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Sharing the Christmas Story Meowmy Wrote Fur Me...

December 23rd 2012 11:23 am
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I am sharing this Christmas story Meowmy wrote fur me on Christmas Eve 2008. Meowmy was missing me very much and wanted to give me one last thing for Christmas and this is what she did..she wrote me a story and here it is..writing mistakes and this one goes out to all the new Angels at the Bridge this year..and for anyone who is missing the ones gone before us..


Gather around everyone for I have a tail to tell. It’s a very old story indeed. The story begins one cold wintry night in a town called Bethlehem. This is a town that is very far, far away. This place is still important today, for here we find everyone’s first Christmas story begins...

Bethlehem was overflowing with people who had come from far and near to be registered for a census decreed by the Roman Emperor. There were so many people, the town was bursting at it seams.

By the time Joseph and Mary made it to the town, there was no more room anywhere for them.

“I’m so sorry Joseph. If we didn’t stop and rest so many times we would have been here sooner.”

Gently placing both his hands around Mary’s face, Joseph replied, “Mary it is no one’s fault, especially yours. Don’t worry, there will be a place. For God would not allow his Son to be born out in the cold with no protection.”

On they walked through the town, searching for shelter from the cold. Around a corner they came to a crooked narrow street. And at the end of that street they came upon a small little Inn.

“Oh Joseph, I think my time is near, please hurry and talk to the Innkeeper.”

As Joseph searched through the crowd of people eating and making merry at the tables, he saw the Innkeeper bringing more food out from the kitchen.

Rushing to the man, Joseph loudly said, “Sir, we have need of a room. My wife’s baby is coming soon you see.”

Not quite hearing it all, as the dinning room was noisy this night, the Innkeeper said, “The broom is in the corner, but what does a baby need with a broom?”

“No, sir, my wife’s going to have her baby soon! We need a ROOM.”

Smacking his head, the Innkeeper replied. “Ohh, I’m so sorry, I misunderstood! I have no more rooms available. There is none to be had in all of Bethlehem.”

“What are we to do sir, the baby is coming and it’s very cold outside this night.”

Stroking his beard, the Innkeeper thought, ‘yes what indeed to do’. Then it came to him!

“I do have a stable right out back, it’s not much, but it will be warm and safe. What do you say?”

With no time to think Joseph replied, “It will have to do. A midwife is needed to.”

“I have no time to look for a midwife for you, look at how busy this night is for me,” replied the Innkeeper.

Looking past the people crowded in the dinning room, through the door, Joseph saw Mary sitting on the donkey, holding her swollen belly. ‘What am I to do?’ thought Joseph.

“Is there a midwife here!” Joseph cried out to the crowd.

A few people closest to Joseph looked up for a moment and then returned to their eating and story telling. Most just ignored him, too caught up with old family and acquaintances, too busy to care what this poor person needed.

“I will have a girl bring out some hot water and other necessary items for the birth of this child. I’m sorry, this is all I can do for you. Now I really must get back to work, I’m so very busy.”

“Yes, yes, of course kind sir, and thank you very much for letting us stay where at least my Mary and baby will be safe and warm.”

Turning to leave, looking once more at a crowd of people who didn’t care, Joseph thought of the baby coming, a baby everyone in this room looked forward to, but didn’t see. This child would be born in a stable, while these people went on in their story telling and visiting, and sleeping in a warm bed, with a fire near by.

‘No fire for us, not in a stable,’ thought Joseph. Ohh, Mary how I wanted so much more comfort for you and this child.

With a brave smile on his face Joseph went to help Mary down off the donkey’s back.

“I’m sorry Mary, there isn’t any room available. The kind Innkeeper is letting us use his stable out back.”

Mary saw the sadness in Joseph’s eyes. Knew he felt bad.

“It will be alright Joseph, you will see. At least it is some place out of the cold.”

Upon entering the stable they both felt the tender heat coming from the animals all about. There was a cow with her young calf in one stall, and a few donkeys over in another area. A goat with a couple of kids nickered around their mother. Close to a manger there were two cats along with a litter of kittens, softly curled up together to stay warm.

“See Joseph, it’s nice and warm in here. Oh my, Joseph, I think it’s almost time.”

Looking around, in all this humble surrounding, Joseph thought to himself, ‘only the animals here will be witness to the wondrous birth about to happen’.

