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Calvin In Charge

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My Friend Girl, QT!

August 23rd 2010 10:57 am
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When the rainbow started flashing this morning, I grabbed my sign and started heading toward the gate. I noticed the sky was glowing pink, so I yelled to Rocky Ann to get the pink Welcome sign, and follow me!

We all got to the gate as Queen Tallulah floated in on her pink and white cloud! She blended in with the white part of the cloud, but her beautiful eyes were sparkling. I knew right away it was QT!

She got her heart basket - man, it was overflowing with tiny hearts, and then after we all hugged her, she went to orientation. They like to get you through orientation quickly, so you can go chillax with your pals.

QT sure inspired a lot of kitties - she was a breast cancer survivor, and she is going to be in a lot of Catster Moms' hearts this year as they walk in the Komen 3-Day for the Cure. She is the mascot of one team, and my Mawmee is going to have a ribbon with Queen Tallulah's name on it when she walks in November.

I was one of QT's guardian angels, but pretty soon she is going to learn how to be a guardian angel, and she will watch over all the other kitties who get that nasty breast cancer.

Her family is going to be very sad, and they will miss her so much, but she has angel work to do now. It's a very busy job being an angel. I'll bet QT will look so pawsome in her wings!

Tonight, I'm going to take her with me as we fly around and sprinkle down some angel dust. I think we'll stop at her house first. Be sure to stop by and leave her Mommy a note so that she doesn't get too sad.


Word Up!

August 19th 2010 3:20 pm
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Since so many cats have been having problems with that Crystal chick (I told you girls were bad news), I thought I'd teach you a new word.

Are you ready?


Do you know what it means?

It means:

Abnormally frequent pee wees

How many of you all knew that? Gleek has been pollakiuria every five minutes it seems!

Gotta go - we're bowling tonight for Catfish's birthday!


Angels Amongst Us

August 16th 2010 12:53 pm
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I've inspired a new angel. Not a real angel, but a stuffed one! These angels will be special order in Mawmee's Etsy shop. She doesn't have it listed in the shop yet, but it will be shortly.

You can check out the Calvin Angel on The Cat in the Clover blog!

The angel can hang up on a hook, or it can sit on a shelf if it leans against the wall. We have to rest our wings sometimes! MOL!

Leave a comment here and tell me if you like the new angel!


Angel Overload!

July 28th 2010 7:59 am
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Dang, can't an angel get in a good catnap up here at the bridge? The rainbow has been getting quite a workout with all the flashing and angel arrivals.

I wanted to make sure you all knew about the recent pals who have made their journeys.

Alfie had an unfortunate accident and came to the bridge on the 20th. He was only three years old.

Skylar came through the gates last Friday.

Spot arrived yesterday. He had an unfortunate accident too.

All these kitties have families who are very sad right now, so be sure to stop by and leave comments in their diaries so they know they have a lot of loving pals.

Now, I want to tell you a funny story about a new kitty on Catster. His name is Heimdall. He was sent to his family by new angel Skylar. When Skylar was telling me about Heimdall, he said that Heimdall is named after the Norse god who is the keeper of the gateway to the Rainbow Bridge.

And then I told Skylar I thought I was the keeper of the gateway to the Rainbow Bridge! But then I remembered that I'm just the sign keeper of the gateway to the Rainbow Bridge. Whew, for a minute there I thought I was going to have to change my name to Heimdall!


Top Secret Secret!

July 20th 2010 11:37 am
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Wowza, I found out a pawsome secret yesterday on my birthday. Only cats who have had a birthday up here find out about it.

After we had cake and it was almost time for the party to be over, I got blindfolded and a bunch of us went on a cloud ride. I couldn't tell which direction we were going, but when we got there and they took my blindfold off, I was looking at a big yellow neon sign that said,

Alley Cat Bowling

OMC - they have a bowling alley at the bridge! We got assigned to lanes, and we bowled until the wee hours of the morning. I'll bet some of you could even hear us because sound carries down in case you didn't know. The ball hitting the pins is sort of loud here, but down on earth it sounds like thunder - MOL!

