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Freakky Friday's Fun Zone

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Petsmart and All Kinds of Fun

July 3rd 2013 8:26 am
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Dis is how I imagined it after Meowmy told us all about the trip :

Ok so we got to Petsmart after a two hour ride ~ I rode up front wif Meowmy. The girls are smaller so they had the back seat. We had snacks and water and the younger gurls had some activity toys to keep dem busy, but they didn't use dem as they were busy looking out the windows watching the scenery.

We got to Petsmart and I helped Meowmy get the gurls in the cart, Neiko and Bailey were put in the front and Bijou sat on a small stool like the princess she is and I stood up in the back wif mai nose pointing forwards. I was the navigator, telling Meowmy when to stop so we can check things out!!

First fing we did was sign up fur the Petperks card and found out about all the benefits, like for instance, if we buy sumfin and don't like it, even if we tried it, including food, we have two months to return it!!....this is the most pawtastic pet service we ever heard of!!

ok, so we found the Laurel Burch pet carrier fur Neiko's Birfday as we each had $5.00 to spend so we pooled our funds togefur and Meowmy put in the rest and we got that...then we found some toy mousies that rattle wif feather tails on sale fur 26 cents each so bought four of those and a glitter ball for 26 cents. Meowmy bought Neiko a really neat toy from Petlinks. Its a bird in a cage that chirps just like a real bird

Bird in a Cage toy

....since Neiko loves to watch dem birdies out the window and Meowmy got a bag of treats for the gurls, a ho foolistic kind, Mighty Lion, and grain free too. I am not a treat kind of guy and these were on sale for 4.99 so the gurls only get two each a day on those! Will buy more of those in the future

Mighty Lion treats

We got Exquiste Cat litter 40 lbs for 9.99 and really like this one, but wanted Dr. Elsies. Only Dr. Elsies comes in big bags and Meowmy was thinking wee would probable knock the bag over and spill the litter all over the floor ~ so have to get a container first to put that in

The gurls got some new canned food to try ~ on the pricey side!! ~ and then also some Friskies ~ good thing this was bought as Neiko does not care for the Innov brand food. There was three or four high end brand names bought to try..Baiely and Bijou ate the Innov and of course, I am on my special food for life but can only get at the vets.

This first trip was a "let's check this out" we can also shop online.

We will definitely be going back to this store!!!

There are collars to buy and Meowmy is kicking herself right now as there was a real pretty one that was pink wif ladybugs on it, purrfect for Bailey, so keeping our paws crossed we can still buy it the next time we're there!!

There is also Laurel Burch pet bowls and this is on our Chrittmas wish list!!


No Rusty!!

July 2nd 2013 9:26 am
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Hey the night before we go into the city to visit wif mai fur cousin, Rusty, we finds out our Uncle is gonna leave the same day we come in, a last minute wedding!!~PFFFFT!!

We still went in to do some shopping and had a pawtastic time!! Going back, too!!

Will have to try again at the end of July to see Rusty and meet him and get pictures of him up ~ should also go through our toys and bring him some!!

Its extremely humid out today and we are going to be staying in!!


Sooo Catcitied!! ~ We're Going Shopping at Petsmart!! And I- Get's to Meet Mai New Furisin

June 27th 2013 7:35 am
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Yippee this coming Sunday we're going into Winnipeg to visit wif furmily and furiends!!!

Never thought this day would come, just seemed to take forever, MOL!!

Getting up early in da morning and having some eats and den putting a few things in the car, Saturday we're double checking everyfing to make sure we're all ready to rock n' roll!!

I'm already checking out Petsmarts online flyer and their are sales going on, too!! Found out about getting a card when we get there to help save even more!!

Check out this flyer!!~it's the Canadian one we're looking at:

I'm just sitting here drinking mai morning cuppa GoGo with nip cream and going thru the flyer, dreaming away, MOL!!

Going to get new litter, Dr. Elsie's on sale and some ofurs, too, we just need to check this all out and the toys too ~ Neiko is having a birfday coming up in August so we need to get her a little sumfing and then check out the jungle gym's, really want one of those...maybe fur Chrittmas?

We can even order online but want to check things out wif mai own paws first, MOL

I gets to meet mai fur cousin, his name is Rusty!! Going to take pictures of him and show him off to alla mai wonnerfur furiends here on Catster!!~that's YOU!! =)

Oh!!~I'm so catcitied!! I won't be here on Sunday you see why, MOL!!

