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Angel's song

waiting, waiting, waiting ...

June 8th 2015 5:19 pm
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well, here it is many many months later & we still can't decorate our pages :(

I'm 14 years old now & hope that the promises made by the new owners will eventuate before I become an Angel ~ at the Bridge


I think I saw Santa Paws

December 24th 2013 12:54 pm
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on Christmas Eve in Brisbane, Australia, none of us Kits slept well as it was hot & we were waiting & waiting to catch a glimpse of Santa Paws and hoping for a pat or a cuddle;

we don't have a chimney so the 3 of us posted ourselves at each door entrance, to cover all sightings ...

well what did I see but our MUM !!! quietly sneaking around downstairs placing gifts here and cards there :(

when I asked her if she was Santa Paws, she replied of course not - Santa Paws was in a hurry and left your gifts & treats by the mailbox in a large red pillowcase;

I really hope she wasn't fibbing as Merlin, Mason and I truly believe in the magic of Christmas, and in Santa Paws being part of that magic ...

as it turned out when dawn broke on Christmas Day, our gifts were minimal and edible as there's really nothing we need except having a safe, loving home;

we wish every Kitty & Woofer could have the same


gosh - I am Catster's Diary of the Day today

March 7th 2010 12:47 am
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OMC - what a surprise !!!

thank mew, Catster HQ so much furr this first-ever honour :)

Dr Mary and Dr Rolly would be tickled pink if they knew ...

thankful purrrs,



I am so very sad ...

March 5th 2010 5:04 pm
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yesterday the two vets who looked after my furrbros and me both retired :(

Dr Mary and Dr Rolly were our human friends, very kind, patient, funny, loving and caring friends for over 9 years;

Mason will miss them too even though he's known Dr Mary & Dr Rolly for just over a year since he was adopted;

our Mum's been friends with them both for several decades and is very sad too even though she knows they've both devoted their lives to sooooooo many furrbabes and deserve their playtime;

I don't know who the new vets will be, but hope they will become our friends too.

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