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Sarge's week

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Empathy is great! A heart from a friend.

February 14th 2010 6:33 pm
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I got a heart from Rizza recently. Our friend Alfie died in an accident recently and we were all upset about it. Rizza thought empathy sucks since one person feeling bad can make many people feel bad. I had to tell her empathy makes us strong. It helps unite us and helps us along life's difficult path. Empathy motivates us to do things. It works the other way too. Happiness spreads the same way sadness does. If something wonderful happens to one of us, many people feel happy. An old Buddhist saying goes that happiness never diminishes no matter how much you share. Empathy makes us strong. We need to remember that in good times and in bad.

"A heart to merge with the big heart you already have. Please accept this heart with love especially because of your lovely words about Alfie.
Love Rizza"


Poor little me

March 4th 2010 4:29 pm
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Daddy took me into the vet again a few weeks ago. I got knocked out and they cleaned my teeth. It turns out I have a genetic condition that causes my teeth to fracture along the gum line. They had to remove FIVE of my teeth! Including one of my front ones! I did better when Daddy picked me up with respect to last time. But I didn't have a collar last time and my eye didn't hurt. I stomped around and felt sorry for myself. I didn't feel like a real kitty with more teeth gone. Two days later Daddy had enough of my pouting and picked me up for a good cuddle. It was great! He reminded me that no matter what happened we were buds through thick and thin and nothing was going to change that. I purred really loudly and made biscuits on him.

Oh and I got to eat CANNED food for the next few days. It was yummy. Even now I will sit where he would feed me my canned food and meow hoping he gets the hint. Lena loves it too (but not as much as me). Daddy won't let Pepi have any. He wants Lena to eat more and Pepi to eat less. Our stool looks OK so he's going to try to give us more on a regular basis.


Lots of stuff this week. Some good, some bad.

April 3rd 2010 11:33 am
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Dad lost his job earlier this week. It just wasn't working out. He tried his best but there's only so much you can do without direction. Strange thing is that Dad's not as upset as he was the last time. In fact he even seems happy. Sure there's no moneis coming in but apart from that he's not stressed too much. At least that job lasted long enough to pay for our checkups and my tooth cleaning. He really didn't like it there. They left him alone as if he could read their minds and figure out what he was suppose to do. Then got mad when he couldn't. Anyway Dad hopes to find a job closer to home. They say things are getting better so we're hoping for the best.

In the mean time I get lots of holding time and pets.

Yesterday the outside AC unit broke down. Some nice people came over to fix it. I got to go outside A LOT and eat grass and take naps on the warm sidewalk. I even got picked up and petted by one of them. I didn't make a fuss. Except for when I tried to go too far into the woods, I behaved myself very well. Everyone noticed and Dad was impressed. It was expensive to fix, but Dad doesn't like the heat during the summer and it had to be done. But he got a surprise check from a deceased relative (yes, that really happens) that covered the cost. Lucky us!

Well the windows are open, the sun is shining, it's nice and cool. Life is good.


I was a bad kitty

April 20th 2010 6:45 am
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Yesterday when Dad came back from his walk, he was talking with our neighbor. The nice man who checks up on us when Dad is away. I got to go outside while they were talking. It was great at first. I was meowing up a storm, nibbling on grass and looking around. Then I started going too far into the woods and got close too the creek. Dad was M-A-D. He yelled at me and tried to go into the woods to get me. Eventually he chased me out and put me back inside. I'm a good cat but I want to keep going further. Dad was scared I would fall into the creek and drown. I didn't come close. But it looks like for the time being I'm not going to be allowed to go outside without my harness.


Ambassador Sarge

July 7th 2010 6:43 pm
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Well much has happened since the last post. Dad got a new job and he's been there 8 weeks. It's close to home, but there's often overtime. Not much but it happens.

