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Big Excitement

September 19th 2006 10:06 am
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This morning was really exciting at my house. First mom thought Maxwell closed himself in the bathroom. I thought that was funny. I'm the one who always closes the door on myself when I'm playing with my toys. I mean things slip under the closet door and then to get at it, you have to make yourself real long so you can reach it, and then you accidentally push the other door closed. I'm sure it happens to everyone.

Sooo anyway, back to the story. When she opened the bathroom door, Max came out but all the rest of us ran in. She said "what's up kitties?" and followed us inside. We showed her that there between the wall and the sink was a mousie! Well, I love my toy mousies, but this one moved and everything without me even having to toss it around. Spencer said it was a "real" mousie. I had never seen one before, but it was cool. I just sat and watched, but Spencer got all stretched out and tried to reach it. He almost got it too! I was so busy watching all the commotion that I didn't even notice when it ran right in front of me!! Well, we all wanted to play with it, cause it was really neat how it ran around and all, but mom said she was going to put it back outside where it came from. Spencer said sometimes they come in the garage when the door gets left open, so maybe some day I'll see another one, although mom hopes not.


Home Improvements

September 21st 2006 7:41 am
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Yesterday, my adventures continued. I am learning about home improvements. I got to help mom paint the walls in the stairway. She put some sort of tape along the edges of things, and personally, I thought it was not an improvement at all. So I helped by pulling it back off. Then so there wasn't too much trash, I tried to eat some of it.

I wanted to help spread the paint. But every time I was about to dip a paw in the paint tray, mom would yell. I thought little paw prints on the steps might look pretty cool. Might even light the way at night - oooohh - we could use glow in the dark paint! Gotta tell mom about my great idea.


More Wildlife Excitement!

September 21st 2006 12:26 pm
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This house I live in is soooo full of excitement lately! Today, we all heard some type of scratching in the laundry room. When we explored further, we found that it was coming from an old opening to our chimney that had a cap over it. Spencer got the ladder out and climbed up to remove the cap - we were all waiting below with a bucket in case anything jumped out! But when he opened the pipe - all he could see was a wing way in the back.

So we came up with an idea - a brilliant one if I must say so myself! We propped opened the basement window and took out the screen. Then we turned out the light and quietly waited outside the laundry room - we cracked the door just a little so we all could see - oh, it was soooo exciting! I kept trying to see over Abigail's head.

Before too long a big bird - Maxwell said it was a flicker (he goes outside sometimes, so he knows these things) - hopped onto the floor . It walked around a while - I, of course wanted to go inside and introduce myself - maybe play with it a little - but Abigail said that birds don't especially like cats. Why? How could anyone not like cats, I thought? But anyway, then the flicker jumped onto the window - he bonked himself on it a couple of times before he figured out where the opening was (he wasn't the smartest flicker in the world!). But then, hooray - he found the opening and out he flew! We were so proud of ourselves. We rushed upstairs to tell mom and now dad has to go up on the roof and put a screen over the chimney so we don't have to save something else!


My middle name is trouble

September 23rd 2006 9:58 am
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I'm in big trouble today. I was following Spencer around and he kinda popped me on the head cause I wouldn't leave him alone. So I got mad and attacked him. And I mean attacked. We both got all puffy and yelled real loud. We rolled around on the floor and fur was flying. Mom and dad were both yelling and finally broke us apart. I don't know what came over me. Everyone is mad at me. Maybe it was from catnip overload at the TT party last night? I am in big trouble - did I already say that?



September 24th 2006 5:33 pm
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Well, I think everyone has forgiven me for my outburst yesterday. I tried to stay out of trouble by sleeping most of the day. But who knows when my evil twin personality will take control again.


Freedom! Briefly.

September 25th 2006 6:01 pm
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Today, my big adventure was that I snuck out the back door when mom opened it. I'm very quick. Before it could close behind her - I was out like a flash. Down the steps and into the backyard. Ooohhhh grass! I love grass. Usually, I only get some when I am on my leash and mom is right there hovering over me. But today, I was on my own and it was a beautiful day. Unfortunately, I heard something and got scared, so I ran back up on the deck where mom scooped me up and put me back inside. I had five whole minutes of bliss.


Left behind

September 27th 2006 5:11 pm
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Today, I was left inside while mom worked out in the yard. That did not make me happy. I do NOT like to be left in here alone. I cried at the door as loud as I could. Then I jumped up and hung on the door so I could see out the window. I can only hold on for a few minutes, then I slide back off. It makes a really cool loud noise when I jump up. That entertains me for a while. Eventually, I just went and slept on my chair.


Surprises are so much fun

October 5th 2006 9:16 am
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I am so excited, I'm planning a surprise party for a good furriend of mine - I can't say who - it IS a surprise!! His brother is helping me and he has lots of good ideas. Oh it will be such fun, I can't wait *does a little happy dance* We'll have lots of food - mouse kabobs (an excellent suggestion by Miss Muppet), catnip punch, assorted cheeses, popcorn (for my silly brother, Maxwell), whipped cream, a whole giant salmon, and much, much more! Party hats, decorations, presents, cake...*dance, dance, dance*


Party Planning

October 7th 2006 1:08 pm
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Well, the invitations are sent. It turned out to be harder than we thought. My partner in party planning (who shall remain un-named for now) was worried that his paws might fall off from all the typing. I developed a few blisters on mine. But it will all be worth the effort. I can't wait! *chases tail in circles*



October 12th 2006 7:50 pm
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Well, its late and I should be in bed. But tomorrow is the big surprise party. Ravi and I have been working hard to keep it secret - it almost got out today, but I think it is ok.

I'm so excited, I really can't sleep. Maybe I'll have a snack. Or maybe I'll watch TV. Of course, I can go through the decorations again, make sure they're all there. Gosh, I hope the guest of honor likes what Ravi and I have done. Tomorrow is the big day.

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