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Cabinets Sure Make Pawsome Hiding Spots!

January 19th 2012 5:11 am
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This morning when meowmy was eating her breakfast I was walking around the kitchen, meowing at her to get me some more cat treats as I was not yet full from the food and treats she already gave me. Well, like she has been doing when I meow at her for more treats, she ignored me. Well, if she wasn't going to give me anymore food I figured I'd go find it myself. So I discovered one of meowmy's kitchen cabinets that is not kitty proof. I took my paw and easily pried open the door and let myself in. While there was no food in there, I did see some interesting looking things - some items like a pancake griddle, a George Foreman grill, a hand mixer, and something to extinguish candles with. Meowmy was eating her cereal and talking to Grandmaw on the phone while I was doing this. As soon as she noticed that I let myself into the cabinet, she had to tell grandmaw what I was doing and that she had to get me out. Meowmy really should have let me play in that cabinet. I just don't understand why she always has to spoil the fun. Now she is even talking about kitty proofing the remaining to cabinets in our place that aren't kitty proof. Can you believe that? Now I'm just going to have to find another way to get meowmy's attention in the morning.



Happy Birthday Meowmy!

January 18th 2012 5:18 am
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Happy Birthday to my meowmy! She is 34 years young today.

I didn't give her anything pawsonally today as I didn't know what to give her. Usually my gifts (hairballs) aren't appreciated that much. Meowmy bought this little knick-knack that is a kitty playing on a shoe at the hospital gift shop she volunteers at. She said that it could be from me.

To start off meowmy's special day, I jumped in bed with her and pounced up on top of her. Then I gave her a whole bunch of kitty birthday kisses. I'm sure I will have a lot more quality meowmy/kitty time with her today.

Meowmy went to Panera Bread this morning and got a cup of Honey Ginseng Green Tea and a free Cinnamon Roll for her birthday. She also has a coupon for a free scoop of ice cream at this new place called Maroon Bells which she will go to later. This evening she is going to celebrate her birthday with Grandmaw and Grandpaw and have pizza and Mrs. Fields cookie cake with them.

I wish my meowmy many more very Happy Birthdays!



I Want Cat Treats NOW!

January 12th 2012 7:00 am
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Meow, Meooww, Meoowwww!

That is what I say when I'm trying to tell meowmy to give me some cat treats. Actually, first I will go out to the kitchen and sit down in the same spot every morning and then I will start talking. Meowmy usually caves in and gives me some treats. Sometimes if I am not full, I will do this several times to see if meowmy will give me more treats. Usually I'm told, "Colleen, I can't give you anymore treats or else you will become a fat cat." I say forget that! When a kitty wants treats a kitty should be able to have treats.

This morning I was hanging out in the kitchen again after having my morning treat and meowmy was eating her breakfast. Well meowmy was too preoccupied with eating her breakfast that she didn't stop to give me anymore treats, so I decided to try and open the kitchen cupboards to see if there were any cat treats in there. Darn! The cupboards have kitty proof locks on them. Why does meowmy do that? Anymeow, she claims there aren't any cat treats in there anymeow, but I just don't know about that meowmy of mine.

Today we are supposed to get the first substantial snowfall of the winter. I'm just being a lazy cat like a usually am and am napping on my meowmy's bed.

Hope everycat has a nice day!



Catmas Staycation!

December 26th 2011 4:49 am
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As I meowed earlier, I was on staycation over the Catmas weekend. I had a good weekend just resting, eating, and enjoying my toys. I also decided to leave meowmy 4 little hairball presents. Meowmy didn't seem to like them as much as I thought she would.

Meowmy told me that she got to see my cousin Kitty Mae yesterday. Kitty Mae is a cute little orange tabby kitty with one eye. You see Kitty Mae had a tumor behind one of her eyes and had to have it removed over the summer, but she is doing quite well. Meowmy says that she is much shyer than I am around company though. She let meowmy pet her, but then she ran right down to the basement and hid. Meowmy also got a book from Kitty Mae and her bird sister Baby the cockateil.

I was also glad to hear that the Green Bay Packers won their game against the Chicago Bears last night. They have only lost 1 game out of about 15 games so far. We think it would be pretty cool if they made it to the Superbowl again this year.

Lastly and most impawtantly, I'd like to thanks everycat who left me Catmas rosettes. I love them all.



Merry Catmas!