Meowmy mikght even take us kibbies to Joeys Only fur supper ~ HMMM all that delicious fish!!

It's gonna be a wonnerfur day!!


To Everything There Is a Season

June 25th 2013 9:55 am
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How often have we heard this saying? Lots I suppose and yet how true these words are.

I have furiends who are furry sick wif cancer and so does mai Meowmy. Now she will go down a path once again, but as a friend, a sad path ~ one that is preparing meomwy and her friends for a "See You Later" day in the future.

Meowmy has a friend who has cancer and they just found out the numbers are thru the roof and the doctors can't do anything more, except give more medicine for in the mean time.

I know this friend, its mai Meowmuys boss, Carol, and we can't say anything to anyone in town. How do you hold anger, frustration, sadness inside and not share it? The owners of the quilt store told Meomwy their wishes of wanting to protect the business and not let anyone know how bad Carol is...will abide by this wish.

Mai furiends are Carol and her husbands kibbies and we halp look after all eleven of them whenever Carol and Wayne have to go away...I feel really bad for the kibbies, too ~ cause their Meowmy is sick

So now Meowmy will be working a lot more at the quilt store and helping them as much as possible.

We've gone down this road before when mai Uncle Dave had cancer and had to leave in 2008 ~ it still chokes Meowmy up ~ oh she is crying really hard now

Getting angry and frustrated and wanting to scream is a natural feeling but putting one foot in front of the other is needed too!!~

Meowmy has gone thru a lot and is prepared for such a time as this...its going to be hard, but with friends keeping us in thoughts and prayers it will help and so will be able to come here to Catster and loving and sharing and having fun and chuckles be a soothing balm too!

We don't know how long this journey will be but we will go down the road set in front of us...I'm going over to their house to purrlay wif Sweet William (we can be twins, we look so much alike) and zander and Opie, too and the rest of the kibbies....we're going to have fun and I will also listen and hug mai furiends as they share they're feelings too!!

Mai kibbie furiends know that by laying on their Meomwys lap and cuddling wif her, they are sending healing and loving vibrations into their Meomwys body!!..I'm going to remind them to keep doing that too!

Pawese remember our furiends and Meowmy in your thoughts and prayers


Summer Time~Special Care Needed

June 19th 2013 6:12 pm
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Well it's going to be officially summer in a couple of days but with the heat and humidity already creeping up there, Meomwy has been busy trying to keep us all cool inside the house

There are other things covering mai windows now~and Mr. Sunshine is having a hard time getting in!! MOL!!~Meowmy says that is her aim!!

At night I get to have the windows open for fresh, cool air and it sure feels nice....I get so catcitied, mai tail starts to twitch, MOL!!

I don't know what it's like to be an outdoor kibbie, heck I've never been outside on the ground, don't know what the grass feels like on mai paws so the question is, how do the ofur kibbies who are outside stand the heat and humidity? ~ it makes mai Meowmy sick so it would probably make me sick, too.

We live beside a farm and the two doggies come on over, a great White Pryreens and a German Shephard..they are nice and friendly, Meowmyt makes sure there is a bucket of water in the shade fur them if they want it or fur any fur that is in need of water to quench their thirst and help keep their body temperature in check.

I am just in the process of making mai list from a flyer Meowmy found online fur a Petsmart...Yay we have dem up here in Canada!! Meowmy is going to go and check them out on the 30th when she goes into the city to visit and shop

Never too early to start planning Chrittmas wish list!! MOL!! *Friday lauffs and smiles big*

Well maybe what I will put at the top of the list is fur all the kibbies to be well taken care of in this heat...especially the ones hoomans pass by out in the world..pawese take a mement to fink how a small act of kindness can help a kibbie survive and thrive in the intense summer heat.


*SNIFF*~Open Windows and Fresh Air

June 9th 2013 12:26 pm
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Aww ~ dis has got to be mai favorite time of the year!!~love it when the windows are open and I can smell da fresh air coming into the house!

Sometimes I get so catcitied, I even jump up onto the counter and look out the window wif mai nose against the screen and I even am lucky to see a bird or two~well, den fur sure mai tail twitches and I look and act like a young kit again~puts a smile on Meowmy's face, too, not to mention my own MOL!!

Life goes by so fast and our summers are soo short, Meowmy can't get mad and tell us to get off when we are indoor kibbies and get all catcitied wif the scent and wiff of a cool breeze coming into the house!!

