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The Lord of the Manor Speaks

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I am sick today

October 29th 2007 6:55 am
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I don't feel well today. This morning, I threw up a LOT all over the floor at the bottom of the stairs. Mommy cleaned it all up and said she was not mad at me at all...just worried. I did want some food, and then I wanted some more food.

Mommy said I could sit on the porch if I wanted to today, but that it might be best if I slept inside today. So I decided to sleep on the couch today where it is warmer and Mommy can keep an eye on me. She's been petting me a whole bunch and making a big fuss over me! Mommy says I should stay in bed and rest all day, which works out fine for me since that is mostly what I do all day anyhow!

I think I am sick from my thyroid medicine. I hope I can get Radiocat soon so that my hyperthyroidism will be cured and I won't have to take medicine anymore.

I best get back to bed now.


I am such a good boy!

October 27th 2007 6:58 pm
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Mommy said I was an exceptionally good boy yesterday and today. I was nice and quiet instead of meowing all the time, and I did not try to escape from the house while Mommy and Daddy were opening and closing the doors a lot, and I walked right by Catsy last night and just kept walking. I did not eat Catsy's food today either. I am a good boy. (Kiki escaped from the house today and made Mommy and Daddy chase her around the yard in the rain.)

Mommy put a special new cat bed by the fire for Catsy, and I decided I wanted to sleep there. I don't care if it has pink flowers and ruffles on it or not. It's super-comfy! Mommy said I can sleep there too if I want to. Why shouldn't I? Catsy doesn't want it! She only wants her pink bed from Sky.


What the Meow!?!?

October 23rd 2007 12:25 pm
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Today Kiki came up to me and said, "I think we're having company soon. Mommy is cleaning the house, and she has the vacuum out." I told her I was not worried at all, since I planned to sit in my chair on the porch, where it was nice and...NOISY AND SCARY???

Today there were men working in our yard to install a new septic tank. Apparently, this entails digging up the entire yard and making all kinds of noise. They had this HUGE machine that had what looked like a giant litter scoop on the end of it. It said "CAT" on it, and they were using it to dig up all of Daddy's lawn. Is that supposed to be funny?

Kiki and I hustled ourselves over to the other side of the house to look at the birds and get away from the machines. Then the worker men walked by and said "hi" to us. I said "meow" back. I mean, there's no reason to be rude. Kiki refused to acknowledge them, pointing out that she is simply not going to compromise her principles by encouraging strange men to speak to her.

They are almost done working, and we all can't wait. Mommy wants us back in our spots on the porch so she can mop the kitchen floor before the company comes!



October 17th 2007 10:24 am
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Wow. If you think the vacuum cleaner is scary, you should hear chainsaws! Today there are men here who are cutting down some trees. They sure are making a lot of scary noises! Mommy and Daddy did not want the trees to be cut down, but they were in really bad shape and in danger of falling on the house or even on our busy road! So now we will just have some firewood and fewer trees. Mommy says we will plant more.

I have been hiding upstairs and trying to make sure I am undetected by the strangers! Also, I dislike the noise very much. I wanted to go out on my screened in porch, but it was too noisy and scary. Kiki went out there briefly. She came back in and told me to stay inside until the men are all gone. I think I will.


Halloween treats and toys from Cool Calvin and Co!

October 16th 2007 7:41 am
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Yesterday we got a special Halloween treat in the mail from those cute little costumed cats in Kentucky! Of course, I mean Samoa, Calvin, Violet, Gleek, Spunky and Sugar! They are so very nice to send us treats!

We got Greenies (our favorite!) and a little pumpkin-ish toy with feathers that I swatted all over the kitchen because I was so excited! Then it went under the radiator, so I went to see what else we got! We got a little toy shaped like a ring with ribbons, and I loved that so much that I tried to eat the ribbons! Mommy said, "No, no!" and took it from me before I could finish eating it. Hey, I wanted that! Also we got a fluffy pink Barbie earring toy! I guess that is for the girls. (Don't tell anyone, but that one is my favorite!)

We just LOVE our treats and toys, and we love Samoa, Calvin, Violet, Gleek, Spunky and Sugar! We loved the little card too! Thank you, friends! You sure are good pals.


You can vote for us now!

October 14th 2007 4:48 pm
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Today we entered the 3rd Annual World's Coolest Dog & Show on Catster! It might be the third one, but it's our first time entering.

