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The life of Boogers!

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Am bored...

July 15th 2006 10:22 pm
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So my poor mom has an eye infection. I feel really bad for her, but what sucks is that no one will play with me! My bowl even went dry of Meow Mix, and needless to say I am NOT a happy camper. I know she can't help that her eye hurts, but I hope it gets better soon so she'll play with me. Meanwhile my dad is busy at work or taking care of her. My brother Hondo is MIA as always. Snooper is sleeping as it's what she does best. Well I'm hoping next weekend my parents will go shopping and buy me stuff. They always spoil me rotten! =)



July 17th 2006 12:25 am
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Good news friends! My mom's eye is getting better! You know what that means? She'll be her usual self soon and will give me the attention I deserve and miss!!! I've been keeping her company by sleeping next to her while she rests her eye. In the meantime, I have within the first 24 hours of being a Catster member, managed to make some nice friends!!! It's so fun to meet new cats! And I finally feel like I fit in the feline world; I have never EVER seen so many Tuxedo Cats!! I'm always told that I look like my sister who is a DOG. Look, just because we have the same color coat, doesn't mean we're related! I mean, HELLO?? I'm a cat and we're by far superior to dogs!!! So again, thank you EVERYONE for welcoming me with open paws and becoming my friend. If my brother is talking about me, ignore him, he's jealous because I am the favorite:)


My Tail of Devotion for Boogers

July 17th 2006 8:37 pm
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My Boogie, where do I begin...

Even though your dad keeps reminding me that we "over looked" you when you reached out of your crate at "Fancy Cats" and gave me a startle, I'm thankful that you are apart of our family. I can't imagine life with out you!!!

When we brought you home, within the first week you got really ill. After seeing 3 vets, NO one could figure out what was wrong or what medicine to treat your sneezing/sinus/booger problem. No one could. It was heart breaking =( But no matter the $ amount to nurse you well, we did what needed to be done. I know you feel bad because I could have had 3 Louis Vuitton bags if I were to add up your medical bills, but I'd do it over again if I had to.

Here are the top 10 things that I love about you:

1) I love how when I wake up, walk into a room or return from work you greet me with open paws and start up a conversation to see how I'm doing.

2) I love how you chase your sister Snooper when she does her "Crazy Dog" routine. How cute is THAT!

3) I love how you're spunky and when are bored, you'll attack your brother Hondo. Like you said, you want to live a long life so you need to keep your endurance and energy up!

4) Even though it took me a year to convince you that a collar and I.D. tag is a "must", it was worth it, and you're a champ for giving in.

5) You turned me into a cat fan! Sure, I loved Hondo, who was my first cat, but after we adopted you, I can't believe I once "disliked" cats! I love you guys!!!

6) I love how you'll sleep between me and your dad at night, even though you take up my pillow.

7) I still laugh at how you tried to eat Snooper's dog food when you ran out of your beloved Meow Mix! (Sorry!!)

8) You are the coolest cat. How many cats can say they chase their tail and give people hugs and "High 5" daily?

9) Did I mention you're cute as a button?

10) No matter what, you will always be my Boogies, and I love you to bits!

Love Mom and Dad xoxoxo

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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A few catcalls to some of my friends!

July 18th 2006 12:28 am
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I'd like to say a quick thank you to *ROCKYANN* for helping me navigate this site and furrrr being a great friend! She's lucky to have parents as nice as hers!!! Also a catcall goes out to *RUBEN* for helping me with the background and audio bits. And last but not least, the entire family of *RILEY* for being an inspiration to all cats and dogs as they are dressed so hip and cool!!


Yay! No more hairball glitches!

July 19th 2006 9:12 pm
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Finally I'm able to give the ladies Rosettes! I've been pawed on by a few of the ladies. Meowsas, everyone sure is friendly here! I've been pretty boring lately, and not my usual spunky self. It's too hot here! Mom went back to work, but at least dad was home to play with me between his naps. Between the two of us, we spend a lot of time taking cat naps... Ok, I have 24 pawmails to read, keep 'em coming!!!

Purrrrs and whiskers...

ETA: Holy frisky kitty!! My mom made all three of us a slide show! ((head butts))


I went outside!

July 21st 2006 6:00 pm
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So last night my parents and I sat on our portch even though it was really hot out. I have NEVER been outside before unless I had to go to the vet, but that was always involved a cat crate. I wasn't scared at all! My meowmy had a leash on me just in case. Initially she held me in her arms, and then later put me down so I could free roam while on the leash. That's when I got a bit scared. Dang leash is annoying! How do dogs DO IT?? Crazy. Then when we went back inside, I did a mad dash once the leash came off. So glad to be an indoor cat with central air!


I wanna go shopping!

July 22nd 2006 10:16 pm
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That's right, you heard it right... I want to go shopping! Who says shopping is for girls! My meowmy said she might get *ROCKYANN* a little thank you for helping us out. In the meantime, my brother Hondo won't shut up about his soon-to-be water dish! It's massive, but you should see him drink! He's not a cat, he's part camel!!! My meowmy is trying to take more pictures of the rest of the family to post while my dad is at work. I can't help it I'm so gosh darn cute! It comes naturally!! Purrrr out!


So embarrassed!!!

July 23rd 2006 8:24 pm
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So appawrently my mom has been showing her friends my catster page along with my dad to his co-workers. Everyone is getting a kick out of my "Mr. Flashlight" movie. Ok, ok, I admit it's pretty funny, but this is SO not going to help me win the hearts of my fellow Tux ladies!! I'll have to redeem myself when I get the clear for posting in the Caster Crushes. My mom keeps telling me that I have TONS of pawmail each day! Some cats are crushing on me (::wink:: right back at ya!) so it's good to know that I am cute after all. (It means more when it comes from fellow cats and not your mom). Ok, I need a cat nap! ((head butts))


Did you see my brother's water dish? MEOW!

July 24th 2006 9:59 pm
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So I wanted to let all my fellow felines know that my brother is STILL drinking water as my meowmy helps me type up this entry. I wish he'd shut up about it, it's ONLY WATER!!! But I did give his water dish a test drive before he got up the nerve to try it. Check out 2 new pictures on my catster page 1!!! I'm the cute one! Tee hee!

ETA: Hondo has CLARIFIED that this dish isn't just his, it's mine too:) What a nice brother!


SAY NO to animal testing!!!

July 26th 2006 11:31 am
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OH MY KITTEN!! *TRINITY* a fellow catster sent me a pawmail about this!!! BOYCOT IAMS!!

Visit this ad.php?t=339691

So sad that these animals had to go through this!!!

Contact Trinity for information! (Or me, but I think *TRINITY* is on more during the day than I am!!)

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