Last week someone came into our house and said out loud, "One of the cats is on the counter". I heard Meomwy say it was ok, we're allowed to do this, its our house and we can do whatever we want to!!

*Big Smiles on his face*


Thank YOU All !!

May 28th 2013 7:53 am
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Would like to take this time to put down for a memorial for mai Meowmy in later times to look back upon mai Daily Diary Pick~fur alla mai furiends who sent paw~a~grams and rosies to decorate mai page, sent well wishes from the heart~thank you fur taking time to remember us!!


mai Auntie Dana made a bewtifur one

Jax and his Meowmy made a picture for us with all the kibbies who werre DDP's for the day


Angel Buddie and Smiley Cassanova


Mac, Ivy, Legolis and Crew sent me a lovely Red heart

Milo, Mallee, Smokey Joe and Crew sent me a lovely Red Ribbon

Sonny Bono, Presley, Paris sent me Power of The Paw along with a message of healing and keeping me in their Prayers

Angel Buddie sent me a special Blue Ribbon for healing

Tiger, Tiny and Beauty sent me a Canadian Flag


Inky, Milo, Tiger and Jezebel read and commented on mai diary entry~

Thank you all soo musch!!~it was on Memorial Day~a furry big holiday in the United States of America and you all had time to do this fur little ol' me!!~I am truly touched and honored indeed!!


What a PAWSOME Day!!~A Daily Diary Pick

May 27th 2013 12:24 pm
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Wow, were we ever surprised when we opend our mail and saw all the messages!!~

Bailey and I are Daily Diary Picks today!!~now how pawsome is that? two in the same furmily!!~but what is even more pawsome is that Angel Aggie is also a Daily Diary Pick~whoa!!~and on Memorial Day too!!..thank you Catster for allowig us to be Picks today!!

I sure would like to know how to save the picture with all of the kibbies who are Daily Diary Picks..I have seen this done and made into a frame but when I tried to do it, only on picture at a time!!

I will be thanking every fur for the telegrams, rosettes and well wishes for this special honor!!

Right now I have to let Bailey write in her diary, too, and then Meowmty needs to work..will write more in here later!!

P.S.~feeling a whole lot better and mai poop is forming up again, not so soft, but still very dark~thank you all once again for all of your prayers, purrs and cares along with POTP rosettes


May 22nd 2013 8:52 am
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Dear Diary
I sure am a happy boy!~feeling lots better and feeling the love sent to me by so many wonnefur caring kind furiends!

Da sun is shining, the grass is green and growing, birdies singing and plants growing~everyfing is just so bright and bewtifur!!~and you know sumfin? Catster is bright and bewtifur, too!!~YUP!!

We luv and share and purrlay and have lotz and lotz of fun and caring times!!

Summer is gonna be here furry soon~hot weafur!~oh oh, Meowmy is gonna melt!!~hey, we’re still gonna be here everyday (when we can)

I luvs Catsterland!!~it’s a kewl purrlace, dats fur sure!!~and I luvs alla mai furiends, too !!~and ya know sumfin? There sure is lots of kibbies and more being added effury day!!~I’m soo glad I found dis wonnnerfu place

I am getting better effurday, too!!~I hang out wif mai furmily again, and even ask Meowmy fur food!!

I’m gonna go halp Meowmy set up da kitty pool ~it’s fur all of us, and we can have our furiends over fur a pool pawty!!

kitty pool

So come one over and have fun !!Fun!!Fun!!..oh it’s gonna be wonnerfur


Spoke With The Vet

May 21st 2013 2:54 pm
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Well, the vet feels that Friday did have a low grade UTI like the first time...he is very suseptible to these

It is decided that after Friday has finished his meds tonight, we will let him be for a few days and see if his poop will improve and not be so soft and watery. If it still is then we will try Fort a Flor on him and this med can also be mixed into his food.

Friday has to be sedated when he goes into the vets and he gets so stressed out, he makes himself more sick. So the vet wants to try and see if his bowels will improve in a few days on their own or go the meds route and see how that goes.

Friday's urine is still nice and clear, good output, and he is not licking his privates excessively like he was doing before nor is he hiding from me and the other kibbies..these two last things are a give away when Friday is having issues.

Thank you to all of his wonderful friends for thinking of Friday, sending purrs and prayers and POTP..these help and work!!

I didn't feel so alone this time!~thank you so much!!

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