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The Lord of the Manor Speaks

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New Photos

July 13th 2007 9:53 am
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Mommy is on a mad picture-taking tangent this week! She will not stop pointing that silly camera at Kiki and me. I uploaded some of her better work to my page.

I also uploaded a cool photo I got from Milo from our trip to Yosemite to celebrate Truman's bachelor party. I can't really tell you about what happened there because what happens at Yosemite...stays at Yosemite. I'll just say I had a great time with all the guys and that trout you catch yourself is much tastier than the kind Mommy buys at the store.

Thanks for driving and for the great picture, Milo!


No Radiocat for Me

July 10th 2007 7:57 pm
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The vet's office called Mommy today and said my bloodwork came back with my thyroid levels still too high to go to Radiocat for treatment.

They said that hyperthyroidism sometimes causes kidney function tests to be good when they might really be bad if the thyroid problem did not exist. So they need to test my kidney function while my thyroid levels are normal, but the pills are not making my thyroid levels low enough.

Now Mommy has to increase my medicine, and I don't have the world's best record of tolerating the medicine. Mommy was given the option of having me get the Radiocat treatment now, but she wants to make sure my kidneys are working right first. It seems very important to her so I guess my kidneys are special. Sigh! I guess it's going to be long time before I can find out what this Radiocat is all about!


I have crystals!

July 6th 2007 1:43 pm
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Today was not a good day to be Mouse. Mommy put me into the cat carrier and then into the car. I knew just where we were headed, and I was NOT happy. I let Mommy know just how I felt, but she still kept going there.

Once we got to the V-E-T, I started up with my hissing and growling immediately. I mean in the waiting room where no one was even attempting to do anything to me. I did not want to see the doctor, and I meant business!

Mommy said I had to go there for two things:

1. To get my thyroid levels rechecked.
2. To get my pee-pee analyzed because last time I had some blood in my urine.

Mommy decided that instead of letting them get my pee-pee out with a needle, that she would collect a sample at home, and that is what she did. This way, I only needed one needle for my blood. I also provided Mommy with another sample of my pee in my cat carrier just in case she needed some more, and she did not even appreciate it!

By the time I got on the examining table, I was pretty tired. It got harder and harder to fight, especially with my scruff being scruffed and a towel wrapped around my hands, so I mostly behaved pretty well. It only took three people to hold me down this time for the needle, and the doctor was able to handle me just fine for the rest of the exam.

The doctor said my heart murmur is gone and that my kidney function based on the urine sample was great! But they found two kinds of crystals in my urine. Mommy is unhappy about the crystals, but relieved that they explain my recent new habit of spraying her baseboards with urine!

The doctor says I have to eat a new food and then I will be all better. Also, pending the results of the blood work, I will be getting ready to have the Radiocat treatment! Mommy says the Radiocat will cure my thyroid so that I don't have to take pills every day. We've been working to get me ready have it done, and I am almost there! I don't see how listening to the radio will help, but if it can make me not have to take pills every night, I am all for it!

I am so tired that I am going to rest now. This whole ordeal took a lot out of me.

I liked yesterday much better, when I was at Yosemite for Truman's bachelor party!



You want to get me a WHAT???

July 2nd 2007 1:38 pm
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Oh my cat!

I heard Mommy talking to Daddy about an idea that I think is just terrible. She wants to buy something called a stroller, and then she wants to put me inside so I can't get out, and then she wants to parade up and down our neighborhood while pushing this thing with me inside.

Thankfully, Daddy came to my rescue and said it's a horrible idea. He said why not let me just go outside sometimes? Yeah, I love that idea! I used to be an indoor/oudoor cat, you see. I miss going outside! Ever since we moved to this new house almost a year ago, Mommy only lets me go on the porch where I can't get out. She even put up these special screens that I can't rip open like I used to and escape!

It seems like I want to have fun, and Daddy wants me to have fun, but not Mommy! They are trying to figure out how to give me some time outside, but safely, because I have been kind of naughty lately and they want me to make me happier.

Mommy said no to going outside, but wonders if Daddy might be right about me hating the stroller. So I still don't get to go out like I want to, but at least you won't be seeing me in any fancy cat carrier with wheels anytime soon!

Now, what exactly is a leash and harness? Does anyone know? Oh no.

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