Since I've gotten some teeth pulled earlier this year, Dad's been giving me canned cat food several times a day so I don't have to chew as much. I love it. So I've been more affectionate lately. I stay by his side all night more nights.

On July 4th Dad was out grilling with our new neighbors. They just moved in and their stuff didn't arrive yet. Dad shared his grilled foods with them and I got to go outside. They have a 2 year old boy who hasn't seen a cat up close before (allergies). So I became an ambassador for Catdom. The kid was shy at first but eventually he pet me. I didn't object at all. I hope it was a good experience for him. He may not grow up with cats but it shouldn't be afraid of us.

It hasn't been all sunshine, I ran out through the garage while the door was closing. Just like what happened my first Halloween here. But this time Dad didn't panic. He just stopped the door from closing, walked over and picked me up. He was annoyed but didn't yell at me. He did say my desire to go outside will be the death of me one day. But I love it so.


Another Vet Trip

July 14th 2010 7:32 pm
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Someone has been urinating in the litter boxes a LOT these past few weeks. Dad thinks it could be me. Remember in my history about how Dad thought I looked like a cat he had while growing up? His name was Opus and Opus came down with feline diabetes. He fell into a coma one day it caused severe brain damage. So bad that the only merciful thing that could be done was to put him down. It was one of the most painful things Dad had to watch. That was about 11 years ago. One of the symptoms of feline diabetes is lots of drinking and urination. So Dad is going to set up an appointment with the vet tomorrow and see if he can get me in for an examination. Paws crossed that the extra urination is something else (like all the wet food I've been eating or the heat).


So far so good

July 15th 2010 4:51 pm
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I went to the vet today. Since my last visit they moved into a nice new building without all the annoying scents. They say I behaved myself better than usual. Meaning they didn't have to sedate me (heh heh heh). I got an examination and everything looks good. They sent my blood and urine out to be tested though so we should have the final word tomorrow. One thing though, I lost twelve ounces in 5 months (which people playing CLOSE attention to my stats would have already noticed - to those people I say "get a life and stop memorizing my stats! I'm a cat not a baseball player!" mol). That was cause for some concern which is why they sent out for more tests.

Dad thinks it's all the wet food I've been having. When I got home I tried to eat some of the dry stuff and it was ... awkward due to my missing teeth. Dad is going to keep me off the canned food for a while and see if that helps. If it is the wet food and nothing else, well I guess Dad will just have to change the litter boxes more often.


The News

July 16th 2010 3:44 pm
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Vet got the results. We need more tests but either I have kidney disease of some kind which is making me go pee often or something is wrong with my thyroid which is messing with my kidney. The former is treatable. The latter is curable. Whatever it is, we caught it good and early. The new test results will come in next week. But the good news is that apart from that, I'm very healthy. Dad won't have to get the "weight control" formula anymore and he can keep giving me the canned food.

In the catster forums people say to take your cat to the vet whenever there's a change in behavior. They're correct. You should. Dad did and the odds of my living a long life here went up drastically.


Good news!

July 19th 2010 6:54 pm
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Vet called today with good news! It is my thyroid and it can be treated! Better is that since I'm (relatively) young and very healthy I only need a half dose a day. Then we'll see what happens. In the best case I'll just need an injection and that's it. Dad is really happy and relieved. He'll have to make me take my pills, though.


Diary of the Day!

July 21st 2010 5:40 am
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Wow! I'm the featured Diary of the Day! This is so awesome!

Dad got my medicine last night and gave me my first half-pill. I fought him some but he slipped it into my mouth during a meow. The pill itself is small and a half pill even smaller so it wasn't that bad. At least it wasn't liquid. I had those before. They taste worse and linger around. Plus they make me cough.

We hope this will control my hyperthyroidism. Since we caught it early everyone is optimistic. I may be on these pills forever though. Unfortunately this illness is becoming more common in cats. The only bright side is that it's been studied more which led to better treatments. Next month when I go back, we'll find out more.

Keep purring everyone!

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