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Good news

October 25th 2014 8:55 pm
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Meowmie said that it is ok to decorate our pages again. This is cool because my page is all messed up from all the changes. I am happy that Catster is going back to what we know as normal. I miss all my furriends. I am really sad still about Paisan going to the bridge. The only time I go into the bedroom is when meowmie brings me. I get to spend all winter cuddling with myself. P and I used to sleep together to keep warm. Meowmie has been giving me extra attention because I am acting sad. Meowmie said it will get better. I want to believe her but it is really hard to do. Meowmie said I could sleep in the bedroom but it's not the same. I sleep on the ironing board. With Shadow. mol. Well, I am going to take a bath now. Meow at you later.


Whiskers daKat Nix



April 25th 2014 12:47 am
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Meowmie told me that I HAVE to go on a diet. She is worried about me and does not want me to have health problems like diabetes. I don't want that either, whatever it is. I am worried about this diet thing. I hope it does not interfere with my eating.

Skinny in my mind
Whiskers daKat


No way!

March 10th 2014 5:03 am
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Are you kidding me? Meowmie said that she is going to weigh me because she thinks I am too heavy. There is no way I am going on a diet. I love food. If I have to eat less food, I will be a very unhappy dude. Let me tell you...if I can see the bottom of the bowl, I scream at Meowmie until that bowl is filled up. I make sure that I am as annoying as possible to make sure Meowmie acts fast. Meowmie was telling daddy that if she thinks I weigh too much, she is taking me to the V-E-T. Seriously? Why mess with perfection? I am fat and happy. I still play and stuff, and I even play with Scooby sometimes...it's not like all I do is eat and sleep. I cruise around the house to see what is up. I like to sharpen my claws on Karisma's little cat condo. Once in a while I will cause a little trouble..but I hang out with Buddy Nix and we have hallway conferences, and dining room discussions. Please don't put me on a diet Meowmie...I will just shrink up and wither away......

Living Large
Whiskers daKat


Ugh! Mom make him stop!

February 28th 2014 10:05 am
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Me and Paisan were cool...taking cat naps and such...when out of no where Scooby the big smelly dog jumped onto the bed. He chews on everything. His favorite thing is empty soda bottles. He is chewing on one now...on the bed...right next to where I am trying to sleep. He is making too much noise with that stupid bottle! Meowmie!!! Make him stop!!!

Whiskers daKat


Finally feeling better!

February 20th 2014 2:24 am
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Meowmie forgot to tell everyone that I am feeling better! I only had one setback..yesterday I got sick, but it was a furball. mol....I am more active now, and I have been back to exploring the house and chatting with Scooby. Oh, how I love our talks. And how I love to slap him in the face. Dogs just do not understand sometimes. mol mol mol.....

Whiskers daKat


Thank you!

February 12th 2014 6:19 am
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Thank you Catster Overlords for choosing me of Diary of the Day! I am lying on the pillow and feeling thankful. I still don't feel good, but every day is a little better. Meowmie is keeping an eye on me...I don't want to go to the VET but she will not hesitate to take me if she gets worried that I am not getting better. So...back to sleep I go.

Thanks to everyone who is wishing me well!!

Whiskers daKat



February 11th 2014 5:32 am
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I have not been feeling good. Do cats get the flu? I am feeling a little better now. Meowmie is taking care of me. I have been resting.


Pillow Wars!

February 3rd 2014 2:48 am
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Paisan and I have been trying to out smart each other to get the black silky pillow..It is Daddy's pillow. We both want it. Sometimes, we push each other off the pillow, so the other can lie on it. Paisan is my brother, and he may be an old man-cat but he is still pretty strong. He bullied me off the pillow five times today. I finally just gave up on pillow wars and curled up at the foot of the bed. Who needs a stinking pillow anyway?

Whiskers daKat



January 21st 2014 5:56 am
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There I was, chewing on my fur...minding my own business when out of nowhere jumps that silly ninja kitten Karisma. She clobbered me on the head, then she kept jumping on me trying to get me to play. So...I grabbed her little self and wrestled with her. I thumped her on the ground a couple of times. She was unfazed. Bite bite, fight fight, wrestle thump! This went on for several minutes...when finally I rolled over and stood up..She jumped on me and put her paws around my neck...she slid off. I guess that made her mad because she took off running down the hall. Then I heard noises...most likely Karisma destruction going on. Every morning, Meowmie has to clean up all the stuff Karisma throws on the floor. Going back to sleep.

Whiskers da Kat


My fur.

August 12th 2013 7:46 pm
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My fur is starting to grow back! I cannot stand that disgusting medicine that meowmie gives me everyday. It is yuck. But..my fur...I am so happy....I guess being stabbed with all those needles the other day was worth it. Meowmie ordered some soap-less shampoo for us guys. She heard from a groomer friend this was way better for us that regular pet shampoo you get from the store. Since meowmie wants only the best for us...I guess we get the best! Ok, I am going to my little place in the doorway...so I can trip Scooby.

So happy that I will be back to my handsome self in no time at all....


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