PUDDY 1959 - 19??

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Picture of PUDDY 1959 - 19??, a female Domestic Shorthair

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"Puddy on our stoop in the Bronx 1960"

Home:NY DC And DE  
Sex: Female   Weight: 7 lbs.

Me (or sis) holding Puddy -- see, she was VERY friendly!!!

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"Me (or sis) holding Puddy -- see, she was VERY friendly!!!"

Puddy standing next to me -- it's Winter time and she is living outside......

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"Puddy standing next to me -- it's Winter time and she is living outside......"

Easter Sunday, April 17 1960. See Puddy on the Left side of the stoop? She's coming out of the bushes . Me and Sis to the right (I can't believe I used to dress like that)

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"Easter Sunday, April 17 1960. See Puddy on the Left side of the stoop? She's coming out of the bushes . Me and Sis to the right (I can't believe I used to dress like that)"

Wow! The back of this photo reads:

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"Wow! The back of this photo reads: "First pic ever taken of Puddy - Sept 1959. I called her to me and she came to me - notice the question mark tail!""

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Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
Quick Bio:
-part feral

June 1st 1970

Black and White

Food, Shelter, Love

No one EVER took her off the streets, except for ONE night

Favorite Nap Spot:
Next to the entrance of our Bronx Stoop, where the heat pipe was located behind the bricks

Favorite Food:
Anything anyone could give her


Arrival Story:
I had to give up my beautiful kitten Buttons in May 1959, and I was so sad!! I prayed to St Anthony again -- and I said "St Anthony, send me a cat!!!" A few weeks later, there was a beautiful black and white cat on our stoop!!! She would hide in the bushes, and when the building's Super left one of the basement windows open, she'd take shelter in the basement. Us kids named her Puddy -- she was young, and very friendly, allowing us to pick her up and pet her. She got to know us, and her name and would usually come running when we called her. "Mom!" I'd say -- can we PLEASE take her upstairs to live with us!?" "NO! She's WILD!" Mom would say....... Not so, Mom..... (Come on now!! 2002 - even my "wild" cat Cee Cee setlled in and is now very affectionate -- it took her a little more than a year, but so what? She -- Cee Cee -- is OFF the streets and in a loving responsible home -- mine!) -------------- Back to Puddy .... Winter came, and it was COOOLD in New York. Puddy would hunker down and sleep outside (if she couldn't get into the basement) near the bricks, behind which was the heat pipe. I would look out the livingroom and kitchen windows late at night and would see her little black-and-white form, huddled against those bricks. How badly I felt for her!! One night, when it was going to be MINUS 2 degrees, Mom said "OK, go downstairs and bring her up -- she can sleep in the kitchen tonight, but in the morning you HAVE to bring her back downstairs!!!" Oh -- I was HOPEFUL!! I went downstairs, and "pssst!psst!psst!" -- at that sound - Puddy got up from her hard cold sleeping area, RAN up to me, I picked her up and carried her up 3 flights of stairs (This was a WILD cat??? NOT!!!!) A box with newspapers, food and water were waiting for her in our warm kitchen. I cuddled her, and left her there, closing the door as per mom's instructions. The next moring I couldn't WAIT to see Puddy again! There was was, calm and warm -- Mom said "This cat was so nice, she even used the garbage pail as her litter box, instead of using the floor!!!" -----------MOM- Can we keep her?!" I said again, hoping Mom would have had a change of heart.. "NO!! Bring her downstairs!" Mom said again. And, sadly I carried Puddy back down the 3 flights of stairs with a can of cat food for her, and let her go back to her brick wall bed.

-----------Spring came, and... Puddy was rotund-- Pregnant. We eagerly awaited the birth of her kittens (Spay / Neuter of ferals was in its INFANCY at best, back then in 1960). One day she disappeared - we knew she'd had her kittens -- where were they? We couldn't wait to see the little family. A week later, we sadly found out where the kittens were -- we were watching TV one Sunday night when we heard cats screaming and fighting downstairs -- there was Puddy and the two neghborhood toms-- a HUGE orange one with a big scar on his lip, and a black and white fierce tom with wiry hair. Sis and I RAN downstairs -- Mom gave me a dish of warm milk to distract Puddy. We scared off the toms, and....sadly, saw that there on the side of the stoop, -- near the bushes where Puddy would sometimes take refuge -- were 4 little baby kitty bodies -- lifeless, horribly killed by the toms. Puddy was hunkered down forlornly next to her dead babies. I ran back upstairs -- Mom gave me Paper towels to pick up the little lifeless torn bodies with -- I took them away, comforted Puddy as best as I could.. I was SO sad. ------------------------ A few days later one of the "nice" "friendly-looking" women in our building came up to me and said "It's too bad about those kittens -- my husband was going to take them and bring them to his laboratory" . I was SHOCKED --- OH NO!!!!!!!! This pleasant woman was a member of Man"KIND" (not!) !!!! Those kittens never should have died -- in reality Puddy should have been spayed (Thank G-D for TNR (Trap-Neauter-Return of "feral" cats) and Low-Cost Spay Neuter programs today!!!), but I knew in my heart that those kittens, had they been taken to a laboratory, would have suffered a much worse fate than the horrible death they had encountered at the hands of those tomcats. --------------A few months later, Puddy, who still lived on our stoop, was pregnant again. After a few weeks, I never saw her again. My best friend, who lived across the hall from me, told me "The landlady took her away to go live on a farm." I was only 13, but I knew better . "Yeah, sure....!" I said hanging my head in sorrow. Sweet Puddy, I love you and miss you -- I hope you and your babies are playing in Heaven. - - - - - - - -Feral cats like Puddy are the product of IRRESPONSIBLE Human beings (members if man"kind"???) who DO NOT Spay and Neuter their cats, who abandon their cats and/or who let their cats wander. This is WRONG. Thos poor cats suffer. Thank G-d for Trap Neuter Return (TNR) , where good people who care for the fate and the plight of feral cats take care of them, Spay and Neuter them and make sure they live out their lives in relative comfort. Since these cats will no longer reproduce, TNR keeps feral cat populations down. NOW if ONLY EVERYONE became a responsible pet owner, there would be FAR fewer Cats like Puddy, who had a lifetime of suffering.

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