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The Life of a Princess Pork Chop

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Mommy's Shoes

May 17th 2010 2:44 pm
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I wish I had feet instead of paws because I have my mother's addiction....SHOES!
I love them. Every shape and color...I love them!

One of the first things Mommy does when she gets home is kick off her shoes. Years and years of funky shoe wearing have taken a toll on her feet but she continues to wear them. As soon as she does that, I run over and stand by them. For like an hour. It's like I am guarding them or something. Mom laughs at me and says she knows I am a girl, for sure!

Today was a special day as she had her shiny red patent leather pumps on. I really like them a lot. Oh, and it's not just dress up shoes...I love her running sneakers, her Harley boots and my MOST favorite is her very beat up brown leather flip flops. Those...well, I FLOP on them!

Love to the Purrs!


Pukes, Poops, and Pees......

May 3rd 2010 5:15 pm
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I did all three of them in the middle of the night......

In my litter box in the master bathroom!

I woke Mommy up by smacking my lips. That is always a good indication that I am going to hurl. I ran down my bed stairs and into the bathroom, Mom following closely. She was amazed when I ran straight to the litter box and yakked! Since she was up, Mom decided to use the potty and that is when I hopped in my box and started digging for China. It is quite an ordeal for me to make the proper since crater for me to do mybusiness. Then, after that and just for good measure, I peed a little bit.

All three bodily functions for the price of one!

And, with that, Mom and me went back to La-La Sleepy Land!

Oh, I want you to know that the antibiotic really helped my infected gum. It is now a healthy pink rather than an icky red.

Love to my Purrfect Furiends!
The Chloe Cake


"More Normal Than Normal"

April 25th 2010 3:17 pm
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Guess what, all my furred friends...

My blood work came back and Dr. Joyce called Mommy on Saturday. Like I already said, she is away for a few days but was able to talk to her. You should have heard the happiness in my vet's voice. She said that my blood work was "more normal than normal!" and that it was similar to a kittens.


My kidney function was 1 point something....totally normal. Dr. Joyce has never seen anything like it. (Down from over 9 in Oct. and when I was near the Bridge)

You should have seen Mommy when she got the news. She ran out to the 5 girlfriends she was with and they all jumped up and down for me! "YAY, Princess Pork Chop of Woodview!" they all yelled. How cool is this news????


Dr. Joyce says I am a MIRACLE MOMMA!

April 22nd 2010 4:14 pm
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I travel in style, even though I HATE to travel. My carrier is brown and pink and has the word CAT all over it. It is very girly. And, um....I have a little purse made with the same design. I say that cuz even Dr. Joyce says Mommy is just a little crazy about me and she is a vet!

I had an appt. this evening. I haven't been back to see Dr. Joyce since the very end of December. Mom is going away for 5 days and she wanted me to get the once over and to get some fluids. I also got a B-12 shot and my blood taken. The humanity! Well, the worst was when Dr. Joyce scraped my teeth cuz I had a lot of tartar built up. She gave Mommy a 10 day antibiotic because my gums looked a little infected.

The good news is that I am 8lb 13 oz (up 9 oz. from Dec.)....a far cry from the 7 lb 2oz. I was back when I was so sick in October and November. Dr. Joyce was so pleased with how I looked and we are going to wait to get the bloodwork results back probably on Saturday.

I am a funny girl. I yell and yip and moan the whole way over to the vet's office . Good thing it is only 3.5 miles!! As soon as we cross the threshold, I am a quiet church mouse. I just keep a low profile while I wait. But, when I am being checked out and getting fluids and such, I make little whiney noises. The vet snickers at me and says that I am acting like a little kid that didn't get the lollipop that I was promised. I am not loud or nasty but more like impatient and bothered.

Thanks to all who purred so hard for me. Dr. Joyce dubbed me the Miracle Momma!!



I'm sharing my new technique with you....

April 20th 2010 5:36 pm
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Hi Fellow Felines!

Being the good lil Catster girl cat that I am, I thought you all should know about my new Chloe technique for getting the Momma out of bed for treats. You probably recall my previous moves....grab Momma's hair at the root and yank. That still works well. I also chew on her sorority bracelet. She never ever takes it off so sometimes a little nibble does the trick. Lots of times she goes all the way under the cover so I have to meow and meow...

This morning, I decide to kick it up a notch. There was my Mommy, sleeping peacefully at 4 AM. She had to work last night, attending a school board meeting that lasted until 10:30 PM. By the time she got to bed, it was 12:30 and she was so sleepy. But I was hungry and I needed my treats

I clamped my chompers down on the very tip of her nose. Hard. She jumped like she was electrocuted....tears in her eyes. She let a bad bad curse word fly....her hair was all wild and her eyes heavy with sleep...holding the throbbing tip of her nose. I kinda just looked at her like "Wha?? (Bat my eyes), I am cute! Mommy! Now, feed me, damn it!" She can never ever be mad at me so she trudged to the master bathroom and delivered the desired morsel...the Good Life treat!

Try this trick, every fur friend, and let me know how it works for you!

Kisses and Headbonks,
The Nose Nibbler, Chloe


HELLO??!!???!! Is anybody out there???

April 10th 2010 4:00 pm
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(A little reference to one of Mom's favorite bands....Pink Floyd!)

Right now, I am at the slider yelling my pretty little face off......

MEOW! MEOW? MEOW! MEOW? Dang it! I am being ignored. I believe that is against the Mom's of Princess' rules of etiquette. On page 1, it explicitly says that the Princess MUST NOT be ignored. That is why I am the princess. Could somebody please report my Mother to the authorities???

