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Hey Hey...I'm Still Here!

April 23rd 2007 5:49 pm
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I know I haven't updated my diary in awhile...*looks back at Meowmy and shakes his head*...Meowmy has been way too busy lately with work!

Good for her, but that does not help my writing skills and also getting things from my mind down on paper...some of it is for posterity,MOL

Bijou's pawty was really quite good. Not too many showed up, but she had the time of her life and that is the main thing.

We donated the extra treats and food and drink to a shelter for kitties who are still waiting for forever homes and now can enjoy some real great treats.

Trixie pmailed today, FINALLY, I miss her so much! Hopefully we can go on a date , like to a movie real soon.


Worried about my furiends.....

April 16th 2007 5:30 pm
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There's a real big bad storm happening down in the Eastern US, snow in some parts and heavy rains with huge gusts of winds in other areas. Big risk of flooding. Worried about my furiends in these areas. Wished them safety.

I am a Daily Diary Pick! Meowmy was out all day, getting some things for Bijou's birthday which is on Saturday. So we are trying to catch up on all the mail. Am sure everyone will understand if can't answer all, considering all that's happening all around us!

Will be posting Bijou's Birthday pawty this week. Hope lots of kitties can make it. It's her first one, so it's a special time, just like she is to us.


Hey!.....Guess WHAT!!!...

April 14th 2007 6:06 pm
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We might not be moving! We all like it better in the country anyway. We have a house to live and windows to look out of and a yard we can watch Momma putter around in. Actually, I'm the assistant supervisor! I watch and make sure the jobs are getting done properly. We watch from our office at the front room window! And now that it's getting warm out, I can check things on the side of the builsding construction site (building flowers) and get some fresh air too.

Bobbie now has 15 votes, but he needs lots more and as his campaign manager, I better promote Bobbie more!

I haven't heard from my Trixie in a few days. I miss her! Sure hope everything is ok. Better pmail her right now!


It was a Bobbie Day....

April 12th 2007 6:38 pm
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Momma was busy with Bobbie for a change. And in the middle of all their work we also had house chores to do. Yah, the kitchen is bigger! Magic, I George I think it is.

A kitty needed wings so off to Sassy and Pepper's Momma we went. And a young kitty of only 2 years, BW, went to the Bridge this morning. Bobbie made sure to gather all the fur babies up to the gate so they could all welcome and help this little guy as he disembarked from Angels's Wings. That's our Bobbie. He needed and wanted Mama today and that's ok cuz we have her all the time.

I was a lazy bum, just wanted to sleep, and sleep, after the house chorse of course.

It was real nice out, sunny and warm. Maybe that's why I was such a lazy bum!


Meowmy's finally home....

April 11th 2007 5:54 pm
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We weren't too happy with Meowmy. She was gone from Sunday afternoon until last night, Tues, April 10th. Went to the Big City, she's says. Now we can use the puter, have ta have supervision... *turns to Meowmy and says SHEEESH* what does she think I'M going to do, blow up the puter? MOL

We were BORED silly, that's all we did, besides the ususal. Hey, at least we didn't make a mess.

I was mad at her and showed it for awhile last night, too. Played hard to get, that's what I did. Like don't touch me and I can't hear you. Drove Meowmy crazy, he he.

The news is, we might not be moving after all. Can't find a place where cats are allowed. The Big Bad City is getting tough on that! Lax on fixing the real problems, like being murder capital of Canada (per capita) hugh crack cocaine problem, outragious car thefts, this is just to name a few. So maybe we stay in a small community, at least we will stay safe and we do have a house to live in!


Happy Easter....Diary of the Day..WOW

April 8th 2007 9:12 am
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Wow Diary of the Day! What a surprise and honor. I'm almost getting over being speechless. Easter time will always be special for us, as this is when Meowmy saved my life from certain death. I was being starved and abused. She says I didn't have a voice then but I sure do now, MOL

Mewomy brought me home for good on Easter Sunday, 2005. I hadn't had food in a week and there was an open wound on the top of my head. Mewomy says it looked like the people burnt my with a cigarette. The hole where fur should have been was a perfect circle and size the same as the end of a cigarette.

I will always be grateful for Meowmy saving my life. I would not be alive today had she not found me at Easter time two years ago.

I thank everyone at Catster land for bestowing this honor on my family, for I share this gift with my family.

Thank you once and again, and have a safe and Happy Easter!


One more day....

April 6th 2007 6:59 pm
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One more's just like christmas excited about the pawty, more like excited I'm going on a first date with Trix. I have never had a date before....*nervous feelinfs, and butterflies already starting*

We haven't done our diaries in a couple of days on account of meowmy not feeling well and very tired. We have not had a full night sleep since Monday!

We went shopping yesturday, Meowmy stayed home and slept. We bought her a present for Easter...and somefin she can use on us all the time...*drum roll*'s a digital camera. She's gonna freak!

We luv's our Meowmy


Bobbie's in a Contest

April 3rd 2007 9:13 pm
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Mewomy put Bobbie in a contest on Snobbydog. Hope he wins, but even if he doesn't, he's still a winner! He was alawys soo cute! Meowmy had to watch him like a hawk, soos nobody steal him, it's true!

I want all my friends to vote for him, he deserves it! They should just read up on him and see for themselves.

I played in the boxes again today. Mewomy was all over the house, doing this going in there, throwing that out, packing those, givng that away, saving this for the yard sale....sheesh, meowmy, lets just play, ok?


Pawty....Pawty.....TRIXIE......TRIXIE.....Oh La La!!!!

April 2nd 2007 7:27 pm
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Hope BOCU can figure out a time for this pawty. I'm still going to be able to take Trix out, even though it sounds like it's at night. I'm going to take good care of her....I made a promise.

Mewomy was still under the weather so no appointments made! I will remind her first thing in the morning. I really want to shine!!!

You know, I really like it here at Catster Land. Everybody is pretty neat and cool. Lots of nice Kitty's and over at Dogster Bobbie has made some real good friends. The best friend I've made is Trixie, she's just so neat and cool. And smart - she has a clock so I can always check to make sure what time it is where she lives and get her home on time!


Trix Can Come With Me!!...

April 1st 2007 6:12 pm
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Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, am I ever excited. Trix's Mum and Dad said she can go with me to the pawty next week! Well, I better make sure Mewomy books me an appointment to get my nails done, and I would like my coat minged I think. I really want it to have a nice healthy gloss to it. I need to finish my Easter shopping too! Today was Palm Sunday, already!!

I wrote Trix's pawents a note to let 'em know I will look after Trix and make sure she's not late getting home, Mewomy told me that would be the kind thing to do. Let them know how responsible I am.

Still dreary out, wind very cold, lightly snowing for awhile. Meowmy not feeling good, sore throat and feverish. We need to take good care of her! I got PaPa Buddy to help me make some chicken noodle soup after we came home from stopping in a b-day pawty. We didn't stay very long, knew Mewomy wasn't well.

Just going to watch a funny movie, called Hamburger. Hmmm, sounds like food, wonder if it will be any good?.....Friday

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