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Staycation with Daddy!

September 5th 2012 8:26 pm
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It looks like I'll be the woman in charge around here for the next few days. Mawmee is going back to Kentucky to attend a wedding. Daddy is in charge . . . . . well, at least he thinks he is in charge!

Of course, as usual, a long list of instructions has been left for him. He is pretty much like our non-Catster catsitters as he will not be checking in on Catster to see what is going on!

I had to make sure I sent out some early birthday rosettes to some friends who will be celebrating while we're on staycation.

We'll be back next Tuesday!


BP of a Two Year Old!

July 25th 2012 10:48 am
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I spent the morning visiting the vet's office for my yearly exam. Of course, I was purrfect in the car and never made a noise. I actually like riding in the car!

Kaitlin, my vet tech, listened to my heart, put me on the scale, and then did a very unlady like maneuver in order to take my temperature! I weighed in at 9.25 lbs.

The vet came in next and after looking at my toofies said that I should get a dental cleaning done soon. She also said that gals my age should have our blood pressure checked, and also blood work done in order to see how our kidneys and thyroid are doing.

They decided to do the blood pressure check in the same room so that Mawmee could be there to keep me calm. I had a little cuff put around my front arm, and Kaitlin checked it three times. The machine was noisy, but I was very good.

They took me in the back to do unspeakable acts to me which included vampire poking, poop and pee removal, and a rabies shot. While I was being tortured, the vet told Mawmee that I have the blood pressure of a two year old!

I think the vet needs to check my blood pressure at home when I'm around a four year old!

The two vet girls that tortured me said I was so good . . . . . what did they expect from a princess? Of course, they left me smelling stinky from the alcohol!

I'll get my blood results later in the week, and I'll update you on how I did. I was a perfect angel in the car on the way home, and immediately went in the box to leave a big stinky poopie for Mawmee. I don't like pooping or peeing in my travel carrier like some brothers I know!

Speaking of brothers, I'm hoping that since Newman is four today, he will start acting like an adult! Fat chance . . . . . .



June 15th 2012 9:27 am
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The alphabet. We all learned it when we were kittens.


When we joined Catster, we found that you can take letters from the alphabet and make acronyms that we've all come to use and love.

MOL - Meow Out Loud

SDA - Samoa's Detective Agency

POP - Power of the Paw, Power of the Purr

OF - Olde Furt

HQ - Headquarters

BOLO - Be on the Lookout

When you're new to Catster, you don't understand the lingo at first, but then you realize that cats have their own language. It's a shorthand way of meowing. We totally get it.

Adults have their own shorthand language too. Some of the shorthand letters when strung together stand for words that aren't not nice to say outloud. But apparently, it is okay to say or write them in shorthand. I guess adults think it is less offensive if you use the letters rather than the words.

As I mentioned in a previous diary, I started some discussion to HQ on this subject over at the Dogster and Catster Magazine thread in the Dogster and Catster All Paws Bulletin group.

Well, we heard from Dogster Lucy (whose owner is our Community Manager, Lori). Here is what she had to say:

The editor-in-chief has deemed profane acronyms appropriate for Dogster and Catster Magazine.

I have some questions:

1. Why don't I see the offensive and profane acronym on Dogster? We don't want it on Catster!

2. I wonder if the advertisers who pay gobs of money to be here would like seeing those profane acronyms near their kitty litter ad?

3. If the trending acronym is acceptable, then what comes next? Other acroynms using the letter F? Surely U wouldn't? Or would U?

And then, Lori said this:

This is YOUR Community, I work for YOU. If you feel that they should be allowed in the Community areas of Dogster and Catster, let me know and I will modify the guidelines.

So, cats - do you want dirty words to be allowed in the Community?

U might but I don't . . . . . . . .



June 11th 2012 9:51 pm
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As you know, there have been some recent issues with Catster that has caused some friends to leave. This has made us very sad.