If you are so inclined, you may vote for me and my family:

Please click here to vote for Kiki!

Please click here to vote for Mouse!

Please click here to vote for Catsy!

We are so sad about losing our dear friend Amelia today. Catsy has barely gotten out of bed today. I mean she's gotten up even less than she usually does. She does not even want to write in her diary about the photo contest, so I said I would do it. She will too when she is feeling better. She is taking this very hard, and Mommy is too.

I tried to jump up and sit on Mommy's lap at the computer to make her smile, but I missed and just clawed her skin instead. Ooopsie! I didn't mean it, Mommy!


We have a virus!

October 10th 2007 6:53 pm
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Our computer that we use for Catster is broken. Mommy says it got a virus somehow. It probably got it from that Catsy cat. She always has something contagious.

Daddy is going to fix it over the weekend. Can you believe that our very own daddy is a software engineer, and we still have to wait days for service? We will probably have to catch up with all our friends after this is fixed.


Diary of the Day...MOI???

October 6th 2007 11:19 am
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Wowee! I could not believe it when Mommy came out on the sunporch to tell me I was selected as Catster's Diary of the Day! I am so very excited! Mommy hugged me a kissed me! Kiki just yawned. Figures. I guess it takes a lot to impress her!

I am very honored, and I would like to thank Catster HQ, and also all of my fans who sent rosettes, p-mails and friend requests! What a great day. First, it's summer in October, I get to spend the whole day enjoying it on my chair in the sun. Then, I get such a great honor from Catster! Maybe now I will start getting some respect from the other cats around here!


Showdown in the dining room...with all 3 cats!!!

October 4th 2007 7:19 pm
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When Mommy and Daddy first brought home Kiki, I did not like her. That was well over two years ago, and I still don't much like her! But today while I was in my sunporch office getting some sun and sleep, Kiki came to see me out there with an urgent matter to discuss. I told her to have a seat, but not in my chair! Apparently, she has been observing some disturbing activity inside the house!

That little scruffy thing they call Catsy...she used to only stay in her room all day, even though her door was open. But lately, she's been using our water fountain! She's been sleeping on the rug Kiki and I use when we don't feel well! Also, Kiki told me that this cat does not show the proper respect to the Lord and Lady of the Manor. (That is me and Kiki!) She just lays there, hissing at Kiki, who is only trying to sneak past without being noticed!

I told Kiki to pull herself together, and that I would purrsonally handle this little matter myself. I wish Kiki could be trusted to deal with these things on her own, as I am busy sleeping, but she can't help it if she's just a girl. A sweet, pushover of a girl.

So tonight, I absolutely insisted that Mommy let me in the house, even though I knew that some new cat was on our rug! Mommy decided to go ahead and let me in, reasoning that if the scruffy one was really afraid of me, she would go back upstairs where she belongs. That is what I thought too! I thought she would see me getting closer and closer! (Well, she can't run, but she can walk fast.)

But Kiki was right. She just stays right where she is...roaring her little roar. She even took a swing at me! My feelings were very hurt, so Mommy was hugging me and giving me treats! Not now...MOM! I need to look tough, not like a big Momma's boy! Geesh!

Time for Plan B. I jumped up on the dining room chair and then the table (I rarely do this) and called an emergency meeting with Kiki. We both paced all around the table top, fretting about what to do. I said to Kiki, "Maybe if we both stand together, she will get scared and run away!" So we both kept pacing and pacing. The scruffy one just looked at us as if we were nuts. Then she closed her eyes, and kind of looked like she was sleeping!

Then, she got up! Goody! She is going away! It worked! But not so fast. She was getting up to move closer to the table, so then she was laying down in the hallway. "This is UNACCEPTABLE!" I meowed.

I got down, and I was going to just give her a piece of my paw. But as soon as I would get close, Mommy would gently nudge me to move on. Finally, I gave up and went back on my porch office to come up with a new strategy. I will have to sleep on it tonight, and come up with a better plan for tomorrow!


Paypal, you are no pal of mine!

October 3rd 2007 12:55 pm
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Finally...after days and days of waiting for Paypal to pay Dogster, we are no longer bankrupt! We have lots of zealies now. I have NO idea why it took so long for this to go through. There is no reason for the delay that we can see. I guess next time, Mommy should not let us become bankrupt before ordering the new zealies to allow enough time for my so-called Pal to pay up.

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