics to help my foot heal. She gave me the last of the antibiotics last Friday and everything looked great. Mom checked my foot and it looked like it was all healed for the most part. She checked my tummy and that looked pretty good too.

Saturday she looked at my foot and it looked like my foot had opened back up in one spot. Mom was confused. So then she thought that maybe she didn't look at it right the first time.

Then Sunday night, I was laying on the couch next to mom. So she checked my foot and started freaking out. I didn't seem to think anything was wrong, but you should have seen mom. At the same spot that mom was confused about the day before was a fresh HUGE gash. It's almost an inch long and a quarter of an inch deep and there was blood every where! I acted like nothing was wrong. There's also a couple of fresh scratches on my foot next to the gash. Mom was in the house the entire day with me and I never made a sound to let her now I was wounded AGAIN. Mom does not do good with blood (something about a squeamish stomach). She didn't know what to do. The antibiotics were finished and with my first set of shots coming due, that made things complicated. I can't get my shots if I'm taking antibiotics and mom didn't want to post pone my shots any more than she already has. So guess what she did?

She gently picked me up although I was bleeding all over her shirt, took me out to the sink. I just purred and purred. Then she turned on the water and held my foot under it. Boy did I squirm, dig my claws into her, meow at the top of my lungs and kept purring the entire time. She got the soap out and washed my wound, rinsed it out, and then wrapped me in a towel. She took me back to the sofa, sat down with me in her lap and held me. I gave her kisses on her nose to thank her for taking care of me and then I took a well deserved nap.

So tomorrow morning I go to the vet for my first set of shots. She'll have the vet look at my foot AGAIN and see if I need to take antibiotics again. I'll also get the stiches out of my belly from when I was fixed. Good thing too, cuz those things are starting to itch and irritate me. Mom sees me trying to pull them out myself. The vet told mom that she could remove my stiches herself but mom graciously declined that offer. Something about Murphy's Law.


Resting Comfortably

March 13th 2007 5:41 pm
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Mom came home from work yesterday, shoved that antibiotic pill down my throat to help my foot, and then shoved me in that carrier thing and hauled me off. I was scared because I didn't know where I was going. She took me to the v-e-t and left me there. I didn't even have any food or water. I was definitely in jail. That thing I call a jail at home is heaven compared to what I had to stay in last night and most of today. Then this morning the vet lady came in and took me to the back room. From there, things are a little fuzzy. The next thing I know, I woke up in that jail thing again.

The wounds on my foot were cleaned out again while I was knocked out. The fur on my belly is gone too and I got this long scar with stringy things poking out of my belly. The doctor calls them sutures. I was "fixed" and they tell me that I'm no longer of kitty bearing ability. I'm not sure how I feel about that but mom seems to be happy. Mom finally came to break me out of jail. I was never so happy to see a familiar face!!! They gave me a dose of pain medication right before I got to go home. They gave mom another dose to give me tomorrow night. So, I'm feeling no pain at the moment and resting comfortably.

I weighed in at 6.6 pounds today. That means I gained 2 ounces since Friday! Yay!!! The vet lady was really pleased with the condition of my foot. The swelling has gone down so much but she wasn't too happy about the kitty litter that keeps getting in the wounds. With the surgery today, I'm not allowed to use kitty litter for a week. Now there's some paper stuff in my box that mom uses in the hamster's cage. So now my belly should be able to heal as well as my foot. I still have to take the antibiotics for another 12 days or so, but I think I'm okay with that. I have to go back to the v-e-t on March 28th to get the sutures removed and to get my first set of shots.

My life has been pretty busy these last few days. I'm looking forward to the peace and quiet and being able to relax for a little while. So, now it's time for me to close my eyes and click my heels 3 times and repeat "there's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home".


I Figured It Out!