I know many of you have written in your diaries, and hopefully passed along your concerns to Top Cat - whomever Top Cat might be these days!

I also wanted to mention that there is a group called Dogster and Catster All Paws Bulletin which you can join.

You can't send out messages, but you can post in the group's forum area. One of the topics in the forum is the Dogster and Catster Magazine. I just posted my concern about the very inappropriate WTF of the Day that apparently is trending over at the Catster magazine.

This is one trend I'm giving a big hiss to, and I hope more of you will stop over there and leave a comment.

Isn't it funny that we are monitored so closely in the forums and in our diaries about what is appropriate and not appropriate, but something as tacky and distasteful as WTF of the Day can be okay to Catster?

Well, it isn't okay with me . . . . .


Birthday Thanks and More Craziness!

May 14th 2012 9:33 am
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Thank you so much for all the wonderful birthday wishes. I appreciate your making my 12th birthday extra special. I didn't write a diary entry on my birthday because I wanted cats who visited my diary to see the entry I wrote about Harrison. We are all still purring for a good solution for him!

Now, on to something else I feel compelled to vent about! For those of you who don't know, Hazel Lucy has left Catster. Mazie's page is still around, so you can visit her, but HL is no longer around.

I have written more than one diary entry about my dislike and sadness when a cat decides to leave Catster. I totally don't agree or understand why the page can't be left in place even if the owner never plans to visit Catster.

I will once again state my reasons in hopes that none of you will up and leave and delete your account.

1. It costs you nothing to keep your page.

2. You have history on your page - this is the big one for me. Your Mom/Dad has invested a lot in documenting your life through your diary and your photos . . . . as well as diary comments, forum threads, rosette gifts, etc. If you had health issues, your vet visits that were documented through your diary entries help out other cats who may in the future go through a similar problem.

3. Your friends. Think about all the love you have received through rosettes, special gifts, special pictures created by pals, diary comments, parties you've attended, etc. Do those friendships now not mean anything to you?

4. The Love. As painful as it can be to visit your own page if you've become an angel, think about other cats who get enjoyment, pleasure, encouragement, and inspiration by viewing your pictures. Can you imagine Calvin not being here anymore? Sure, we cry when we go to his page, but we could never delete his page because of the love and support we received from all of you when he made his journey to the bridge.

Catster without Rocky Ann or Mercy, or Taz? Unthinkable - and so glad they are here and aren't going away!

Catster without Hazel Lucy, Margo RKN, Karma Kitty and family, Smudge and Bob - Unthinkable, yet they are gone.

Sure, they are always going to be reasons you feel like you can't stay on Catster, but my opinion is not going to change on this issue.

Leave Catster if you want . . . . . just leave the cat's page intact before you go!


A Friend In Need - Handsome Harrison!

May 9th 2012 4:41 pm
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I'm sure a lot of you know about our pal, Harrison. He is Kitty Pryde's sister, and unfortunately, they do not get along. I do know something about not getting along with a brother, but Harrison and Kitty Pryde's situation is much worse than my relationship with Newman.

After help from the Cat Daddy, Jackson Galaxy, and advice from another cat behaviorist, it seems that the best situation for Harrison would be to live in a home without another cat.

You can read the latest in his recent diary entry.

Now here is where we all can play a part in helping Harrison - besides purring - which he needs (as well as purrs for his Mom who dearly loves him and Kitty Pryde).

Most of us have cats or we wouldn't be on Catster. But we all have friends and family . . . . . and maybe some of them don't have cats. Or maybe they aren't on Catster, but they had a cat and the cat has journeyed to the bridge. There are lots of situations where someone is lonely for another cat.

We know what Harrison's Mom is going through because we had a similar situation with Vivien. It broke our heart to find another home for her, but she is doing so much better in her new surroundings. We need that same miracle for Harrison!