She has her glass o' wine, computer and Stephen King book and she has completely forgotten about me. Oh, every once in a while she yells, "Girl Cat!" and other terms of endearment ......

HAHA, just got her! I had such a pitiful cry that Mommy came a-running! I sounded like I was in pain. Oh, I fooled pain was that I needed some Good Life treats!

I love playing Make Mommy Run about you???

XXOO PRINCESS Pork Chop Chlo-E-Q Cake


Can Any Cat Tell Me What a "Hiney-Spank" IS?????

April 3rd 2010 4:42 pm
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Mom said I am getting one.

A hiney-spank.

Sounds like a human's version of a pork chop. But, don't worry, Mommy has never ever laid anything other than a loving hand on me. But, she said I deserve a hiney-spank because I've done a bad, bad thing.

Two nights in a row, I peeped on Mom's foot. While she slept. On the bed. For the second time in two days, she had to strip the bedding and wash everything which takes forever and forever. Mind you, I have a spanking clean litter box in the master bathroom. I just choose to squat on the Momma.

If I continue to peep where I sleep, Mom is taking me to Dr. Joyce. *shaking in my fur* I've been eating like a champ and acting like a diva so Mom is pretty sure there isn't a physical ailment making me wiz.

I am just being THE Princess Pork Chop Of Woodview!

PS. For those of you who are friends with Mom on Facebook, check out the pics that she posted of the 2 kitties. They ended up at the no kill shelter because of a bitter divorce. These girls were used in breeding and their babies were sold for a lot of money. They are in "hiding" at the shelter because of capital gains. They were given fake names and everything. Here is hoping they find their forever and SANE home.

Happy Easter, Peeps!


"Goodness Gracious, Girl Girl!!" (GG,GG")

March 30th 2010 3:00 pm
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That is Mom's phrase du jour today. She must have said it to me like a bazillion times.

First I have to say that I love when Mom works from home. She has to give a 3 hour workshop on brain development so she hunkered down at home to start working on it. I started helping--- laying on her papers and walking all across the computer. That elicited the first "GG, GG!"

It is beyond raining in Southeastern PA. We received 2.25 inches of rain today which came with hawking winds and very cold temperatures. Mom bundled up in her rain gear and umbrella to feed the birdies and get the paper/mail. When she came back in, she laid the sopping umbrella on the all weather rug. I immediately went over to inspect. First, I pork chopped the umbrella, which made me jump in the air. I was a little scared of it. After giving it the proper sniff job, I tried to bury it. I frantically dug at the carpet and the slider. "GG,GG!"

One minute I was on the couch helping Mom and a split second later, I jumped off and promptly puked. Just a little bit. "GG,GG!"

I insist on drinking water out of Mom's favorite glass. It is an old Winnie the Pooh glass that used to say "Bother Free is the Way to Be." Mom has had it for about 15 years and it is old and worn. There must be ice cubes or else I won't drink. I stared at Mom and then the glass then back at Mom until she caught the clue that I needed my cubes. She lept from her work, ran to the kitchen, and filled MY glass with my much needed cubes. I proceeded to MC Hammer around the cats know what I am talking about...but I got going so much that I toppled the glass. "GG,GG!"

I both love and hate when Mom scritches my bum, right at the base of my tail. I purr and squeak, purr and squeak...."GG,GG!"

Those are just a few examples. Hope all my furiends had a Goodness Gracious! kind of day :)



March 23rd 2010 3:08 pm
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Well....I have so much to tell all of you and then I open my page and there they are....gifties and pawmails from my purrfect friends congratulating me! From your humble and grateful friend, THANK YOU!

Today's entry was going to be titled, "My Mom Was A Cat." You see, yesterday she came down with a sinus infection that wiped her out. Not only that, when she went to get out of bed, she wrenched her back. Needless to say, she didn't do much of anything other than sleep, eat just a little and a cat! We stayed in bed all day long and I never ever left her side. She stood by me when I was ill so I was just returning the favor. Oh, and I love love love sleeping on my special pillow next to Mommy and I got to do it ALL DAY LONG!

PORK CHOPS! Mom's antibiotics kicked in and she got up bright and early to go to work. I would have liked a repeat of yesterday but, oh well. After work, Mom stopped at Dr. Joyce's office to pick up more K/D food. Yep, I consumed another 4 lb. $26 bag of food. As she walked in, there were 2 ladies oohing and aahing over the digital picture frame. "What a pretty kitty!" they exclaimed. Mom looked over and you guessed was a picture of yours truly. And guess what Mommy's response was to that....just a little waterworks. She explained my life story since being adopted and the ladies agreed that I have a powerful will to live. Well, I HAVE to...I have so many wonderful furiends on Catster, for meowing out loud!

Thanks again Diary Lady and for all of you who take the time to follow the life of a Princess Pork Chop. Mom should be better with letting Harley tell his story....but, then again, his story would involve just one four letter word. F-O-O-D!



Flip Flops, Ceiling Fans, and a Bug

March 21st 2010 9:57 am
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Yeah, Baby.....Mom broke out her favorite (and MY favorite) flip flops. They are very well worn brown leather and as soon as her feet were out of them, I was on top of them.....licking them. Fatty wants to lay on them, too, but I won't let him.

Scared, Baby...Mom turned on the ceiling fan for the first time this year. This made me squeak until I remember what it was. My ears were perked, my eyes wide open until Mom assured me that it wouldn't eat me. And then I felt the air moving, it felt good so I went back to sleep.

Hungry, Baby...I ate a bug. That is all I want to say about that.


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