March 11th 2007 3:54 pm
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I'm not sleeping in the litter box anymore. I finally figured out what it was for. When mom went to bed last night, I was laying on the towel. She figured I was just taking a break from laying in the litter box. She woke up a few times and checked on me. (The kennel is right next to her bed). I was still on the towel. I've been laying on the towel all day today. Mom was pleasantly surprised. Then I decided to surprise her again. I climbed into the box and did what I'm supposed to in there. She said she is so proud of me. She keeps giving me kisses and I just purr and purr. This arrangement doesn't seem too bad so far. Of course it was short lived... she picked me up by the scruff of my neck and shoved that stupid pill down my throat again. That's gratitude for you! Right now, I'm resting comfortably again on the towel. Mom tells me that after she comes home from work tomorrow, she'll have to give me my antibiotic and then take me to the vet and drop me off for my spay surgery on Tuesday. I'm not looking forward to that!!!


Lots of Firsts

March 10th 2007 3:10 pm
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Well, I taught my mom a few things today. Mom opened up the kennel door a little while ago. She dangled a white mouse on a string in front of me. Boy did I hiss, spit, growled and swung at it. I tried to get that thing away from me as fast as I could. Mom's guessing I've never had toys before. She said she'll have to work at my playing with toys skills, cause obviously, I'm lacking.

Mom went out and bought a pretty purple collar with a bell on it. She said the bell was necessary because of Sunny and his first day or two in the house. Thanks alot Sunny! (I'm being sarcastic). She tried to put the collar on the first time and I hissed and tried to bite her. Then on the second attempt she literally had to choke me with it before I'd stop hissing. After she clipped it shut and let go, I was fine with it. Don't even notice it's there now.

Mom used something called a vacuum cleaner today. Of course with keeping up traditions, I did something unusual once again. When that big, loud thing came up to the front of the kennel that I'm jailed in, instead of backing as far away as possible and hissing at it, I jumped out of the litter box and got right up to the kennel door and hissed and swatted at it through the openings in the door. I made contact too. Of course that loud thing retreated and went away. It better run!!!

I love to have my head, ears, and chin rubbed. So, mom thought she'd try the brush on those same areas. She got the same reaction to the brush that she got with the toy mouse. Mom's pretty persistant and actually got the brush rubbed on one side of my face and the top of my head. When she tries to brush the other side of my face, I growl. I think I like the brush, but she's going to have to keep at it before I totally make up my mind.

Then it was time to give me my dosage of the antibiotic in pill form. Mom was ready too. She had the pill in the pill popper. She even went out and bought some towels to wrap me up in because I've bit and scratched her several times before. She wasn't going to take any chances. She had to pull me out of the litter box and of course I bit her. As soon as I was cleared from the kennel door, she grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and picked me up off of the floor. I tried to retaliate, but I didn't even have a leg to stand on (literally). As soon as I relaxed, she lowered me to the floor so that I could stand on my one good back leg. She got that pill popper thing and shoved that pill right down my throat. I swallowed it and she gently set me back in the kennel so I could crawl back in the litter box. It all happened so fast. She didn't even have to use the towel!

Mom said she was so proud of me. She says I'm a good kitty. She even gave me treats which I took right out of her hand (and I didn't bite her when I took them). She rubbed my head and ears and could see I was a little tired. So, with all that excitement, I'm worn out. It's been a day of lots of firsts. On that note, I'll be signing off of here so that I can catch up on my beauty sleep. Until next time...


My First Day on Catster

March 10th 2007 12:59 pm
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Wow! Today is my first day on Catster and things are happening so fast. I've gotten friendship requests, treats, been corraled, and I've gotten my very first Star from Karma Kitty. She is such a sweet heart! Thank you for the purrty shiny star! I feel so special!!! This is so exciting. It sure does beat hiding in the bushes, scrounging for food, and even chasing those birds that taunt me! So, I just wanted to say hello to all the kitties on Catster and to thank the kitties that have made my introduction to Catster so exciting!!! Thank you!!! Hope you all have a purrfect weekend!

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