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new home for me?

September 29th 2006 6:41 pm
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my owner thinks that it's time to find me a new home. i think she likes me and would like to keep me, but silly human -- she finally realized and had to learn the hard way that having three kitties in her small studio apartment was suboptimal for everyone, including my 'confinement'/adjustment period. at first she was worried that she and my personalities wouldn't fit well since i was a scaredy cat since she didn't confine me for long enough to get adjusted slowly in the beginning. but since i've cuddled with her a bit to go to sleep, and can handle her walking around and standing near me without freaking out now, it's more of a space and sanity issue for everyone now.

i think that i would do better if the new owner either a) has another kittie for me to play with during the day (but no more than 1 other because otherwise i might bond to mainly the other kitties and not the human), or b) tends to be home often, aka student or someone who telecommutes.

i have really good litter habits knowing where my litter box is, covering up my stuff, and cleaning up my claws/paws too afterwards on a nearby rug/mat/etc. i talk now and then when i want attention by making little meow-y sounds, especially if i'm left all alone for my adjustment period in a 'safe room' for too long. i eat some wet food but i don't need a whole 3 oz can for now, maybe a spoonful each mealtime (2x a day), and dry food and water are nice. i have a weakness for tuna! and i like a bit of milk.

the person who adopts me next should be patient with me, giving me maybe 1-2 weeks to get adjusted to a new home. longer if the space is a big house -- one room at a time.

i hope she finds me a new home soon, because otherwise i might have to go back to the sf spca, and although they are nice and took good care of me there, i'm too frolicky to be couped up in such a little cage all day!!

i'm due for another fvrcp and rabies shots after i'm 4 months old. otherwise, i'm spayed, relatively healthy, and micro-chipped (need to be registered).

ps. i'm super cute!

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