The bowling pins have dogs' faces on them - how funny is that? I found out that I'm not half bad at bowling! We're only allowed to come to the bowling alley when there is a birthday. Since today is Merlin the Cat Wizard's birthday, you might hear us bowling again tonight!

It sure was a pawsome party at the bridge - thanks, pals, for sharing it with me! And be sure to keep mum on this top secret secret!


They Say It's My Birthday!

July 19th 2010 9:00 am
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Wowza! Today is my very first birthday since coming to the bridge! The first thing I noticed this morning when I went to the Internet Cafe was this pawsome stroll of my pals! They all tagged a special picture with 4 our pal Calvin! Thank you, pals! That stroll made me smile!

Then all my angel pals came to the Internet Cafe to get me. They were all wearing party hats, and gave me a big birthday crown to wear. We had a parade over at Dog Village - the dogs hate it when we party cause they are jealous of how much fun we have! Lots of cats in the parade had instruments, so if you heard a bunch of booms, it was the dummers!

After the parade, we went to the Birthday Cloud. It is a humongous cloud that is only used for birthdays. It is decorated really cool, and they project the birthday cat's picture in the air - we don't have walls up here! There is food, and a huge cake, and places to lounge and take catnaps. It is gonna be an all-day party!

My family misses me so much, but they know I'm busy at the bridge, and I have many pals with me, so it makes them feel better. Thank you to all my pals for making my first birthday away from home so special. I love all the nice messages you have left me. Catster rocks!

I've gotta get back to the party, but I wanted to leave you with this pawsome poem written by my pal, Dude Kitty.

A burd day ditty, for my pal calvin
N a song frum a chipmunk, whoz name be alvin
hope yur day rocks, iz as cool as ewe
put da fish in da pot, N make a batch o stew
we're gonna eat cake, party all day long
did eye say a chipmunks, gonna sing ewe a song
this poem reely, don't make much sense
there be carrier pigeons, lined up on a fence
they gotta bunch a candles, for yur burd day cake
therez no halibutt, YAY, in rainbow lake
we be rockin at da bridge, calvin be 19
there be streamers n balloons, at this party scene
there be burd day prezents, comin out da wazoo
sing a song a 6 pence, skimby toodle to loo
the bridge be gone crazee, therez a party goin on
recliners N boogie mats, be spread 'cross da lawn
sum one pop open, de catnip fizzle
firewerks be lightin, shimber sham N shizzle
N sinz spunk's burd day, be this week two
we be celebratin bridge style, therez a sparrow..yoo hoo
happee happee burd day, my pal CLAVIN
we can call him that, coz this party be ravin
eye iz total lee, glad we iz pals
letz get this party started, c'mon dance all guys N gals
most of all, happe burd day to ewe,
my friend calvin, EWE R TOTALLY KEWL

peace out, KNEAD ON,

love ya buddy

Dude K


The Pink Welcome Sign's First Angel

July 18th 2010 7:19 am
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Yesterday while I was trying to find out secrets about my big birthday bash, the rainbow started flashing. That means a pal is getting ready to come to the gate.

I had just gotten the new pink Welcome sign back from the sign department, and when I picked it up, the cat behind the desk told me that she contacted the Rainbow Flasher cat. The Rainbow Flasher is going to give us a heads up on whether the newest angel coming to the bridge is a boy or a girl. Either the pink or blue part of the rainbow will glow brighter. That way, I'll know which sign to bring to the gate.

So, the pink arch was glowing brighter. I ran to get Rocky Ann because I promised her she could help me hold the sign for the first pink angel pal that came through the gate. After all, she and her gal pals designed the sign - it's the least I could do!