Harrison lives in California, but don't let that stop you if you don't live in California! There is an entire network of people willing to transport cats all over the country, and if Harrison finds a home somewhere outside California, we know there are people who would help get him there!

You can also help by spreading the word in your diary. We all have a different set of Catster pals, and all it takes is one cat reading your diary who might not read my diary!

Let's do what we can to help Harrison - he deserves it!


Happy Kentucky Derby Day and Cinco De Mayo!

May 5th 2012 2:19 pm
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Wowza, there is a lot to celebrate today! We're getting ready to watch the running of the horses for the 138th Kentucky Derby. Of course, we'll have to watch Mawmee cry when they play My Old Kentucky Home - it's a tradition no matter where she lives - MOL!

In looking through the horses this year, I'm thinking Alpha will be my pick - for obvious reasons!

The other cats in the house are picking these horses to win:

Newman - Daddy Nose Best, but he prefers to call the horse DD Nose Best

Gleek - Sabercat because he thinks he is a big tiger!

Violet - Take Charge Indy because the jockey is Calvin Borel, and Calvin always picked the horse that this jockey rides!

Inky - Hansen because he thought I said handsome when I was reading the names of the horses to him. *rolls eyes* I told him what a dope he is, but he said he also likes the horse because he is pretty.

Good luck to all the horses - we always purr that no horse gets hurt during the race!

Happy Cinco de Mayo too!


Diary Gal is No Dummy!

February 22nd 2012 8:56 am
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What a surprise I had this morning to see that I have been chosen once again as a diary pick. How could the Diary Gal resist that long list of handsome dreamboats? Well, she couldn't!

Thank you to my friends who have pmailed me, sent me lovely pictures, and rosettes. I appreciate it very much!

I also appreciate all the pawsome comments you've left this past month on my dreamboat diary entries. I know the dreamboats appreciate it too.

There are so many beautiful and interesting looking kitties on Catster, so take some time to enjoy their photos. It's also fun to go to your friends' pages and read their bio information - on how they came to their forever home. So many of us were strays and living in bad situations, so we have a lot to be thankful for, and I hope that lots of stray cats find wonderful homes in 2012!

Have a fun day!


My Complete Dreamboat List

February 21st 2012 10:36 am
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Sit back, do some clicking, admiring, and drooling over these handsome mancats!



1. Rufus
2. Diego
3. Stash
4. River
5. Lancelot
6. Captain Morgan
7. Rico
8. Merlin the Cat Wizard
9. Raymond Maxpower Nelson Festa
10. Ruben


11. Arnold P.
12. Sammie
13. KiKi
14. Ember
15. Merlin
16. Smudge
17. Nikko
18. Scooter
19. Mr D
20. Gordy


21. Gibbs
22. Henry
23. Beepers
24. Nikolai
25. Reebok
26. Ozzy
27. Orlando Blue
28. Sylvester
29. PJ
30. Kibbles


31a. Pipo
31b. Minko

32a. Luke
32b. Tully

33a. Tigger
33b. Bob

34a. Alex
34b. Bugsy

35a. Teddy Bearz
35b. Milo

36a. Murray
36b. Willie

37a. Mouse
37b. Cas

38a. Andre
38b. N'Bikay
38c. Gnomey
38d. Sawyer

39a. Skylar
39b. Rusty

40a. Zeeke
40b. Trooper
40c. Romeo
40d. Kahless


41. Hitch
42. Kovo
43. Charlie
44. Leo
45. Calvin
46. Toby
47. Link
48. Ike & Andrew
49. Gilmore
50. Don Genaro
51. Butternut
52. Dashiell
53. Maus
54. Toki
55. Hobert Von Kingston III
56. Linus
57. Big Harry
58. Tiger
59. Orange Ruffy
60. Rory
61. Sigmond
62. Gunnarr T
63. Flash
64. Monster
65. River
66. Teebo
67. Bruce the Boss
68. Jasper
69. Platelicker
70. Gump