December 23rd 2011 3:48 am
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I would like to take this time to wish everycat on here a Merry Catmas. I will be on Staycation here for the Catmas weekend. Meowmy is going out of town with Grandmaw and Grandpaw to celebrate with some other relatives. We celebrated Catmas early, last weekend. I received many pawsome presents - some fur wipes, World's Best Cat Litter, Litter box deodorizer, a couple bags of Feline Greenies, a stocking with a bunch of little balls and mousies in it, a pink blankie with cats on it, some little sushi catnip toys, some candy catnip toys, and my favorite toy - this box like toy with a bunch of holes in it that had a mousie and ball with it.

Also, I'd like to thank everycat on here who sent Catmas cards and Rosettes.



St. Nick Came!

December 6th 2011 9:18 am
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I don't know if any other cats out there have this tradition, but in the area we live in, on the night of Dec. 5 St. Nick is supposed to come and leave children treats in their stockings. Well, St. Nick is repeating his past mistakes. He forgot my house last night. Meowmy tells me that St. Nick forgot her house once when she was in kindergarten and he had to come while she was in school. Well, St. Nick magically appeared later this morning and brought me a Cosmic Catnip bannana, a Yeooww! Catnip Pillow and a Yeoow! Catnip Christmas Tree, and a little packet of some really pawsome moist catfood called Cats In The Kitchen - Love Me Tender (it has duck and chicken in gravy in it.). Thank you so much St. Nick! You have made this kitty very happy today.



Catmas Cards!

December 6th 2011 5:55 am
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Lately, I received two really cute Catmas Cards. One was from my friends Samoa, Violet, Gleek, Inky, and Newman and their meowmy. It had all my furrends cute little faces on it and the other card I got was from my furrends Hondo, Boogers, Fido, Mittens, Tiskers, Porkchop, Ethan and their pawrents. It had a painted portrait of their entire family on it and was very cute. As I've said before, I've already sent my cards out to my Catster furrends who I have current addresses for and who indicated they would like to pawticipate in a Catmas card exchange. If any of my other furrends on here would like to exchange cards, please send me a p-mail with your contact info and I will have my secretary send you our info via p-mail.



Meowmy Is Invited to a Holiday Pawty and I Can't Come!

December 1st 2011 10:35 am
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Meow, Hiss,

Meowmy just informed me that she is invited to a Holiday Pawty at the hospital she volunteers at and that cats aren't invited. I must argue with her that the invitation didn't say anything about no cats allowed and it did say you could bring a guest for an extra $10. Couldn't I just go in my stroller and pose as a therapy cat? What's worse is that meowmy told me they are serving turkey. Furrst, I miss turkey on Thanksgiving and now I miss it around Catmas. I really think more businesses knead to become cat friendly. Maybe I should start petition that all businesses must allow cats in provided they are in strollers. What does everycat think about that? The way things are right now, I think a lot of us cats miss out on many fun events and yummy dinners.



A Catmas Poem

December 1st 2011 8:00 am
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It was the first day of December
Not much I remember
I went on a trip with catnip
Under the tree I did slip
Into a deep sleep
No one was making a peep
Through the window, the sun was beaming
I was dreaming
In my nip dreams I saw two little green mousies with Santa hats creep
Then I paused
Who did I see but Santa Paws,
He swooped down deep from the sky so high,
with red birdies who pulled his sleigh
This was bright as day,
The birdies unloaded Santa's sleigh which was very sturdy
Being very careful as not to get the condo dirty
Soon I woke up from my nip dream
No sign of Santa Paws, mice, or birdies to be seen
No plate with cat treats or pawresents under the tree
It just occured to me I had the wrong date
Santa Paws doesn't come until Catmas

Anymeow, I hope everycat enjoyed my little poem and Merry Catmas to each and every cat out there in Catsterland!



Catmas Decorations!

November 27th 2011 3:32 am
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On Friday meowmy didn't want to go out shopping with all the craziness of Black Friday, so she decided to put up the Catmas decorations. I've been a really good girl around them too. I no longer play with the ornaments on the tree like I used to. I guess I learned my lesson from the cold spray bottle showers I used to get when I'd play with the ornaments. Now I just like to sit under the tree and look cute.

Something tells me there will be a lot of pawresents under the tree for me this year. After all, Santa Paws always knows when I've been naughty or nice and this year I've been nice.


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