We both ran to the gate and got in the front. I sort of let her hold more of the sign than I did because I could tell she was taking the job very seriously.

We saw the cloud approaching that carries the newest angel, and I thought I saw a flower lei around her neck. Then I heard singing! All the angels at the bridge were singing, I Wish They All Could Be California Girls.

And I knew who it was.

The First Lady of Catster had come to the bridge.

There was hugging, and crying, and Oh my cats, what are you doing here, and a heart basket filled with a catrillion hearts! Mercy took one look at me, and I could tell that she knew she was going to be okay. She gave me a big 'ole high five, and then we all sat down to hear about what happened.

I told Mercy there was gonna be a lot of crying today on Catster, and she said that her family was very sad. I tried to encourage her by telling her the first thing you find out how to do at orientation is sprinkle angel dust. Can you imagine the bucket of angel dust she is going to need when she flys by her family's house? I'll bet Rocky Ann will help her since they both will be going in the same direction.

There is one good thing about Mercy coming to the bridge. She got here in time for my first birthday party. It is going to be one blast of a party, and even though I'm very sad for her family, I'm glad she is here to party with me!

Welcome to the bridge, Mercy! Let me show you around the place . . . . .


My Welcome Sign

July 15th 2010 8:59 am
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Dang, I'm wearing out this Welcome Sign cause so many pals have been coming to the bridge lately. I've got a new one on order. I thought it would be nice to have one sign for the guys and one sign for the girls. I've heard from the girl angels that they wanted a pink welcome sign. Rocky Ann got all the girls together and they designed one for me to submit to the Sign Department.

The newest angels who have arrived, and are almost finished with orientation are:


Quinn C


Emily Felicity

As much as I didn't want to see them arrive at the bridge, I'm glad they will be here for my first birthday at the bridge this coming Monday.

I've been told by other cats who have had a birthday to expect a pretty pawsome party. I can't wait to share the birthday secrets with you. So far, I've been lucky that none of the big cats up here have found out about the secrets I've been sharing with you.

It's gonna be a huge birthday week - one long party at the bridge! Merlin the Cat Wizard has his birthday on Tuesday, and Spunky's birthday is on Wednesday.

Don't forget to stop by all the pages of the newest angels and send them a note or leave a comment in their diary. I know they would love to hear from their pals.


More Bridge Secrets!

June 25th 2010 8:32 am
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I don't think I'm supposed to tell you this, but a bunch of us are going over to the Concert Cloud tonight for a special show.

Michael Jackson is having a big bash for his 1 year anniversary of coming to the bridge. We all got t-shirts in our mailbox this morning.

Spunky and I signed up for the craft class this afternoon. We're making sequined gloves to wear for the concert! It is going to be so pawsome to see all us cats wearing a sparkly glove! I'm sure Rocky Ann's glove will be pink. I think I'll make mine orange.

So, to get ready for the big concert, I've put some Michael Jackson songs on my page. No checking on my page first, but if you leave a comment in my diary, and you're the first to guess one of the four songs on my page, I'll send you a rosette from the bridge!

I'll give out four - one to each cat who correctly guesses the songs!

Gotta go . . . . . Dude Kitty is gonna teach us how to do the moon walk!


Rappin' From the Bridge!

May 26th 2010 3:43 pm
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The Pharoah Loki is rappin' some stuff
We're all upset and
we've had e-nuff

The Catster logo is
boring and plain
It feels like we're all
on a runaway train!

The Cat's Meow is
buried in litter
Please move that link for
Facebook and Twitter!

I'd rather see Cat
of the Day and Week
Front and center --
just a small tweak!

The font is so small
it takes a magnifying glass
Nutro is advertising?
that is just crass!

Come on Top Cat
let's hear from you
We're all wonderin'
what you're gonna do

Do us cats really matter
at this website?
If we do, you'd better
make it all right!

I'm done with this rap
and that ugly cat head
Off to my cloud
until we hear from Ted!

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