71a. Boogers
71b. Hondo
71c. Fido
71d. Mittens
71e. Tiskers
71f. Porkchop

72a. Linus
72b. Rider

73a. Milo
73b. Timmy

74a. Butter
74b. Tuna
74c. Sauce

75a. Sampson
75b. Chico

76a. Blizzard the Catfather
76b. Squeaker
76c. Kringle

77a. Skippy Skipster
77b. Riley

78a. Sparkman
78b. Moose
78c. Purrseus

79a. Nike
79b. Riley
79c. Enzo

80. Finney


The Baker's Dozen Honorary Dreamboat List was done in memory of my brother, Calvin.

1. Taz
2. Luke
3. Dave
4. Utu
5. Edgar
6. Leo
7. Jason Cash
8. Jaffa
9. Joey
10. Louis LeBeau
11. Oliver
12. Dewey
13. Jasper


2010 (Official Dreamboats in 2012)

1. Hitch - now Dreamboat #41
2. Kovo - now Dreamboat #42
3. Charlie - now Dreamboat #43
4. Leo - now Dreamboat #44
5. Calvin - now Dreamboat #45
6. Toby - now Dreamboat #46
7. Link - now Dreamboat #47
8. Ike & Andrew - now Dreamboats #48
9. Gilmore - now Dreamboat #49
10. Don Genaro - now Dreamboat #50

2011 (will become Official Dreamboats in 2013)

11. Ollie
12. Hunter
13. Zack
14. Leroy
15. Vern
16. Gomez
17. Russell
18. Charlie
19. Jaxson
20. Percy

2012 (will become Official Dreamboats in 2014)

21. Vinny
22. Ziggy
23. Sam
24. Mokka
25. Roger
26. Jameson
27. Art Blakey
28. Spot
29. Jack DeJohnette
30. Snow
31. Cole
32. Mikey
33. Tao
34. Spencer
35. Dalton
36. CK Angel R. Knowles
37. Sammy
38. Darcy
39. Trouble
40. Ozzy



1. Frankie
2. James Tailer
3. Garp
4. Buzz
5. Sagan
6. Alexander


7. Dude Kitty
8. Omega
9. Smokey Joe
10. Tigger
11. Silvio
12. Moozer
13. Bosco
14. Alfie
15. Mr. Sam
16. Buddie
17. Foxey
18. M.J.
19. Alfie
20. Wally
21. Moose
22. Mickey
23. Purrcy
24. Scuffs
25. Mr. Fez
26. Pete
27. Spike
28. Jarl
29. Chester
30. Taffy


Dreamboat #80

February 20th 2012 8:41 pm
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Well, the time has come to name my last dreamboat for this year. Would you believe I've already started gathering names for next year's list? There are so many handsome mancats on Catster, and if you didn't get chosen this year, don't give up hope . . . . . I'll be adding to my list next year!

Did you figure out from my fini clue the identity of Dreamboat #80? It is Finnegan - better known as Finney!

Any girlcat that is friends with Finney knows that his best feature is his extra floofy tail! Not only is his tail floofy, his entire body is one big ball of floof!

His Mom couldn't resist his adorableness as a kitten. At an early age, Finney showed signs of sleeping in creative positions! He continues the tradition, and one look through his photo album and you'll discover that he loves to snooze! I did a big MOL when I saw this picture.

I love Finney's super pink nose and ears, and of course, his beautiful golden eyes.

He is known as the Butterscotch King which I find very attractive. I also love his ginormous paws! He is very photogenic, and while you might have missed the opportunity to kiss him on Valentine's Day, Finney reminds us that he is Irish, so you can kiss him on St. Patrick's Day!

Congratulations, Finney, on being Dreamboat #80!

I hope you've enjoyed all my dreamboats this year! Tomorrow I'll be listing all the dreamy mancats that I've named over the years. It will give you a chance to check back in with some favorites from past years.

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