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I Got's Da Spring Fever, Oh YEAH!!!

April 2nd 2014 7:56 am
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It's April and no flowers, still snow on da ground, sheesh!!

Had the window open just once so far fur some fresh air. I am a desperate boy, I got's dem Spring fever feelings. I really need to do something,

I think the girls are going a bit squirrely too ~ Bijou is kinda more bossier than ever, if that is possible, MOL!! Bailey is chasing me, and scaring me. And Neiko has decided she doesn't like the food all at once. The mornings around here are like a three ring circus lately too.

Picture this: Meowmy has four bowls lined up on the counter, fills mine with my special food and tops with water then she does the girls food, looking at Neiko's bowl trying to figure out how much to add, since Neiko has decided to be a finicky eater. I jump on the counter and try to help Meomwy by being the food tester and get told to get DOWN!!

Bailey and Neiko are boxing each other behind us and Bijou is either upstairs or downstairs waiting to be served, never know where she is until her food is ready to be served.

they all go into the microwave for 9 seconds, enough to take the chill off the food. I then follow Meowmy to the bathroom, prancing like a champion horse or something, meowing my head off. the bowl is placed on the bathroom floor and door closed

ok, so now for the girls, bowls put down. Look for Bijou and bring her to her food bowl. Now Neiko may eat some, but lately she looks at it and walks away. She wants the hard food. Ok, so give her that and she may eat it or leave that too!! although she will eat it once I come out of the bathroom, which reminds me, If I am in there and hear that bag, I go ballistic!! I want out now and i want some of that!! Yeah, only problem, I am not allowed hard food.

See, Spring or cabin fever, have your choice, but nothing is satisfying us anymore and we're starting to drive me nuts, MOL!!

So meomwy has decided to drive further tomorrow and go into Brandon and visit a pet store, Best West Pet foods to pick up some different foods, hoping this will help.

i am also getting some new food, will still be on the medicated stuff but am going to try some other stuff that is very very close in the analysis of what I eat. Maybe Neiko will like it too!!

So yeah, I gots the spring fever and the cabin fever too, so do the girls ~ whats a guy to do??

Purred by: fuzz (Catster Member)

April 2nd 2014 at 12:45 pm

well sounds like a lot of work related to food... my sister buzz and I love food and mom says we are neurotic about it... especially buzz... mom says I am fat because of buzz always begging and mom giving in ... and giving her food and of course I get some too.... buzz never gets fat tho.... we too are waiting for the snow to melt... getting to go outside always helps us...
Purred by: Pistachio DB #179b (Catster Member)

April 3rd 2014 at 5:55 pm

MOL! sounds like the circus at our house. I hear ya Friday--I like the crunchy food best but mom is restricting it for all of us *pouts* Good luck to her finding something that helps.
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April 3rd 2014 at 6:37 pm

So we got no snow maybe a few patches left here and there but Mum went 90 minutes south two days ago and there was like 4 feet of snow right up to the windows and ice and thick snow on the roads. The only nice part was the hoar frost on the trees. But it was cold. Mum couldn't believe it it was like the middle of January.

I went for a walk last Sunday here. I loved it. When I tried to eat the old dried up weeds Mum yanked on my leash! And there was a Magpie after me.I can't wait to go out again.

About your food issue. If Neiko won't eat much of either wet or dried I wouldn't let it go on too long before taking her to the vet. Me, I love my venison and wild salmon as long as the leftovers in the fridge are heated up for 8 seconds. Hehe

I gotta go for some nap time now, Friday. See ya around!


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