A girl from the Inn entered just then carrying some hot water and old cloths and a lighted lantern.

“What a night to have a baby, it’s so cold. In the bundle of cloths you will find other necessary items for the birth. I’m sorry, but all the good cloths are being used by our guests.”

Gently smiling Mary replied, “That’s alright, we are grateful for these things. Thank you so very much. It is warm in here with the animals, and now we have more light.”

“You are welcome; if you need anything else, please let us know.”

After the girl left, Joseph shut the door from the cold and helped Mary spread a blanket down onto some hay. He then helped her lay down, to be more comfortable.

“Not the place I expected for you or the baby, Mary.”

“Joseph, God will be with us, everything will be alright. Look, even a place is here where we can put the baby higher off the cool ground.”

No animal made a sound, all watched quietly as baby Jesus came into this world. As they heard the angels singing, the animals came quietly closer to where He lay, helping to keep Him warm.

The kittens came forward last of all, scared of the big animals all around them but curious as to what was going on. Something special was happening here, they just knew it.

As Mary looked in wonder at it all, she spied the kittens and her heart went out to them, for they were the youngest and lowliest animals in the stable.

“Just look at them Joseph. I have never seen such a litter of kittens such as these. One has no tail, poor thing. Look at the long hair on that one. And that one has so many toes!”

There was one orange and white kitten who just seemed so shy and quiet.

“Come over here, little fellow and join the others,” laughed Mary

She finally did come over with a little more coaxing. Joseph picked her up and handed the little feline to Mary.

“Come see my baby, little fellow, He is tiny and new, just like you.”

With bright eyes this little one gazed down at the miracle of God’s birth. For even though she was very little, all of God’s creation rejoiced and knew of the Savior’s birth, the Great Creator’s son was born this night.

As Mary stroked this tiny feline’s forehead Mary wished her and the litter mates a full and happy life.

“Joseph, let us take this kitten home with us, it can grow up with Jesus.”

Laughing, Joseph replied, “Alright, Mary. But I think the kitten is more for you then the baby. I have a dog, you may have a cat.”

And so with the night of Jesus’ birth, each of the kittens who were present went to different parts of the world. The Magi camel boys each took one home with them. One to the Orient, one to Asia Minor, another to a far distant land. The others went to Egypt, and even sailed to Europe. All of these kittens became mothers and down through the years their offspring would know just who their Creator was from stories passed down.

And what of the one Mary took home with her? Well, if you look very closely at the offspring’s foreheads, you will see an M clearly marked on each of them. A special mark indeed.

Merry Christmas Buddy. I wrote this story for you. I like to think that Mary gave a special mark of favor to you and all of your ancestors. May you enjoy your very first Christmas in the presence of your Creator.

Much Love, Your Mama
December 24, 2008

Purred by: Timmy Tomcat DB #122a (Catster Member)

December 23rd 2012 at 12:25 pm

Oh Buddy this is simply wonderful!
Thanks to your Meowmy fur this beautiful message.
It is so needed this time of year as, yes, too many have made the trip. Thanks fur being there for them!
Timmy T and Family
Purred by: Tink the Cat (Catster Member)

December 24th 2012 at 7:52 pm

This is a wonderful Christmas story!! Merry Christmas!! Luv, Tink & Snow
Purred by: Raincloud (Catster Member)

December 25th 2012 at 10:15 am

Lovely : )

soft angel huggs... Raincloud ♥
Purred by: Smokey Joe Angel Dreamboat #9 (Catster Member)

February 9th 2013 at 1:15 pm

Smokey Joe flies in to read Buddy's shared story. sorry we missed this back last year. Reading it now. What a lovely story!! OH my how mom cat cried upon reading this. Thank you for reposting it from 2008. I went to the bridge in 2009 and wasn't efen on Catster until 2010. Mom thanks you so much for the pawsome story! Furry lovely. Furry meaningful. Thank you. Smokey Joe reaches ofur to hug his grand furiend, Buddy. Knowing we are together here at the bridge, knowing our meowmies remember us, knowing how much 'n we truly enhanced their lives, and we were so loved and adored, just makes mom love us more. We are. And we will always be. Angels from above. Angels in the hearts of our loved ones. We love and live on. Thank you Buddy. Thank you my furiend. Kitty furiends from the beginning, kitties furiends til the end. Purrs on 'n big hugs~!


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